New Moon werewolves Alex Meraz, Chaske Spencer, Bronson Pelletier and Kiowa Gordon go shirtless for a brand new promo. These werewolf characters, whose temperature runs a steady 108, join Taylor Lautner in Twilight sequel.

  • kourtney

    c’mon guys TWILIGHT wasn’t the best movie because it was somewhat originally made to be a small indie type movie that they honestly thought no one would watch, which is why Summit picked up the rights to it, and why they gave them such a small budget for the movie. Which explains why the movie is a little mediocre.

    But, NEW MOON is going to have a big budget and a big time director this go around, and it’s probably going to be really good.

  • yanyan

    please watch :) Demi Lovato Behind Enemy Lines fan music vid. please. :) thanks.

  • Anonymous

    actually, the two native guys who were in twilight looked way better than that. we should be able to care
    because we’re the ones who are going to pay to watch
    it in theaters. twilight is a great movie and im sure
    that new moon is gonna be great too, but in my opinion
    (i don’t care if anyone else agrees)
    i dont think they have the hottest cast, at all.

  • yanyan

    please watch :) Demi Lovato Behind Enemy Lines fan music vid. please. :) thanks. @ddlovato

  • Anonymous

    or maybe the plot just sucks

  • maira




  • Annie

    Hot!!! Can’t wait til New Moon!!!

  • Jess

    so hot!

  • Anonymous

    follow me and i will follow you, too.

  • Anonymous

    That is so disappointing.

  • Anonymous


  • CaptinCrunchRokcs

    ewww the only decent one is the guy in the back on the left ..Taylor L is wayy hotter imo!


    the one on the way right is not skinny in normal terms… but too skinny for the wolf pack role in the movie. everyone knows those guys are suppose to be big, hot, tall, big, hot, huge, buff, tall, tall and BUFF. duh

  • Rachel

    This was posted on newmoonmovie days ago

  • raina

    these people are trying so hard….theyre not really hot….
    they look so fake and disgusting!

  • Anonymous

    if their werewolves,where are their tales and pointy ears?? :00

  • Anonymous


  • jb

    stfu all you haters!
    get a lifee(:

    goo twilight!

  • Anonymous

    OBVIOUSLY you did ruin it for a few people.. why did you even make that comment.. not necessary for this entry.

  • :D

    WOW.! BitCh yOuh jUSt HAtiNq ON EM’ MExiCAN SO fUCk yOuh LEvA fUCkiNq CULErA.!*


  • Haha

    you guys are retarded just like mexicans

  • Anonymous

    eh. nothing to shout about

  • Anonymous
  • Anonymous

    How pathetic can you be?

  • Anonymous

    People can have opinions.
    Respect that.
    Or you can shut the hell up.

  • Jane

    they look kinda gay but they’re hot

  • Lisa(Canadian Eh!)

    Can’t wait to see Taylor shirtless! :D

    And I’m actually really excited for New Moon!

  • wow

    maybe if you would get your head
    out of your ass you would see
    that just because a person is tanned
    doesn’t mean they are mexican
    you ignorant fool.

    educate yourself.

  • Oh yah dudezz

    Twilight is not a saga.

  • Tonie

    i kinda imagined sam much more handsome than that.

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  • Melissa

    Wow this chola bitch TaLkIng Like DiZ needs to shut her permanent marker filled eyebrow looking face.

  • gvcunfnbvcjhg

    Ew…couldn’t they have found hotter guys? That didn’t look so Mexican?

    RACIST MUCH!??!?!?!
    ass hole.

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  • Pierre


  • A Person

    Oh look! More rapefaces….haha.
    Battle of the rapefaces
    Wolfpack vs. Edward.
    Let’s watch! Lmao.

  • Haha

    people are ignorant themselves for not noticing that people who TAlk LiKe dIz DO have sharpie filled eyebrows. Don’t deny the stereotypes people. And mexican’s can’t do shit.

  • Anonymous

    Fuck you bitch. Mexicans will kick your ass.

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  • anna


  • Ashley

    twilight sucks

  • jessicles


    lol brb puking

  • jess

    okay they are supposed to look indian. mexicans and indians look alot alike you faggots. plus who cares? stop being racist.

  • Anonymous

    ^^ I was first haha.
    Twilight is overrated shit.

  • shauna

    I AHgreeee

    soo true

    so for you poeple who are about to say something negative u guys nneed to shut the fuck
    up cuz these guys are hotter than any boys who wud date u

  • Anonymous

    twilight sucks balls!

    HARRY POTTER > twilight

  • Anonymous

    What is wrong with you racist people?
    Why do you automatically assume just because she TaLKz LyKe DiS that she has sharpie eyebrows? Obviously we can see who has low class.

  • Anonymous


    leave them alone! man some of u ppl r so rude & even racist. that’s terrible :(

    the TWILIGHT saga <3 XD

  • Anonymous

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    Check out the site if you’re a Jonas Brothers fan!

  • supyup7venup


  • Anonymous

    hate these freakos.
    vampires,werewolves,gremlins are sooo 10 year old.

  • Steph

    Ew…couldn’t they have found hotter guys? That didn’t look so Mexican?

  • Anonymous

    me too!

  • Mexican

    what is it with you guys?? indians, mexicans, hondurans,
    any latinamerican, they look the same
    why do you just go against mexican? is it just because
    we’re the closest to USA (live there ilegally) or because you simply have no
    CAN’T ANYONE TALK WITHOUT INSULTING? let’s not start a war, please.

  • effyooh

    These haters need to shut the hell up. Who cares if they aren’t “hott” NOT EVERYONE IS GOING TO BE CUTE! DEAL WITH IT! Your probably gross looking yourself. But anyways, I like it. Team Jacob/Seth all the way ;)

  • veeroh

    the guy on the left in the back is the only hot one all the rest are blah.btw there not suppose to be playing mexicans there suppose to be native americans

  • carolapaolacpl

    I LOVE TWILIGHT..!!!! <3

  • Anonymous


  • samantha

    they could have gotten at least one cute one I guess they didn’t want any to show up Taylor lautner..

  • Anonymous

    bella and edward have a baby in the last book…
    hope i didnt spoil the ending for anyone

  • lmao

    LMAOOO! I KNOW! TWILIGHT suckeddddddddddd
    it is honestly the epis fail of all movies. it was so dissapointing. the books were incredible but the movie was horrific and badly done. the actors were… mediocre. i am NOT excited for new moon and don’t plan on seeing it. its another crappy movie.

  • Anonymous

    wtf? bitttchhh.

  • yancey ,

    hm, cute.
    but why is my taylor lautner? not there :(

  • Anonymous

    The one on the back left is hot. The rest are meh.

  • Anonymous

    I don’t get Twilight…

    I had tryed reading the first one, and
    I almost fell asleep. just booring!

  • Anonymous

    the books sucked too, tho.

  • Eva.

    WTF is wrong with being Mexican.?
    Fuckinq Retard.!!!

  • Anonymous


  • katy

    ow ow

  • Amy

    wow something a racist white bitch would say. How the hell are they supposed to look? and those guys are really hot so get your eyes checked out.

  • KfFrwnBn