Vanessa Hudgens BEASTLY

Vanessa Hudgens will star in

CBS Films new project Beastly: A modern-day take on Beauty and the Beast, with Nessa playing the role of the fair maiden.

Set in Manhattan, the movie’s ‘Beast’ is a handsome rich kid with a mean streak.

When he ditches a date, the yet-to-be cast character turns out to be a witch
who curses him to become everything he hates. The grotesque transformation leaves him with the seemingly impossible task of finding true love to break the ugly spell.

The film will shoot in Montreal in Summer/ Fall 2009.

According to E! Online, Alex Pettyfer is in talks to be Vanessa’s costar. He most recently appeared in Wild Child opposite Emma Roberts & in an ad campaign for Burberry.

  • Anonymous

    this book was AMAZING… i don’t think she’ll bring justice to the role, no offense. She’s very pretty, though.

  • yeszaah

    i love her style.

  • Lyssa


  • Anonymous

    FINALLY! something I can audition for :)

  • Jane

    she’s not a great actress but she’s gorgeous and has a chance to be successful

  • Hey
  • Anonymous

    She’s so pretty and has great style, but I’m not to fond of her acting though.

  • Anonymous

    dont like her shoes..

  • Anonymous

    UH OH!

    miley just admitted to believing in GAY marriage!

    what a fake christian!

  • dundies

    k wtf is this shit. I thought Leighton Meester was up for this role. MAKE UP YOUR MINDS PEOPLE

  • Anonymous

    i just LOVE the plot….so original

  • dundies

    I’m not to fond of her acting though.


    LOL me neither. lets suffer through this together *suffers*

  • Dani
  • mp

    omg im so excited for vanessa to come to montreal
    hopefully i will see her
    :) this movie should be awesome!

  • Anonymous

    aw, I like her, her acting isn’t so bad, and beauty and the beast was always one of my favorite disney movies when i was younger

  • the tickler

    Vanessa Hudgens can’s sing, can’t act and this movie is NOT original…its based on Beauty and the Beast.

    She should take pictures herself nude again and spread it around the world.

  • Niny

    LOVE her outfit HATE the shoes. wtf is up with her shoes all the time? why can’t she wear normal high heels :/

  • Anonymous

    Vanessa Hudgens can’s sing, can’t act and this movie is NOT original…its based on Beauty and the Beast.

    She should take pictures herself nude again and spread it around the world.


    LOL i was being sarcastic

  • alejandra !

    i lovee her outfit & lovee those shoess !

  • amanda

    follow me on twitter at and i’ll follow you

  • Anonymous

    check out

    If you’re a Jonas Brothers fan. :)

  • leah

    that book is SO AWESOME! i can’t wait although she really doesn’t fit the role.

  • Anonymous


  • Delsy

    BTW way she is so talented she CAN sing an average hollywood actress good dancer i can see a long career ahead of her she is already staring in 3 non disney movies

  • Anonymous

    her shoes look really random and they look like they’re too big o_0

  • marlynhern

    i wont even dress like her fukk that shit just look at her slut man your boyfriend dont even like you he likes you cuz of you money open your eys bitch!!!!

  • Tru

    She is so pretty!

  • Anonymous

    i dont like her style anymore
    she looks so untidy :/

  • kace_less

    she will be so annoyed !
    honestly she’s not an actress !
    lmao her face, HAHAHA !

  • Toria

    Vanessa Hudgens is amazing!
    I think she would do a great job with this role!
    Maybe even Zac Efron will play the beast! :) That would be cool!

  • angelika

    loveee her outfit

  • anonymous

    i love her and her style!!

    but i don’t think i would wear that in this california weather!!

  • Ambergraves

    all she will ever be is zacs shadow because honestly she cant act or sing… and if a fan says well she got high school musical, it has nothing to do with her so alled “talent” she just got cast for her looks. she suck end of story

  • Anonymous