Dakota Fanning, wearing ‘Ali Lohan shortsbut cuter, took pictures of friends at a Griffith Park gathering in LA, Saturday afternoon. Photos: Limelight. +6 under!

  • nicolle

    Those shorts are freaking hideous.
    Whoever thought that having your pockets stick out like that is “stylish” is on crack.

    Horrible idea.

  • Anonymous

    what the hell. who ever put that sick “story” of miley and demi shouuld get a life..
    how old are you seriously? that was really immature. i honestly have no clue why i read that all but i a very creeped out.

  • Anonymous

    shes such an ugly slut! Dakota needs a different wardrobe…after all the freaking money she makes wouldnt u think she would dress like a person and not a wannabe retard? I eman, shes wearing a freaking leotard and shorts that are too small for her. God, act your age dakota.

  • Anonymous

    um. i’m going to stab my eyeballs out when/if i see new moon. she’ll ruin it. bye.

  • Anonymous

    ewwwwww not another one of these….WTF how old r you guys??? you just dont put that shit on the internet. i dont know one person who can actually sit there and read that whole thing and say it wasnt at all creepy.

    and this post is about dakota fanning. NOT miley, demi, selena….GTFO

  • xxo.

    what are you guys talking about?
    So, she has her own style , big woop ! everyone does, unless your dont have a mind of your own.
    even someone who wear the same brand as you wont wear it THE SAME WAY as you.
    she is VERY classy and elegent, she is much more mature then some people.
    she shouldnt wear makeup 24/7 – she looks fine without it. as for people not wanting to see new moon beacuse of her ; well thats a shame she might be one of the best in it. Dakota is very talented – in my opinion better then both miley & selena – they’re just disney stars .

    * MILEY & SELENA FANS ; im not saying they dont have any talent what so ever, so please dont be rude. i dont hate either of the two, just prefer dakota.

  • http://twitter.com/CookieMonsturrr AppleOrangeAndGrapeJuice

    She doesn’t have to be classy.
    She’s rich.

  • Anonymous

    Again, clothing has nothing to do with it. She’s dressed normally, stop being overdramatic.. and there’s nothing wrong with dressing normally no matter how much money you have.

  • Dakota forever

    This girl is an angel!

  • Anonymous

    She’s among the most talented and respected teen actresses. What do you think?

  • Kelli

    you’re a fucktard. she doesnt have to look like a million bucks all the time, you fucktards are probably poor anyways!!!

  • Anonymous

    haha, i’m not talking about now only.
    i’m talking about everywhere.

    she has the strangest tastes in tacky looking heels
    or cheaplooking clothing.

  • jl<3


  • Dominique

    whats up with that fanfic!? lmfao.. weird much. hahaha.
    and i don’t like her clothes either. she’s a friggen teenager in 2009, act like it.

  • Anonymous

    why does she dress like that?
    you know what they say

    you can pay for school, but you can’t buy class..
    if you paid for school you would understand the irony
    of that statement.

  • gabby

    i dont really like her. idk why. (i dont hate her though so dont bash me) but wtf is up with those shorts. i dont get how those shorts are even cute.

  • Anonymous

    and therefore she isn’t a classy person? =S

  • Jeannette


  • Anonymous

    she’s a friggen teenager in 2009, act like it.


    So people aren’t allowed to have their own taste anymore? Jesus. I don’t get people like you.

  • Anonymous

    GT we need NILEY!!

  • Anonymous

    why does she dress like that?
    you know what they say

    you can pay for school, but you can’t buy class..

  • Anonymous

    that was pretty hot i must say.

  • :)

    I love her shirt!

    Dakota is so talented and is gorgeous 24/7.

  • vivi

    shes soo gorgeous!
    && talented while im at it :}

  • Anonymous

    I agree completely. She has her own style and if it isn’t something YOU would wear personally, that does not mean she isn’t classy or has bad taste. Who are you to say what good taste is? Are you that stuck on yourselves? Yes, she was a better actress at 6 years old than Miley and Selena are now and that’s pretty incredible. She’s professional, articulate and apparently a joy to work with. I would call THAT classy.

  • candygirl

    why does she dress like such a slop these days?

    and she is not classy, did you see what she wore to go shopping for a new home? Trash.

    She is no better than a disney star when it comes to class.

    Looks like Saoirse Ronan not only has the talent now, but the class as well.

  • Anonymous

    i love dakota :)

  • Dancingqueen9

    All the media should leave he alone shes just trying to live a normal life.

  • http://www.oceanup.com/2009/04/dakota-fanning-griffith-park-gorgeous.html#more ejvhgivurt

    awwe she’s so pretty

  • anonymous

    yay!!! second…(:
    she is soo beautiful!
    I can’t wait to see New Moon…
    I bet she is gonna be awesome
    on that movieeeeee!!:D

  • Anonymous

    first sike!!!

  • s

    she’s only 15 for god’s sake…
    u cant expect her to wear makeup 24/7…
    plus she’s naturally beautiful unlike some stars.
    that’s why they have to wear make up 24/7

  • rii

    i actually think these shorts look weird. you can tell they arent hella shorts shorts so the pockets are showing, but shorts that have long pockets lol.

  • Anonymous

    what is up with the shorts that have the white pockets showing?!
    just tuck the pockets back up.

  • amanda


  • becki

    She should put on some make up.

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    am i the only person that actually loves her outfit.
    she looks comfortable.
    does she seriously have to have sequins and glitter to be considered fashionable? lmfao seriously..

  • Anonymous

    Those are REALLY weird shorts…

  • becki

    she should put on make up.

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    check out

    Check out the site if you’re a Jonas Brothers fan!

  • Anonymous

    there’s nothing wrong with the way she’s dressed. her outfit is cute. just because someone wears shorts, it doesn’t mean that they don’t have class.

  • Holly

    No Offence, but honestly what is with the shorts already. she seems to old for her age.

  • anna

    that’s my local park!!!!

  • hawraa

    what the shit is up with those shorts and the pockets sticking out wtf.

  • anonymous

    yay!!! second…(:
    she is soo beautiful!
    I can’t wait to see New Moon…
    I bet she is gonna be awesome
    on that movieeeeee!!:D

    ur soo right!! :)

    hahaha! me and dakota have
    the same camerabut mine’s pink!!(:

  • http://twitter.com/mileycyrusfanxx lindsey

    yayyy dakotaa

  • Anonymous

    ‘Ali Lohan short but cuter.’ lmfao. why do i find that so hilarious?

  • Anonymous

    LMFAO what the fuck kind of shorts are those?!

  • Anonymous

    ohhhhh!! common don’t be a hater
    she’s is beautiful and she does not
    need makeup to hide herself!

    God.. I just can’t stand people like you, so
    inmature!! GROW UP

  • nichole

    love her!!!!!!!!!!

  • Jane

    hate those shortsss!

  • Anonymous

    That is so hot.. but you should make or a GIRL and GUY! Like Nick & Miley, Joe & Demi, Kevin & Danielle, etc xD

  • GT

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    Demi broke the kiss, “Miley,” she said breathlessly.

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    Demi saw the look of disappointment in Miley’s eyes and quickly softened her own look. “No…I’m sorry. I keep teasing you…” she leaned down and placed a gentle kiss on Miley’s forehead. “But…I think I know a way to make it up to you,” she grinned seductively.

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    “Y-Y-Yes,” Miley squeaked out. “But what do you mean by”—

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    Demi continued this for several minutes, highly enjoying the activity, and absolutely loving how much Miley was enjoying it. She pulled away from Miley’s lips and slowly started sucking and nibbling on the pulse point of her neck.

    Miley gasped, “Oh, Demi…” she heavily breathed, digging her nails into Demi’s back. “I love you.”

    Demi licked Miley’s neck, and after feeling her girlfriend shudder with excitement, she looked into her eyes, “I love you too.” Then she firmly pressed her lips against hers once again, continuing what she was doing. Even though they weren’t having sex, she already felt more connected to Miley in more of an intimate matter.

    Miley continued moaning as Demi rubbed herself against her leg and Demi’s hand rubbing her. The duel sensation was really starting to heat her up, and she really wished they were actually making love with each other. She really wanted to show Demi how much she loved her in the most physical way possible…but his was working fine for now.

    Before the two girls had a chance to finish, they both heard the front door downstairs slam shut and somebody came rushing up the stairs. “Don’t stop,” Miley breathed into Demi’s ear, “my door’s locked,” she said with a hint of a moan. Demi just nodded in agreement and continued making out with her girlfriend.

  • Anonymous

    What a silly and stupid thing to say. Clothes are not what determine whether or not a person has class.

  • Anonymous

    She doesn’t need it.

  • Anonymous

    Cutie. Like to see her looking casual like a real kid and not so sophisticated and prissy

  • jonas

    she doesnt need makeup she needs class

  • Lucie

    Am I the only who think she looks a bit fat ? I mean come on look at those legs !!

  • ere

    shallow fucks. why the fuck should she put on makeup? maybe she doesn’t want to be fake and plastic. shes so beautiful so fuck off.

  • Anonymous

    do ppl really even care about her?

  • angelika

    dont like the outfit

  • yooo

    she needs makeup. bad.
    shes a great actress though, a creepy one in like, every movie

  • caitlyn


  • iheartjb



  • Anonymous

    Um, YES.
    Most talented teen actress out there (In the USA).
    A hell of a lot of people care about her.

  • Anonymous

    i DO NOT like those shorts, AT ALL.

  • Anonymous

    not when you have alot of $$$.

    the girl’s been acting since she was like 7 or something
    you’d think she’d dress better.

  • Sprmcandy

    Beautiful Gorgeous girl !!

  • okaaaayyy

    actually, it looks like shes wearing a leotard, maybe she does dancing or something. there are pictures of her sister on the same day wearing dance sneakers.