Emma Watson covers May issue of Interview. Now that you have made a bit
of money are you spending it all on fashion? ‘I don’t really buy designer stuff.

I have a few nice things, I don’t really have the occasion to wear couture too often. When I’m in a situation where I do need to dress up, I’m

typically lent something, which means I have to give it back at midnight, like Cinderella.

On driving her Prius like Miley: ‘I got my license last year, and I love the Prius, even if my friends say it’s ugly. They say I drive a brick. And, to be fair, it’s not the prettiest car on the road, but it’s good for the environment. It’s sensible and boring, like me.’

  • Tayisclums

    why would you want a prius if you thought it was an ugly car??

  • Anonymous

    shes so smart, pretty, talentd, etc. i really like her and how shes sooo laid back, down to earth and totally honest with herself.

  • bellaaa. (:

    I LOVE her.
    she is my fave rolemodel.
    she is so real, gorgeous, classy, and intelligent. :D

  • Anonymous

    agree, she is really gorgeoys

  • natalie

    i love her,
    she is my fave actress

  • tiffany

    she is one of my role models too, i love her

  • park

    because she wants to help the enviroment duh!

    i love her, she is so smart and classy

  • b l a h

    pretty =]

  • trick

    she is amazing!
    i love her

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    joe and emma would make such a cute couple!!!

  • mark

    She is gorgeous,
    joe jonas stay awayyyyy

  • clara

    she is way prettier than camilla belle,
    joe would be so luckym
    but stay away

  • susan

    me toooo

  • Cody

    LOL! I love too! And im an HP fan too! I’ve been
    waiting for HP6, i thought it was on November, but it was postponed on July…aw… Oh well, i love HP too! IM A FANATIC! I LOVE THEM!!! Uhm–and i hate twilight… it suuuuucks… no offense to the twilight fans but–its just boring, for me though XD HP FOREVER!!!:D

  • Scarah

    i love her. no homo. hermioninnininininy! lol.

  • l094

    haha i’m reading the entire interview,
    it’s hilarious, great interview
    love it

  • Anonymous

    awwww i love emma, i’m going to miss hermione

  • http://www.youtube.com/bellatrixcrucioyou HarryPotterLover

    Aww! I LOVE Emma!!!(prob cuz I’m obsessed with HP) I think she is sooooo pretty!!!! She always looks good. Plus she is so nice and down to earth. She is smart too. She is sooo cool!!(not to mention talented) 84 days until half-Blood Prince!!

  • Anonymous

    she looks beautiful

  • tom


  • icin

    she looks pretty

  • tara

    love her she is so smart

  • danr.

    emma is so cute

  • bojo

    Sensual… sexy…

  • s2rob

    she’s adorable ;D

  • i LiKE iT LiKE THAT

    she’s awesome! (:
    Am i the only one thinking that joe&emma would be cute together??

  • Anonymous

    yes! sensual and sexy

  • ariana


  • Marcela


  • qasa

    Someone has a Habbo Retro – Holo to give me?!!?!?! PLeasseeee

  • Anonymous

    wtf is in her mouth?

  • Anonymous


  • http://youtube.com/haleyisabelleelder Haley

    she’s really pretty

  • Anonymous

    WOW she is realy really pretty

  • jennyjonas

    ewwwwi hate her!

  • afton

    awww, i like emma watson :)
    i think she’s beautiful.

    … and the prius IS an ugly car.
    but i want it :)

  • Anonymous

    idk i don’t think she’s that pretty
    but hey who cares right? (:

  • :D

    I HATE it when people say first :( annoys the hell out of me —

    the black&white photos look cool :)

  • Anonymous

    love her
    she is incredible pretty:]

  • Anonymous

    i really like her.
    joe. stay away.

  • Anonymous

    follow me on twitter, britney spears is following me
    and i got a tweet from mitchel musso

  • Anonymous

    luv her

  • http://twitter.com/mileycyrus zomg.

    damn straight.

  • asldfja;slkdj

    haha i love how she can afford to be pretty boring because even if she quit the biz, she could have a pretty bright academic future.

  • Anonymous

    i love emmaa!
    she’s pretty

  • Anonymous

    her eyes are beautiful

  • natalie u.

    gosh darn it shes so pretty!
    shes one of my role models! :)
    shes smart, gorgeous, and talented!

  • mary

    i think the prius is a pretty car!

  • Anonymous

    She is classy without being fake. I love her.

  • Mari

    Emma is so pretty, but these pictures are bad. =((
    love harry potter!

  • Anonymous

    check out

    Check out the site if you’re a Jonas Brothers fan!

  • hplover

    omg she is sooo hot.

    ive loved her since the first movie when she was ten years old. im a girl and idc if this sounds creepy at all, but she is gorgeous and i would have sex with her any day of the week.


  • Anonymous

    hahah aww
    “sensible and boring, like me.”
    made me laugh

  • http://www.last.fm/user/nikkilovesmetal Nicole


    I love her. She’s classy and intelligent and seems to be very balanced in all areas of her life. Plus, she’s an amazing actress.

  • Jane

    she’s stunning