Jennette McCurdy PRISM PRETTY


Nickelodeon beauties Jennette McCurdy and Ashley Argota hit up The 2009 PRISM Awards at the Beverly Hills Hotel on Thursday evening. PR Photos. 4+

  • maryxoxo

    not so pretty.

  • Anonymous

    whoo cares..first?

  • Anonymous


  • AppleOrangeAndGrapeJuice[Twitter!!!]

    They’re both gorgeous and talented but not so gorgeous in these pictures. :[

  • Anonymous

    check out

    If you’re a Jonas Brothers fan. :)

  • hsak


  • ash

    awh, cute

  • maryxoxo

    i remembered a comment on the past posts. she said
    nobody would be able to comment for the same time.
    the 1st 4 comment does. lol

  • debbie.

    love them :)

    but not really diggin ashley in the first pic :/

    thats okay. theyr both lovely.

  • Jane

    i think jenette is kinda pretty

  • a

    whos ashley

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  • Mandy

    wow Ashley wears TOO MUCH makeup

  • LovatoFans

    follow if your a dem lovato fan!

  • Anonymous

    Why are these girls on T.V. they’re fucking ugly.

  • Anonymous

    i hate her face

  • i LiKE iT LiKE THAT

    that ashley girl really IS ugly :/

  • Anonymous

    okay honesty here:
    they are not that pretty
    but who cares, they seem really nice and seem
    to have a good heart :)
    so stop bashing them because of their outward appearance.
    you don’t have to be overly gorgeous to be on t.v.

  • Anonymous

    you dont have to be a model to be on tv…. god damn you guys are shallow

  • Tess

    Why do you guys have to criticize Jennette and Ashley?
    They were just attending an awards show, geez.
    They shouldn’t be bashed.
    They are both gorgeous girls, and Jennette does NOT have “cankles”. She’s an iceskater, an athlete. She has athletic legs.
    I haven’t met Ashley ever, but since she’s one of Jennette’s best friends, I say that girls as SWEET and AMAZING as Jennette and Ashley shouldn’t have to deal with mean haters. No one deserves that, especially not these girls.

  • Anonymous

    she is gorgeous. they are BOTH gorgeous. you all are fucking ugly so seriuosly, shut up.

  • anon.

    ummm…they are both really pretty? maybe ashley’s eye makeup is done a little strangely, but they are both so stunning! i like the fact that they aren’t flawlessly beautiful. girls don’t need more people like that to compare themselves to.

  • http://yahoo mr hate

    Too many of these teenage bimbos who think they can sing but cannot. It is truly sad. Get a real job you fruitloop.

  • phoebe

    i lovee jennetteee ! shes gorgeous. no question

  • Anonymous

    Say what? Jenette looks like a tranny. HAHA!!!

  • Anonymous

    Jenette is so pretty. I love her on iCarly!

    Who is Ashley? I like her dress, whoever she is haha.

  • Anonymous

    Since when are CANKLES beautiful

  • Lisa Lisa

    You go Jennette. And people. She’s not working for a fashion magazine, she doesn’t have to be “glamorous”. She shouldn’t have worn pantyhose, though. And the dress should be a little higher above the knee!

  • Anonymous

    Jenette is just unattractive, she can’t help it. But maybe a new stylist would help.

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    they don’t look too pretty there!!!!! sorry! =(

  • anon.

    hey now don’t be dissin cankles i have them too. if there is one part of someone that is going to be ugly why not the ankles? would that really be a bad thing?

  • kirsty

    fuck you haters, Jennette is beautiful! You’re all jealous.

  • Ashley Nicole<3

    They are both Beauitful!
    Come on people, your just picking out features that can
    be fixed like Cankles and to much make-up…
    Gosh..Stuid Bitches:)


    Because they’re good actors, dumbass. BTW I think they’re both beautiful. You’re probably uglier than hell.

  • Anonymous

    You guys are really mean, they’re both pretty. Gosh, ugly is such a harsh word.

  • who

    she is gorgeous. they are BOTH gorgeous. you all are fucking ugly so seriuosly, shut up
    have you seen them to know that they are ugly?

    ps. the blond girl has a huge head that is very unfortunate

  • angelika

    they look so ugly haha