• sr

    awwww archie

  • Anonymous

    i’m proud of you david,i know you’re sick but it was good ;)

  • Anonymous

    He is the cutest little thing I just wanna take him to my house and violate him in my basement :) :)

  • Brittany928

    Gahhhh… I love him.

  • Juliana Brasil

    I Love david*-*

  • Anonymous

    check out

    If you’re a Jonas Brothers fan. :)

  • Juliana Brasil

    I Love david :)

  • Anonymous

    he’s cuteeeee

  • Anonymous

    i love you davey

  • ANonymous

    Well atleast no one has to worry about davids nice little virgin ass hitting on Demi.

  • http://playlist.com/libs :)

    I’m not a big David fan, but I thought this song was really good.

  • Anonymous

    I LOVE david. and i LOVE this song. he preformed it well even tho hes so sick :( he can do way better with this song tho. look what he says in his twitter :( hes to hard on himself.

    “Sorry for those who had to listen to that excruciatingly unpleasant performance last night haha… I’ll make sure that doesn’t happen again!”

    “Wow… pretty embarrassed about tonight’s performance… lol. It was good to see all the American Idol staff though!”


  • Anonymous

    i hate david archuleta
    , he’s so gay. get him out of here.
    GOOD ONE! never heard that before
    get out of heree!!!!

  • Anonymous

    i LOVE YOU DAVID <33
    he is amazing; and he is getting soo much better at preforming live <3 i can’t believe how far hes come

  • Anonymous

    beyond amazing job
    hes adaorable

  • gugschuleta

    why the hell are you calling him gay? Do you really have nothing else to complain about so you’re gonna bash on what YOU think his sexual preference is? You obviously really need a life…and its because of people like you that so many boys are commiting suicide…

  • Sonny

    He was good. I am starting to like his music.
    I wasn’t a fan too long ago, but he is good! =)

  • melly

    no….the message of the song is that he sees that one girl in the crowd and doesn’t want to lose her, so he needs to hold onto her hand. and if the song ends, the concert will be over, and she’ll leave, and he’ll possibly never see her again…

  • Anonymous
  • Cami

    I love this songg. =]

  • rebbbizzlee


  • Anonymous

    the song was so good ;D

  • Mary

    I love him. Haha. That’s all I’m going to say. I loveee him.

  • huh?

    so the message of the song is to…touch his hand??

  • Anonymous

    1:20 What are you listening to? shut up! shut up! bahahaha

  • whatever!

    ah! first!

  • June

    Awesome job!

  • Anonymous

    i hate david archuleta, he’s so gay. get him out of here.

  • Anonymous

    I get too see him tomorow on the mcfly tour :D

  • MelShannon

    I love this kid so much. His smile is freaking adorable. Can I marry him?

  • Anonymous

    he is NOT gay. lol
    why would you say that? (just curious!)

  • Laura

    David was awesone as usual!! He sounds a little different because He is a little sick but He did great!!

  • Anonymous

    touch his hand…lol

  • O

    aw he’s so nice

    …LOOKING ;)

  • Anonymous

    he’s soooooooooo good ;D