Dan Samonas Keana Texeira Daredevil

Daniel Samonas AKA Dean, Selena Gomez’s boyfriend on Wizards of Waverly Place filmed his first music video appearance for Keana Texeira [G-Girlz] single ‘Daredevil’. Shot in Ventura’s abandoned Foster Bowl Ampitheater.

The video will premiere during the Lollipops & Rainbows Foundation Celebrity Launch Party on May 2 in Universal Citywalk and online at G-Girlz.com. Photos: T. Tex, RTPR. Video clip, 5+ under!

  • vanessa

    She’s way prettier than Taylor Swift

    I’ve been a huge fan of Daniel and can’t get over how much he’s matured

  • Anonymous

    Haha me too. Or atleast Keana has a crush on him.

  • Laila

    They are totally different from twilight..the wardrobe is more old world (twilight is modern day)….
    I think this is beautiful

  • Deer Till

    She is breathtaking who is she??

  • Anonymous

    oh keana,way to ruin a good dress!
    vampires + hippies = NO!

  • jonas sweetie!

    his hair is not that long!
    and why do you think she is trying to be like taylor?

    is ti because of her hair?
    you know taylor is not the only person
    who can have that kind of hair.
    to me she looks nothing like taylor swift.

  • yuup

    OMG .
    Keana went to my school in 6th grade .
    She was in my class and now she’s all famous and grown up .

  • Anonymous

    her red dress is realy nice and pretty, and here we
    go again with the arguments, Taylor Swist this
    Twilight that….*sigh*….:}

  • X

    They are both cute.

  • melissa

    um no. i’m portuguese and my dad’s last name is texeira.

  • Jane

    this is copying twilight too much!!! and she reminds me of tiffany giardina, which IS NOT a good thing!

  • brianna

    im like 99% sure she’s brazilian! only brazilians have that last name of hers! or maybe her parents are brazilian

  • ana

    i live in ventura and it was shot by the bike trail i used to walk in

  • Brittneyy


    Joe jonas is in australia proof,
    post this oceanup.

    and he saw my nrl team flog the roosters.

  • Tiffany

    I’ve been a fan of keana’s since the ggirlz started and she’s several ethnicities including portuguese

    taylor swift curls her hair but keanas is natural


    that pic of her and daniel is hot can’t wait to see this video!

  • Anonymous

    im positive she’s jake t austin’s girlfriend!

  • Anonymous

    are u sure? went to the teenidols4you site and she has a lot of pics with daniel samonas

    u’r right. her hair looks to be naturally curly

  • Austin’s Mine

    =just becoz someone’s a vampire doesn’t mean their copying twilight this looks so much more beautiful than twilight (no haterz, just the truth)

    the costumes are much more elaborate than the movie & dunno who the girl is but she’s way prettier than the girl from twilight

    as far as daniel, dang! where have u been all my life???

  • http://twitter.com/alishakeyes ali dangga

    He’s hot, and is EVERYBODY making vampires there lovers now?

  • massie

    It’s taking over.
    Vampires here vampires there.
    Eg, Twilight, New Moon, Vampire Diaries now this.
    Shoot me.

  • http://www.youtube.com/whererainbowsendabey Abbey

    1.twilight wanabes
    2. she’s tryin’too much to be taylor swift
    3. that Dan guy NEEDS ay HAIR.CUT
    4. shes FUGLY
    all in all they r not so good and they r trying to hard
    i dont wanna be a b**** but iths dah truth :D

  • Anonymous

    shut the hell up you freaks i luv twilight but if that teh direction she wanted to go with this music vid then thats her choice all you losers need to get a life and he is hott period …nobody is edward cullen but he is hott in his own way besides off screen you can tell he is much better than rob pattinson. since when do people act like such dipshits and think they own twilight since it was the hot new thing and they definetly made thsi look hott

  • http://twitter.com/CookieMonsturrr AppleOrangeAndGrapeJuice

    They’re both really ugly.

  • kaitlin

    vampires are just sexier & more mysterious than just a regular, male lead role.

  • Anonymous

    I am LOLing in real life right now lol
    That dude needs a HAIR CUT and she needs to stop trying to be Taylor Swift.

  • jonas sweetie!


    he is supper cool.
    i met him at the jonas brothers 3-d
    movie premiere!
    he was really nice!

  • A

    AH! WTF?! just stop. please.

  • kkkkkaaaattt

    keana Texeria
    i think thats how you spell her last name :]

  • Anonymous

    who’s the girl?

  • yo.

    no its not :]

  • aj

    keana is part of the brat pack with jake t. austin, jansen panettiere, ryan ochoa, and some blonde guy (forget his name)

    the other ggirl who left the group is the one who has a crush on jake and tries too hard

  • Loveeer

    eew i hate her
    she tries TOO haard!!
    but i have to admit, those pictures are really kewt


    is she supposed to be a vampire 2?? she could so pass for a vampire but in a pretty way (no lez)

    Is that a peace sign on her dress? dat’s kewlllll i want one!!!

  • AllYouSuckaMC’sAintGotNuthinOnMe

    Is she the spoiled girl from George Lopez. Cause it looks like her.

    Dean is hotttt.

  • Anonymous

    vampires are fuckin’ overrated.
    and people should just stop making a big deal out of them.
    they stop with the shit vampire books and movies.

  • Anonymous

    he’s no edward cullen that fosho

  • Anonymous

    wow. when i saw that picture of them by the tree i immediately thought twilight.

    way to go.
    that kind of sucks.

  • Anonymous

    twilight wannabees

  • Anonymous

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  • Anonymous

    daniel u r so U-G-L-y.

  • Anonymous

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