Vanessa Hudgens BANDSLAM Beastly

Nessa chats about her upcoming movies Beastly, Sucker Punch & Bandslam.

  • angelika


  • Anonymous

    She’s such a has been now.

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  • Nicole


  • Kathleen

    third? hehe so little comments

  • Rosiee

    COOOL (L)
    Lovee her but i dnt think straight her suits her x

  • lslsharon

    love nessa!!!!

  • Anonymous

    I agree, straight hair doesn’t look as good on her.

    I don’t really like the look of Bandslam, but Vanessa comes across as really sweet in this interview. It’s unfortunate that she gets such bad press, when most (but not all) of it undoubtedly stems from jealously. Yeah, those photos weren’t the best idea, but she dealt with it and handled it well.

  • Deqon

    i know a girl that knows the lead guy in this movie Gaelen-something. they went to school together and her asked her out but she turned him down. i bet she’s kicking herself now lol

  • kourtney

    I know she comes off “nice” in this interview, but I get a really un-genuine feeling from her “sweetness” like shes just acting that way because of the camera. some people you get a real feel of their personality in interviews, and with her I think she’s a completely different person when the cameras aren’t on her. you could tell she got annoyed every time the woman said “you’re a lot like gabriella” because she knows shes not.

    this movie is going to fail. I guarantee it. shes a has been lisa kudrow is a has been and not a of people know who aj michalka is. those are the only people in the movie who would be the “draw” to go see the movie

  • zoey

    this movie will suck BIG TIME
    she sux she doesnt have success anymore
    her cd failed and this movie will 2
    exept for the fame she got for hsm her career totally failed

  • Anonymous

    She’s gorgeous.

  • Anonymous

    check out

    If you’re a Jonas Brothers fan. :)