Hannah Montana role denier JoJo Levesque attended Operation Smile’s 2009 Jr. Smile Collection event at Capitale, Thursday in New York city. PR Photos. 5+

  • Anonymous

    JoJo come back, please!
    Love her!

  • Anonymous

    i freakin love her.
    she’s so gorgeous, and she’s got an amazing voice.
    can’t wait to hear more from her! (:

  • Anonymous

    Pretty smile, great CURVES and a talented singer.

  • f

    ick i do not want to see that..

  • James

    She is so beautiful. She has me smiling right now.

  • o

    aw i miss her!

  • Anonymous

    I LOVE JOJO ! she is just so amazing, every song she sings is real and from her heart. She can be as big as any disney star if she tries !

  • Anonymous

    i’d be kicking myself if i was her.

  • Anonymous

    She has pretty eyes (:

  • anon

    her smile is horrible. and oh see bitch you denied the Hannah role and now you’re failing! haha poor her.

  • jb

    I don’t think Jojo would have a bigger career. we have been waiting 2 YEARS for the new CD and nothing. She just stoped and got forgotten.

  • Lisa Lisa

    She looks great in this hair color. The blond washed her out and was terrible. JoJo needs to release another album. I wish she took that Hannah Montana role, though I know it would have failed…

    Then the Disney stars would have never existed! You see JoJo? You could have stopped so much crap from coming to us. xD

  • Lisa Lisa

    B/C Hannah Montana deserves total respect, right? Why are you so mean, she’s not even being a famewhore to deserve an insult from you. At least she can sing!

  • emma

    She has an amazing voice. I wish she would sing more.

  • tata57

    she changed so much
    i still remember the 13th year old jojo
    aww i miss her so much and her music

  • i LiKE iT LiKE THAT

    Aw.. i miss her! she’s awesome !

  • AppleOrangeAndGrapeJuice[TaylenaFTW!]

    I’m glad she didn’t take the role. She’s too mature for the songs and so is her voice. It wouldn’t be right.

  • Anonymous


  • m

    don’t worry…there’s just a sort of setback to her new album…it’s called “All I want is Everything”

    i think it sounds pretty interesting

  • Niny

    she looks gorgeous <333 i love her dress.

  • Anonymous

    aw, i miss her!

    come back with your awesome singing skills! :)

  • Anonymous

    she`s bigger than miley . . . :P i`m jealous /

  • Jane

    she’s pretty but she’s kind of faded….

  • Anonymous

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    Check out the site if you’re a Jonas Brothers fan!

  • AppleOrangeAndGrapeJuice[Twitter!!!]

    “Hannah Montana role denier”
    Real mature, Middle-Aged Mutant Douchebag Tim.
    I love JoJo.
    I personally think she has a great voice and she can do well without Hannah Montana. She has a whole lot of talent.

  • ash

    shes pretty(:

    follow me, I’ll follow you.

  • hb

    i love jojo, she needs a new album so we can enjoy more of her music

  • sarah

    i love her
    i miss you!!!!!!!!!
    jojo levesque

  • Anonymous

    where the hell has she been her ,demi,and beyonce are my fav singers come back jojo

  • Anonymous

    Its Operation Smile
    & she looks pissed as hell.

  • Anonymous

    She wouldn’t have been right for Hannah Montana..

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