David Henrie BURNIN’ UP Puerto Rico

David Henrie sings Burnin’ Up, kind of lol. From Jacqueline: ‘My dad had tickets to see the Wizards cast film Wizards of Waverly Place movie, so I took 2 of my friends. David was a really nice guy. He was talking to us for a while about Twitter, etc and we finally asked him if he could sing ‘Burnin’ Up for us.

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    check out

    Check out the site if you’re a Jonas Brothers fan!

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    wait how do you get tickets?

  • Anonymous

    yeah how do you get tickets for it???

  • anonymous

    lol. david henrie is siiiick. :)

    please watch this video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GSejM4RZcls it’s for another FFE/Jonas Brothers contest and this video my friend made is so much different than any others.

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    You got to look at the whole psychology of Hollywood/middle America. But,
    simply, David IS good-looking. If you saw him in person, he’d look pretty
    damn hot.

  • katee.

    lmao. like the video with selena promoting their cd. bahahahahah. i love him. he’s awesome.

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    Never say never, and you are judging people you’ve never met, lmao. Don’t have
    such a mouth on you . . . honestly, you lose credibility like that ;-) LOL he never
    said he wanted to date her. It was a cute; an interview for a tween/teen gossip
    mag. You got to be more “whatever” about people degrees of separation
    away from you. Notice how most people in this article are levelheaded and neutral.
    Take a tip or two I say ;)

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    I saw this video a while ago searching YouTube. It is awesome how David
    appreciates the little people that helped make him so popular/successful in Disney!
    And has fun with them, lol.

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    Why are girls so horny for David Henrie?

  • Laura

    he is sooooo hot.

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  • monique

    ahhaa he did that originally in the video with selena to go buy the jonas brothers cd.
    he is so freaking adorable.
    i want to give him a big ol’ hug :]]]

  • Amandiinha :*

    ooi ooi !
    ahsuahsuahsuahsuash ‘ *–*

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  • Starstruck

    I love David Henrie DTMAFIA!!!!! I adore him. Marry me David???

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    lmao he’s so funny! i loved that video with him and selena! DTMAFIA BITCHES!