Chace Crawford SHOOTS TWELVE

Chace Crawford filming his new movie Twelve, costarring Emma Roberts, in New York City on Tuesday. The film is about a young drug dealer watches as his high-rolling life is dismantled in the wake of his cousin’s murder, which sees his best friend arrested for the crime. Photos: INF.

  • Anonymous

    He is so HOTT!!!!! WOW!!!!

  • Steph

    Haha, his beard is all patchy. He can’t grow a full beard yet! He still looks good as a crackhead!

  • Anonymous

    so hot

  • mhmm

    can`t wait til this movie comesss out

  • Jane

    he’s hot, but not sexy

  • Anonymous

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  • TureBlue

    This movie is going to be so good : )

  • TrueBlue

    This movie is going to be so good : )

  • Anonymous

    he is soo hot

  • Anonymous

    he makes a drug dealer appearance hot. that just tells u how hot he is

  • Anonymous

    yummeh,Chase looks kinda good all scruffy…

  • Anela

    ahhh Chaceee <3
    he’s the hottest guy alive! ILH!

  • Anonymous

    he’s sooo HOT!!

  • Anonymous

    FIRST omg he is so hot

  • Anonymous

    haha there were 12 comments b4 mine..n the movies called twelve..sry just thought id point that out..

  • Sidrah B

    UGLYYY…where is striaght hair :|

  • olivia s

    he is so gorgeous!!! who is tht girl??

  • Anonymous

    aw, he’s so adorable as a drug dealer…sigh..i love my little crackhead (i’m kidding people. I love chace though)

  • hello

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  • JhrPlm

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  • Mandy

    Chace looks good in the winter, he has that whole rugged man look, I think I like it!

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