• Anonymous

    So because they’re recording that emans that they’re dating. I guess Demi is dating Joe then?

  • i just

    believe what?

  • lalala

    are you delusional? Her voice sounds like she has a nasal infection.

  • Anonymous


  • Best Fanfics!


    omggg you gotta go!!!
    its like totally amazinggg!!!!!!

  • Anonymous

    where were they in that picture, and i dont get how you guys can believe “jessica freom florida” but not E! or other more reliable sites

    I know ,Jesus, how stupid is that? The Niley story was covered by e online,many other websites and tv shows but jessica from florida knows what she’s talking about huh?

  • lalala

    this girl is so stupid. Shes been in the music business for four years now? Still isn’t big. I doubt duets with Jb will make a big effect. Sure people will like it for a little bit then things will die down and she will be the boring untalented person again. I don’t see her going anywhere.

  • http://twitter.com/CookieMonsturrr AppleOrangeAndGrapeJuice

    Does it matter how many people they’ve dated after the break up.
    In my opinion, in terms of the break up, Nick is way smarter.
    Rather than breaking up then jumping into a new relationship instantly, he knows when he needs to take a break. Miley doesn’t. She’ll date a guy, break up, and the next guy she sees that she thinks is cute is her new boyfriend.

    Not saying anything to be negative but just being honest.
    And, besides, it doesn’t matter how many people they’ve dated after they broke up.

  • lalala

    thats disturbing

  • http://twitter.com/sadiezzbby Sadiezz

    Eh. IDGAF.
    I mean, what am I supposed to say? Yay?
    Good luck Jordan on trying to get a bigger fanbase?
    Does the ice cream in my freezer have frost on it?


  • Anonymous

    Nick J is the shit. :D I doubt these two are going out.
    And if they were, SO what? That’d be his 2nd GF after Miley.
    Miley’s had Tom Sturges, Lucas Till (YES, they dated, he admitted it in an interview), and then Justin Gaston…
    and no one blames her for anything. I love her, so I’m not saying she should be blamed, but she’s had more boyfriends after Nick than Nick has had after her. He’s dated one girl, big woop.

  • Siriusluvr

    Hey, they’re cute together!
    Jordan is my favourite “Disney-star”…<3

  • Anonymous

    i hate her ,

  • http://myspace.com/3iob Nicole

    -.- That wasn’t how it happened AT ALL. Nelena rumors started less than a month after Niley broke and he wrote Lovebug over Christmas, which was right after the break-up.

    I’ve had quite enough of your bullshit for one day. THANKS.

  • devorah

    so jordan gonna be the new demi??? wow the jonas brithers are assholes. demi doesnt need them tho soo w.e

  • Anonymous

    LOL, he’s probably recording with her to try and be nice and help his friend actually get somewhere in the music biz because she hasn’t gone anywhere in 4 years…
    probably isn’t going to work. There will be buzz for a few months, then it’ll die down and no one will care.

    I love the Jonas Brothers ;D

  • anonymousalso

    Yeah, but she’ll benefit the same way Camilla is benefitting from her assocation with Joe. That girl has been in the acting business her for over 15 years and STILL hasn’t hit it big. But she’s seen with a Jonas Brother and now she’s getting noticed.

  • Anonymous

    that just made my day
    the william tell overture is probably one of the most annoying song ever, trust me i have to listen to it every day at school:|

    & omg NILEYY!!! YESS(LL)

  • IDK


  • Anonymous

    Its true. She said that at her show today :)

  • True Love At Last?

    Miley leaned down closer to Demi and left her lips inches from touching the girl, Demi drew in a sharp breath in response, looking into Miley’s eyes, before letting her gaze travel down to the girl’s lips. Miley just held her position looking at Demi, while running her tongue over her own lips. Demi finally gave in, pulling the brunette down into a fierce kiss. Miley kissed back roughly. Demi smiled, in response, biting Miley’s lip lightly, allowing her hands to run up the other girl’s sides who moaned into the kiss placing her hand on the girl’s bra, massaging the girl’s right breast while intensifying the kiss. Demi drew in a sharp breath, in response, biting down on Miley’s lip lightly to keep from moaning, the taller girl smiled slowly pulling away from the kiss. Demi looked up at Miley with a quizzical look, breathing hard.

    “You can ask now,” Miley laughed.

    “Why’d you kiss me?” Demi asked, licking her lips.

    “You kissed me first,” Miley shrugged. “Why’d you do it?” Miley asked kissing Demi’s neck.

    “You… Provoked… Me,” Demi admitted slowly, making sure, she said every word clearly while trying to ignore what the other girl was doing.

    “I didn’t,” Miley said sucking on the girl’s neck. “You want a little more?”

    “You did.” Demi said shakily, ignoring Miley’s question.

    “How did I provoke you?” Miley questioned placing herself mere inches from Demi again, licking her lips once more.

    “Like that,” Demi replied, staring at Miley’s lips.

    She looked clueless to the girl, “Like what?” Miley smiled and repeated the gesture while pressing Demi’s nipple over her bra.

    “That.” Demi said shakily, nodding her head at Miley’s actions

    “Oh really I’m sorry, so if I do it again, you’d kiss me?” Miley questioned again.

    “Uh huh,” Demi nodded.

  • tonya.

    I wont buy the album.
    I’ll just listen to it on youtube.. (:

  • GT

    Miley moaned quite loudly as Demi pressed herself up against her. She let her hands wonder around to Demi back and she started fiddling with the clasp of her bra.

    Demi broke the kiss, “Miley,” she said breathlessly.

    Miley quickly pulled her hands away, “Sorry…” she said with disappointment.

    Demi saw the look of disappointment in Miley’s eyes and quickly softened her own look. “No…I’m sorry. I keep teasing you…” she leaned down and placed a gentle kiss on Miley’s forehead. “But…I think I know a way to make it up to you,” she grinned seductively.

    Miley smiled immensely, “How?”

    “Well, even though I’m not…you know…ready…” she blushed, “doesn’t mean I’m not willing to meet you half way,” she smirked. Demi laughed inwardly at the shocked, excited look on Miley’s face, and laughed out loud when all Miley came up with was a high-pitched squeak. “Is that a yes?”

    “Y-Y-Yes,” Miley squeaked out. “But what do you mean by”—

    “Just relax, ‘kay?” she smiled warmly. After Miley nodded ‘yes’, Demi leaned back down and passionately kissed her, making it as heated as she could possibly get it; which wasn’t hard to do at all.

    Miley’s hands dove into Demi’s hair, getting a good grip as she felt Demi once again grind up against her. She took Demi’s bottom lip between her teeth and gave it a light tug, causing Demi to let out a loud moan. Demi then wrapped both her legs around Miley’s left leg as the sensation became too much for her. Then her hand started migrating south, surprising Miley by slowly rubbing her through her jeans. Miley let out a yelp that Demi instantly swallowed by clamping her mouth over hers; giving her a hot, intense kiss.

    Demi continued this for several minutes, highly enjoying the activity, and absolutely loving how much Miley was enjoying it. She pulled away from Miley’s lips and slowly started sucking and nibbling on the pulse point of her neck.

    Miley gasped, “Oh, Demi…” she heavily breathed, digging her nails into Demi’s back. “I love you.”

    Demi licked Miley’s neck, and after feeling her girlfriend shudder with excitement, she looked into her eyes, “I love you too.” Then she firmly pressed her lips against hers once again, continuing what she was doing. Even though they weren’t having sex, she already felt more connected to Miley in more of an intimate matter.

    Miley continued moaning as Demi rubbed herself against her leg and Demi’s hand rubbing her. The duel sensation was really starting to heat her up, and she really wished they were actually making love with each other. She really wanted to show Demi how much she loved her in the most physical way possible…but his was working fine for now.

    Before the two girls had a chance to finish, they both heard the front door downstairs slam shut and somebody came rushing up the stairs. “Don’t stop,” Miley breathed into Demi’s ear, “my door’s locked,” she said with a hint of a moan. Demi just nodded in agreement and continued making out with her girlfriend.

  • Madison

    I love Jordan Pruitt .
    She went to my school .
    aha .

  • lolalove

    The ice cream man has been on my street for the past 24 minutes playing The William Tell Overature and The Muffin Man.

    I cannot take it any longer, I seriously can’t.


    Sorry about that guys…
    ANYWAY, tell me NILEY is back!

  • http://myspace.com/jessejiroux s

    more !!

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    wow. ur kidding right?
    nick also jumped into a new relationship
    remember nelena?
    that was like a MONTH after the niley breakup.
    so stay with the facts and face it
    your nicckky isn’t that smart.. he did the same as miley.. probably even worse b.c he went out with her so called “frenemy” and “competition to be the next miley”

  • http://myspace.com/jessejiroux dd

    this shit makes me horney espeacially the MEMI

  • Ashley


  • first

    haha. first.

  • Anonymous

    promotion so dont think they dating
    nick is single

  • AllYouSuckaMC’sAintGotNuthinOnMe

    It seems like Nick is the one working while Joe and kevin are off vacationing.

  • Anonymous

    *waits for nordan rumours/niley obsessors upset that it’s not miley*



  • Anonymous

    Huh, are they dating?

  • Anonymous

    you really have no idea if that’s true.

  • Jonas 4 Canada

    Its just music.
    Niley is going on apparently.
    But ya Joe has sung duets with Jordin Sparks and they are definitely not dating!

  • AllYouSuckaMC’sAintGotNuthinOnMe

    It’s hottttt in new jerseeyyyy, just wanted to get that out.

    973 babyyyyy.


  • Anonymous

    good they aren’t dating! yyaya i m happy nicholas is single

  • Anonymous

    wow this dude really loves the disney girls, eh? miley, wowp girl, now this one?

  • Anonymous

    i should be miley. LMAO
    just kidding
    that explain why all of the suddent the dating rumors started. they are just working together. =)

  • yup

    Thats crap

  • caren

    they just wanna make her famous wat better way than doing a duet with nick jonas

  • Jonas 4 Canada

    ***Joe sang a duet with Jordin Sparks.
    Gosh I think the first time I wrote it I used BAD grammar.
    MY BAD.

  • http://youtube.com/gotjesus13 mileyluver1393


  • Sarah

    They should date.

  • anon

    Cue the Niley freaks.

  • Anonymous

    nick is single girls so dont get any ideas

  • Anonymous

    sweett. i can’t wait to hear all these new songs. :)
    oh, btw oceanup… SELENA AND TAYLOR AREN’T DATING.
    are you stupid? they’re friends.
    and miley didn’t break up with justin. she would’ve said something by now, and she didn’t.
    and u know this how?

  • Anonymous

    did anyone find out where this picture was taken?

  • Anonymous

    yea he would not be doing duets with her if he was going out with her and even if he was only writing songs with her and not singing I wouldn’t believe he is seeing her,but isn’t he back in Tx now? And I really don’t think she’s very cute,like someone said on the other post ,if it was true he would be downgrading further with this one

  • Anonymous

    omg people, people, get real. not every female associated with the jb are leeching off their fame. take a deep breath…

  • Anonymous

    The Niley fans know there’s nothing to this,bitch!

  • Anonymous

    sweett. i can’t wait to hear all these new songs. :)
    oh, btw oceanup… SELENA AND TAYLOR AREN’T DATING.
    are you stupid? they’re friends.
    and miley didn’t break up with justin. she would’ve said something by now, and she didn’t.

  • Anonymous


  • ““

    nileey!!!!1 :@

  • Anonymous

    you should crawl into a hole

  • bb

    Hmm, isn’t this pic taking the same day as thi:


    Cause Nick’s wearing the same shirt

  • yomama!!

    wow. niley? u love miley? just go jack off to her name and get it over with u lezzylez!!

  • kimmy4

    nick needs a break
    Joe and kevin are off vacationing nick should relax and chill

  • Anonymous

    i know someone who lives in franklin and they said that they’ve been dating since february. who knows, could be crap. but still… three duets? really?

  • Anonymous

    i think nick should stay single and find himself a girl who isn’t famous or a famewhore, someone who really likes him and is just happy to be with him.

  • Anonymous

    they are DISGUSTING together
    nick jonas could do much better
    even thou hes not to good himself…

  • Anonymous

    oh no here goes all the little stupid Niley teenies. You all act like little 3 year olds dreamin over a relationship that is not even yours or anyone’s that you actually know.

  • (:

    i was never a fan of her music.

  • Anonymous

    oh great, he’s got himself another one. i suppose she’ll suddenly become famous, a la selena gomez, within… five months? yipee. i wonder who her publicist will make her “feud” with.

  • alysa<33

    Nick is singel he is not datin Miley or Jordan so shut up with the Niley!!! and we have no clue is this is true or not…

  • Jonas 4 Canada

    Gosh bad grammar on my part!

  • Anonymous

    o my god. Every single girl that isn’t Miley that even says a word to Nick is a “famewhore” god shut up you annoying Niley teenies!

  • nicole

    okay. nick is single. jordan is NOT dating him. and how do we know that theyre recording together? i need proof.

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    haha. miley teenie.

  • Guarenteed Truth.

    Demi swiftly cut her off, pressing her lips against Selena’s. Selena thought she was imagining things until she felt the girl grasp her face with shaky hands, setting her insides ablaze. Demi quickly broke the kiss and started to back away.

    “I’m sorry-“

    Selena lunged at her lips, wrapping her arms around the shorter girl’s neck.

    Demi, filled with newfound courage and adrenaline, slammed Selena against the bathroom door and attacked her mouth with her pent up passion.

    ‘Screw bashfulness’

    It turned into a playful, uncoordinated battle of dominance.

    Selena pushed off of the bathroom door and walked Mitchie unsteadily backwards, across the small bathroom. She roughly pinned her to the wall, still locked in the deliciously forceful kiss.

    “Demi, are you guys alright?” Demi’s mother yelled from the living room.

    Selena stopped assaulting Demi’s lips and began trailing wet kisses down to the soft skin of her neck. Demi’s grunts of pleasure sent her to a more primal state.

    “Y-YEAH MOM, I JUST- oh, dear god- I JUST FELL AGAIN! Oh my gosh.” Demi barely got the words out, too preoccupied with the girl who was gently nipping at her neck. Selena stopped to kiss Demi’s lips, but Demi pushed off of the wall, tangling her fingers in Selena’s dark tresses.

    “Mmm” Selena was pushed against the sink as Demi nibbled on her bottom lip. She tried to gain control but smiled as Demi held her tighter against her. Demi licked Selena’s lip and gained permission to explore her mouth further. Selena arched her back, pressing against her even more.

    Demi moaned into Selena’s mouth as Selena scraped her nails down the thin t-shirt fabric that covered her back.

    Selena managed to push off of the sink, but sent them both ungracefully to the ground. Their kisses became more frantic, both afraid of losing the moment, as they wrestled on the ground for dominance.

    Selena straddled Demi’s waist. “Selena” Demi said against her lips. “Selena!”

    Selena broke the kiss, breathing heavily.

    “My mom could walk in.” Demi panted.

    They stayed on the ground, catching their breath for a moment. Selena looked at Demi with confusion in her features. “What just happened?” She breathed out.

  • Anonymous


    Seriously, it’s annoying. You have no idea one way or the other.

  • anon

    I really think Ocean hates Kevin. Have you ever noticed that when he finally gets around to posting about Kevin, he puts up another, jucier post about one of his brothers shortly after? All the Jonas fans then flock away from the Kevin post on to the newer one.

  • Anonymous

    me neither to much pop.

  • Anonymous

    This guy moves really fast o.O

  • Anonymous

    Nick is singel he is not datin Miley or Jordan so shut up with the Niley!!! and we have no clue is this is true or not…
    idk niley is back

  • Anonymous

    THREE duets? ain’t that a little much? ehh whatever.

  • Anonymous

    nick needs a break
    Joe and kevin are off vacationing nick should relax and chill
    he’s waiting for miley <3

  • Anonymous

    lol seriously he’s had 3 disney girls in 3 years

  • Anonymous

    wasn’t there a rumor about them dating from some random website? was it true?

  • Anonymous

    gtfo you crazy bitch thats nasty and ignorant shit

  • JB Fan

    too bad for jordan that nick is dating miley again

  • go hump a fricken stump.

    i know this is most likely untrue but i love you for saying that.

  • Ramzi

    Jordan Pruitt has one of the most amazing Voices ever!!!
    Next to Demi
    (In Disney)
    and having a Duet with Nick
    is probably unexplainable.
    i cant wait

  • i just

    ohhh it could be…

  • perfect enemies in the end.

    “And you’re a know-it-all-bitch, who from what I can tell is all talk.” Selena responded, nipping at Miley’s lip again.

    “I’ll show you who’s all talk,” Miley said moving her hands to press on the front of the girl’s jeans.

    “Is that the best you got Miles?” Selena taunted, moving to bite down hard on Miley’s neck.

    “Oh I got game, different from you.” Miley said opening Selena’s jeans and sticking her hand inside them. “Looks like someone’s been lying,” Miley said running two fingers down Selena’s center over her underwear.

    “Well what do ya expect? You brought up Nick.” Selena smirked.

    “So what would make you a little moister?” Miley whispered playfully biting on Selena’s ear.

    “Not sure.” Selena shrugged, giving Miley a once over as though she wasn’t good enough.

    “We’ll see then.” Miley pressed hard and quickly against Selena’s clit through her underwear.

    Selena gritted her teeth in response, trying hard to ignore the sensation, before kissing Miley roughly, and grabbing her wrist to stop the movement of her hand. Miley smiled into the kiss, returning it in a heated way. Satisfied, Selena licked Miley’s lips lightly asking for entrance while trying to get the girl to remove her hand from her jeans. Miley parted her lips to help Selena’s entrance and sucked on the girl’s tongue while the tip of her fingers ran quickly up and down around the girl’s center.

    “Ugh,” Selena growled, kissing Miley back roughly, and tightening her grip on Miley’s wrist to stop the movement. Miley ignored the grip and kept teasing the girl while responding to the kiss.

    “Ugh, would you stop that.” Selena growled in frustration, pulling away from Miley quickly.

    “Why? You were enjoying I could tell.” Miley spoke cockily.

    “No I wasn’t, it was just irritating,” Selena shot back angrily.

    “I’m sure.” Miley said sarcastically.

  • Anonymous

    where were they in that picture, and i dont get how you guys can believe “jessica freom florida” but not E! or other more reliable sites

  • Carolyn

    aww I love Nick, and I cant wait to hear those songs :)

  • Anonymous

    check out

    If you’re a Jonas Brothers fan. :)

  • Anonymous

    i know someone who lives in franklin and they said that they’ve been dating since february. who knows, could be crap. but still… three duets? really?
    yeah crap

  • AllYouSuckaMC’sAintGotNuthinOnMe



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