Bamboozle Road Show Philadelphia Cops BEAT BAND Members Bloody

At the Bamboozle Road Show in Philadelphia on April 26, cops beat and arrested 3 people including We the Kings merchandise guy Chris V. Forever The Sickest Kids also appeared to be involved. Fan video under of what went down. Warning: Graphic language. Story here.

  • Steph

    Uh-oh. Selena’s “family” is a bunch of hoodlums!

  • Wowzers.

    Cops think they’re SO fucking tough and aggressive and feel the need that they can do whatever they want. They’re beating the poor guy and to me, it looked like they did absolutely nothing wrong. Shame on those cops! Did anyone see that puddle of blood left behind near his head ?! God …

  • beyyytchhh.

    ohmyfuckinggod, i’m seriously in the verge of tears right now. i hope those shitty ass policemen burn in hell. what the hell is there problem? they didn’t do anything wrong but ask for the bade numbers, etc. it’s not like they were throwing stuff at them.

    fuck the police. they abuse their jobs all the fucking time.

  • Anonymous

    ohh my god. those cops were fucking beating on the boys. whether they did anything or not, the guys weren’t fighting the police until the police starting beating them up.

    that is just not right.

  • caroline

    holy shit! those cops are fuckign crazzy!

  • Anonymous

    Ridiculous! And what they did wrong was that they didn’t move a parked vehicle fast enough so chaos ensued apparently!

  • Anonymous

    iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiin west philedelphia…

    totally kidding.
    i had to do it.

    BUUUT, that’s shit.
    i hate cops.
    he didn’t deserve that,
    AT ALL.
    fuck the police.

  • aliceinwonderland

    oceanup isn’t just for disney gossip. its for just teen celebrity or bands and stuff that teens like in general gossip/news

  • Anonymous


    did u see his face?

    i cant believe this shit

    u know i would have fought back

  • Anonymous

    OH AND, the cops then arrived at the hospital Chris was taken to and BRAGGED about the “punk kids” they beat up to the nurses.

    That’s probably the best part of the whole thing.

    Also, I think it’s great that this was posted on here. The more awareness about this topic, the better. Things like this happen everyday and are never publicized. There is a great potential to solve the issue of police brutality through this.


    First Ryan Moats’ situation and now this. I hate the police. They are so retarded. You know, at one of the high schools in the town where I live, (thank god it wasn’t at MY high school) a police officer was caught today for having an intimate relationship with a student. FUCK the police man, FUCK THEM.

  • CorrieLynn

    I can’t get over how uncalled for it was for the cops to just start beating the shit out of him. It’s things like these that make me lose so much respect for police officers.

  • emily ford

    Since when is OceanUp a Disney site? It has BECOME one. But I’m pretty sure it’s about teen/young celebs.

  • Brie

    fuck philly police and their gay bike helmets!

    poor tfair!

  • not right

    I hope the officers were reported they used excessive force & it was just not needed.

  • Lexi Lushhh, hoeee!

    Dude, i know right? Whats up with the porno comment?
    Like zomgz, don’t effin’ post that..

  • zoeeee

    thats so fucked up ayee

  • Anonymous

    excuse me, im from philly.
    we’re not filthy.
    anybody from anywhere could have done this.
    dont just accuse us, think before you speak you fucking bitch.

  • Melanie

    That is soooo messed up
    I feel bad for those guys that the cops beat up

  • GT

    Maybe if you didn’t use repulsing circumstances, people wouldn’t be as disgusted.

    Again, incest is NOT a good story to tell.

  • Anonymous


  • AllYouSuckaMC’sAintGotNuthinOnMe

    OMFG. They should sue those police officers. That was really out of line.


  • Anonymous

    seriously. i’ve talked to chris at a few shows.
    baby boy wouldn’t hurt a fly.

  • Anonymous


  • beccaa?

    hhahah omg, i thought for a sec that you were replying to a comment asking why they were arrested!!!
    i can just see it on the news
    “Bamboozle Show Members Arrested For Involemeant With Selena Gomez.”(sp) hahahhaah, sorry… just funny..

  • Anonymous

    Okay, to everyone out there who wants to kill the police, let me explain a couple things to you; THEY’RE PHILADELPHIA POLICE. Yes, that should explain enough. South Philly’s onen of the most dangerous neighborhoods in the entire country. How would I know? I lived on a bordering suburb. That’s definitely messed up, but once you see what the Philly cops go through EVERY SINGLE DAY, maybe you’d kind of understand it. Yes, it’s messed up, but these cops are different from others. It’s not alright, but in Philly, it’s nothing out of the norm.

    I repeat: this activity in Philadelphia is normal.


    That doesn’t make it fucking right. Honestly, I don’t care what the fuck they go through. I’m pretty sure they knew the situation when they signed up for the job. SO fucking discusted. How the hell are we ever supposed to feel safe if these are the people in charge. Fucking hell. Crooked cops on power trips.

    There is no way what happend was justified.

  • aliceinwonderland

    no, they didn’t do anything wrong except stick up fo their friends, and even doing that they didnt do anything wrong.

  • Taylor Esposito

    That’s beyond ridiculous. All of them are amazing people & of course no one
    deserved any of the events that took place. I love all of them. <33

  • Anonymous


  • Giana

    i was at the show last night and everything was fine and then i get home and find out about this. it’s so sadd :/

  • Lora

    Piece of shit fatass cops.

  • Amelia

    Oh My GOD that is just so fucking horrible.

  • Anonymous

    omfgg fuckk thoses poepoes the can suck a dick

  • Anonymous

    wow…i’m from just outside of philly and i was going to go to that show….

    i can’t believe this happened!! wtf, i mean they didnt do anything…

    i hope something happens to those cops–totally uncalled for!

  • Anonymous

    im sure none of us are refering to ALL cops in philly. but those cops were major assholes. and there is nothing you can say to excuse what they did.

  • Anonymous

    Okay, to everyone out there who wants to kill the police, let me explain a couple things to you; THEY’RE PHILADELPHIA POLICE. Yes, that should explain enough. South Philly’s onen of the most dangerous neighborhoods in the entire country. How would I know? I lived on a bordering suburb. That’s definitely messed up, but once you see what the Philly cops go through EVERY SINGLE DAY, maybe you’d kind of understand it. Yes, it’s messed up, but these cops are different from others. It’s not alright, but in Philly, it’s nothing out of the norm.

    I repeat: this activity in Philadelphia is normal.


    Shiiiiiit, my cat just died.

    I think I’m going to go punch a kid in the nose. You know, because I had a bad day.


  • beccaa?

    wtf? whyd they do that?!?! im confused… btw why is oceanup even posting this tho..?

  • Nicole

    Protect us from Chris? What the fuck? Who is Chris going to hurt? The fact that some of you are defending them is so fucking 1984. Brainwashed kiddies.


    Yeah that’s what I said when I saw that comment! haha.

  • ifyouseekamy

    OK WTF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    That its so mezzup!
    Jonathan was soooooooo scared..
    i talked to him (im and old church friend)
    and he was freaking scared!!!1


    oh and btw
    the porno comment up there was not nesesary. Justin gaston? for real ! at least pick someone decent…

  • Alaina.

    I’m from Philly as well….

    And you can’t say the city isn’t dirty.
    It’s gross.



  • laura

    omg couldnt they just let them stay there at the show
    wtf was the point of all that stupid cops

  • Jeannette

    im confused can some one please explain to me

  • http://dks WOWW!!!

    Wow, okay in houston FTSK got a ticket and you never saw the police beating them up… This is so GAY! im sorry but people need god in there life. like those cops
    you call yourself a cop?
    ohh okayy.. just beat up a 18-25 year old guys because you feel like it. these videos are proof. and im sorry if i was filiming i would of gone to the cops face to see what he would of done. i am a girl lets see if he’ll put his hands on me! Yeah exactly you cant because it would be charged as “CHILD ABUSE!” well im 16. but still counts for that! So PHILLYYY Sucks for you. but i know i will never go there after seeing this. HELLL TO THE NO! im just glad Everyone is Alright.

    Bless them All.

    && come back to TEXAS!
    you’ll never see that shit happening.


  • paoladalia

    this is so bad
    they didnt derserve this
    they were doing their job
    thats messed up
    they were attacked for nothing

  • Nicole Turner

    Im crying histerically, My bestfriend was at that show, and i’m inlove with FTSK, like crazy. I feel so bad. It may seem retarted but i’m writing a letter to Philly poolice. As much as thisshows, they did nothing wrong,. I hope all of them are okay.

  • alison

    omgsh! that’s frickin crazzzzzy!

  • Anonymous

    even if they were mouthing off to the police, it doesnt give the polive the right to beat the fuck out of someone. if they touched the police, then the police could touch them.

    but from what im hearing and seeing, they did nothing but try to explain to the police why they were parked there….police got pissed, other people came to help then all hell broke loose.

    and dont give me that bullshit that “this is philly”. I dont care if its downtown detroit. trust me…i live in atlanta. thats all crap. they should know how to handle certain situations. violence isnt necessary every time.

  • Anonymous

    Because there is more to life than Disney.

  • beccaa?

    im guessing you dont know shit that went down in the 80’s, thennn… haha, go get an education.
    im not saying that what these cops did was right, BUT, dont DARE say something like “fuck cops”… thats horrible.

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  • deanna

    i heard about this shit, crazy. sometimes police are fucked up and look down on kids, its so annoying. i hope everyones alright.

  • DaphneV

    what the hell…
    stop posting these retarded porn crap storys.
    haha i bet your a virgin.
    thats why you write them.

  • beccaa?

    it all started when mercy mercedes got tickets for having their van parked in the alley so they could get their gear and move to the next date for bamboozle. the officers got angry that they were parking there, and told them to move, and when they started to hurry, they asked for id or permit whatever, and then they started looking for it. then the officers said, “it’s too late, you’re already getting tickets.” and they gave mercy mercedes 5 tickets, and thats when the fight broke out.
    thanks for posting…
    btw guys, i obviously meant “wow oceanup is only posting cuz selenas “BFFS” were involved.”, when i said why is oceanup posting this, its not disney..

  • Ashley

    ohhh my god!!!! that was absolutely insane!! the cops are fuckkkin retards.
    i cant believe the one cop came at the girl that way; that is absolutely ridiculous!!!

  • aliceinwonderland

    that is beyond fucked up. >:/

  • Anonymous

    God damn it stop the fucking porn stories! Go post them on your own website! Damn….

  • Anonymous

    wtf oceanup..
    since when did you ever care about these bands

    leave them alone.
    they don’t like teenie people

  • Dominique

    wow i just saw them on friday!
    that is fucking nuts! police are rude most the time!!
    thats so gay!!!!!!!!!
    jonathon is on the phone calling an ambulance and!!
    messed up!!

  • Mishelle

    That’s MESSED up.
    It reminds me of the cop that pulled some lady over for speeding even though she was going to see her dying dad, and then the cop said something on the lines of “Well now you’re not going to get to see him”.

    Police are fuck ups.

  • Anonymous

    what those cops are doing is uncalled for. you cant just beat people with sticks for no reason. and the police had no reason to arrest anyone to begin with. this really amazed me i just cant believe those cops could be so abusive. power is getting to there heads.

  • Kendra


    those cops are totally abusing their power- fucking pieces of shit!

    there was absolutely no need for those asshole cops to start getting violent and the vids were proof of that. hopefully those guys will press charges and this will go to court, those cops need to lose their badges IMMEDIATELY. what fucking psychos!

  • Anonymous

    Those guys are some of the nicest guys ive ever met and the cops had no right to attack them like them!! I dont care that i live in florida im ready to fly up there and beat up those cops!!!

  • Mashiitastic

    Okay, to everyone out there who wants to kill the police, let me explain a couple things to you; THEY’RE PHILADELPHIA POLICE. Yes, that should explain enough. South Philly’s onen of the most dangerous neighborhoods in the entire country. How would I know? I lived on a bordering suburb. That’s definitely messed up, but once you see what the Philly cops go through EVERY SINGLE DAY, maybe you’d kind of understand it. Yes, it’s messed up, but these cops are different from others. It’s not alright, but in Philly, it’s nothing out of the norm.

    I repeat: this activity in Philadelphia is normal.

  • Anonymous

    This is so fucking insane I am disgusted. I heard about this last night on Travis Clark’s twitter, he is the lead singer of We The Kings, and they never did anything wrong. The guy’s head was fucking bleeding and the police just kept on hitting him. They were completely abusing their powers for no reason. I love all these people and I am so disgusted that this we even happen to these amazing wonderful people. At least Jonathan was calling an ambulance. Some people are just fucking insane and those cops are a very good example of it. I can not stress enough how much we need to stop this from happening again whether it’s to a famous person or just a regular guy or girl but this CAN NOT happen again. I do not have words to describe how I feel right now. I am so incredibly sorry this happened to such amazingly wonderfully nice people who were not doing anything wrong. Words can not describe what happened. I am glad you guys are better now, please feel good again soon. I love you all, you are in my prayers.


  • Anonymous

    dude! FTSK kids are amazing. who gives a eff if it aint disney!

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    nobody deserves that, prick!

  • Kate

    This is the lead singer Travis Clark’s twitter …. check out his twitters about this…

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    stop saying fuck the police, because then that’s generalizing.
    not all officers abuse their power. grow up kids.

  • Ramzi

    What the fuck man!!!
    Thats sooooo not cool!!
    who the fuck were the cops beating up??
    I wouldnt take those fuckers seriously, i mean COME ON!!!
    Those fuckers are wearing helmunts!!
    why would they do this too???

    I need answers!!!

  • max

    kay, you guys are stupid. the guys really did nothing wrong. the police were on a power trip and out of line. (oceanup, you shouldnt have posted this, because it has nothing to do with disney) the “story” on there wasnt exactly true. the police were yelling at the crew to move their vans, and gave 4 tickets, threatening a fifth, when one of the guys came out trying to get badge numbers.the video is true, the blog isnt. no one is going to stand for it. wonka will not have it. and WTK were tweeting about it all. not that oceanup has any business ruining WTK or any other band on the tour.

  • AppleOrangeAndGrapeJuice[TaylenaFTW!]


  • Taryn

    That was so messed up.

  • raderin

    The police ARE corrupted. The day after my mom’s mom died, my mom went to the mall to buy clothes for her funeral. As she was leaving she accidentally forgot to put on her blinker. She was pulled over. Not only could the cop have cared less, he gave her a freaking $250 ticket.

  • Anonymous

    check out

    If you’re a Jonas Brothers fan. :)

  • Tru

    I don’t know what this world is coming to……Its pathetic and pitiful that they will probably get away with beating them….Police are so fucking dumb its fucking outrageous….I could see if they had a gun or knife….This shit is pitiful and it pisses me off to see this shit happening in the fucking US…..

  • zomg.

    oh dear.

  • Anonymous

    wth kind of shiit is that.
    thats horrible. i love the bands that were involved.
    we the kings’s merch guy Chris better be alright !
    i feel so bad for them.

  • Shanze Zar

    Oceanup isn’t disney.
    It’s like, teens’ and this generation’s gossip and news and whatnot.

  • Anonymous

    It was sickening to watch, I read Travis Clark(lead singer of We The Kings)’s twitters last night but after watching that… I HATE POLICE! ESPECAILLY PHILLYS! I USED TO THINK POLICE ARE GOOD AND I KNOW SOME ARE BUT THAT IS TOTAL ABUSE OF THEIR “POWER”!!!! THIS IS TOTALLY INSANE!

  • jen

    freaking messed up,
    it wasn’t FTSK that got hurt or in trouble…
    they were performers there too and caleb is in the viddd.

  • Anonymous

    it all started when mercy mercedes got tickets for having their van parked in the alley so they could get their gear and move to the next date for bamboozle. the officers got angry that they were parking there, and told them to move, and when they started to hurry, they asked for id or permit whatever, and then they started looking for it. then the officers said, “it’s too late, you’re already getting tickets.” and they gave mercy mercedes 5 tickets, and thats when the fight broke out.

  • Anonymous

    that makes me soooo pissed off.

    some cops are so fucking crooked it makes me sick.

    i want to see those douschebags get caught.

    fuck those guys.

    and to the person who posted the so called “porn”…

    learn how to write a sex scene. lol.


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  • Gracie

    thats SO messed up

  • Michelle

    Ok I would have stood there…it’s not against the law to stand there and film that….besides so what if they arrested me they wouldn’t have anything against me in trial….

  • Anonymous

    first, stop with the nasty porno stories, there are kids that go on here
    second, i cannot believe those fucking cops. wow, that was totally unnecessary

  • Anonymous

    oh. my. God. i almost started crying watching that, it’s so messed up!

  • Anonymous

    im not even a fan of either band and this makes me fucking angry! i feel so bad for the guys, they werent even doing anything. the cops were totally abusing their rights. GOD this makes me so infuriated!! >:|
    they didnt need to beat them. and telling people to back up.. they were probably just getting people away because tthey knew they werent supposed to be beating them and arresting them for anything. grrrrrr!
    from now on, i am always for these bands. no matter what.

  • Anonymous

    I was around the area during this.

    I was with a friend in town last night, and we loitered around south street and watched a bunch of it happen.

    It was completely uncalled for, and ridiculous.

    Philadelphia has awful police.

  • Anonymous

    thats really fucked up

  • Maddison

    Thats fucking uncalled for!

    And to those saying this isnt disney related

    SELENA GOMEZ is BEST FRIENDS with one of the groups involved in this called Forever The Sickest Kids.

    Someone needs to beat those cops and see how they fucking like it.

  • aunt petunia

    if you actually READ this site you’d realize it doesn’t all pertain to disney.

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    that is sooo fucking insane!!
    fuck the police, man.
    and i’m not generalizing all police. i do know some nice ones. but i also know some cops that are really fucked up.
    it’s ridiculous.

  • Molly

    This is RIDICULOUS!
    Fucking stupid.

  • wow

    i don’t think anyone has said “all officers abuse their power”. i mean if this behavior from cops was normal than no one would be saying anything! the fact is though that it isn’t, therefore it is the actions of these specific cops that everyone is responding too. you need to “grow up” and go back to reading class.

  • Kristi

    Uhh..gross and irrelevant.

  • julie



  • bbleh


  • Ashleeeeeigh(:

    for all those who are saying horrible things about those police officers: SHUT UP! my dad is a philadelphia police officer and you dont even know the things they go through. in this video, they might not have shown more about why it happened. maybe those people were being disrespectful. i love those bands and all but cops have rights. philadelphia alone has lost seven police officers in the last 3 years due to people who have no regards for what they do. they risk their lives every day to protect us. so next time you need help with something and need to call the cops, think about what you have said about them. and don’t call my city filthy and trashy. k.thanks(:

  • Layla

    Whats with the porno comment??

  • Anonymous

    TOTALLY unnecessary …

  • Anonymous

    fuck the kids on of all places saying fuck the police. in 2009 5 philadelphia police officers have already died 4 of gunfire. those kids are probably prima donna assholes

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  • Anonymous

    i still dont understand what the hell happend.
    i mean seriously what the hell did he do?
    i watched all the videos and i still dont understand what the fuck he did wrong. cuz from all the videos he didnt do anything wrong.

  • Brittany

    Ughh :/
    this is why everyone hates cops!

  • sharon

    i don’t get why this is being posted on oceanup at all
    it doesn’t involve anyone related to disney
    you guys should stop
    but other than that
    everyone knows this is so fucked up

  • Anonymous

    holy shittttt

  • Taylor

    Wow this is horrible. Fuck the police for doing that they had no right and thats bullshit

  • ali dangga


  • Anonymous

    that’s fuckeddd up.
    It didn’t even look like they were doing anything, why did the cops beat him?

    crazy crazy shit

  • Annette


  • Anonymous

    they are beating the we the kings Merch guy Chris v.

  • Katie

    well then ashleigh, your dad can go burn in hell police officer or not. you can’t make up a good enough excuse for why they did that. you’re a police officer, you’re there to try and make the city a better place. clearly they suck at doing their jobs.

    and being a cop, you’re bound to encounter the most hellish of situations, suck it up and take it, don’t dish it out.

  • Anonymous

    Oceanup isn’t just for Disney dumbass.

  • AppleOrangeAndGrapeJuice[TaylenaFTW!]

    People already hate you for you INCEST DISNEY EROTICA.
    I suggest you stop now before you start making enemies.

  • Anonymous

    the porno comment is disgusting, nd its not justin gaston, its the characters from wizards of waverly place, the brotHer nd sister. ur sick nd disgusting.

    ND I CANT BLIEVE THEY DID THAT! those cops r such stupid assholes!

  • Jimmy D

    As usual only a portion of the video was shown – not the first of the confrontation.

    All we see is police officers detaining a subject, and attempting to control the scene.

    In case you don’t understand the law when officer’s tell you to disperse (leave) you are obligated to follow the lawful commands of the officer. You don’t have the right to stay and spout out vulgar comments. You don’t have the right to further engage/enrage the situation.

    The video also doesn’t show what the loud mouth in the yellow shirt does in the doorway – did he physically assault the officer? Could that be the reason why a baton was used to subdue him?

    All this video shows is that the people filming the event and the people being filmed are vulgar people with a propensity for violence – and if they’re in the music industry probably hoping for some free publicity.

  • Anonymous

    OMG that was more disturbing than the Jemi one! NO MORE PLEASE!

  • Anonymous

    I just heard about this.

    Shit is messed up. Too many cops these days abuse their power.

    I really one to fuck up one of those cops. Seriously.
    I’m pissed.
    Chris is such a sweetheart and didn’t deserve any of that.

    No one did. Something has to be done. People can’t ignore this.

  • Anonymous

    i saw this on travis twitter
    he posted a pic of the blood
    that shit is so messed up

    and oceanup PLEASE stop posting about this kinda stuff
    it has absolutely nothing to do with disney gosh -.-
    ur degrading good music to this website

  • wow.

    i was there.
    i witnessed it.
    it was the WORST thing i’ve ever seen.
    i cried, was shaking, and haven’t eaten since yesterday at 12 in the afternoon.

  • Anonymous

    They deserve it. There was rumors online saying they were going to fight and they did.

  • Anonymous

    What the fuck?
    No one wants to read that.

  • Anonymous

    wow … theres a reason alot of people disrespect cops … seems to me the fat ones on bikes are the ones that are always on a power trip …that girl that was taping it should have called the police and got that guys badge number because thats asult she wasnt a threat and she was (although still filming) walking away

  • bkingram

    that fucking pisses me off!
    i would sue that cops ass.
    i cant believe he beat him with his batton.
    that is so un called for.
    and its not even actual freaking cops.
    its stupid bicycle cops!
    fuck that shit.
    im never going to philly.

  • Katie

    thank you so much for post this. it needs to be shown to everyone.

    these cops are abusing their power. i’m so ashamed to be an american because of this.

    chris v’s head was absolutely like, destroyed. his head left this behind.

  • hannahiscrazyy

    Did you even read the story? This was all because of PARKING TICKETS. They had absolutely no right to physically harm these guys. Yes, parking tickets, sure. They were loading up their trucks in an alley. But to physically BEAT these innocent guys? Here, this blog written by one of the members of Mercy Mercedes might help:

    Our(mercymercedes) van was parked behind the tla in an alley in which we were informed to do. 3bike cops roll up and give us tickets for being parked there, the same place we were instructed to park. The only way out of the narrow alley was to back out our van and trailer. We were in the process of loading gear after the show when the cops come back a second time. I am in the driver seat backing up the rig just as the cops asked. Then I hear a loud popping noise. I ran over a water bottle in the street that I obviously didn’t know was there. The water splashed over the the bike cop. At the time I had to hold the laughter in because it was priceless. these cops just gave us like 4 unecessary tickets and were very rude at doing so. The cop then approaches my window with his soaked clear-leansed bike-cop oakleys in hand and says “do you know how to f*cking drive?” I replied yessir I’m doing exactly what u asked. He then turnes to the other officer and says “write him another ticket and impound their van and trailer.”

    Word of this gets to Trevor aka T-fair, WTKs tour manager. Being the new “baby band” on this tour, T-fair has showed us the ropes and taught us a lot about how these bigger tours work. Already appreciative of him, he came to our aid to work things out with cops for us. He tried to work things out in a calmly manner, when the cops just start threatning him. Trevor calmly says “what are you gonna do I haven’t done anything.” And of coarce I saw the whole thing and never once did do anything threatning to the cops. They then throw him up against our van pretty hard. Then Chris V. WTKs merch guy walks out to see his friend and TM jacked up on our van for nothin. The cops start pushing every one to get back in the venue. And by pushing I mean really ruffing everyone. Chris V is a suuuuper nice dude just so u guys know that. By now everyone is screaming. The cops are cursing at all of us. One cop throws chris v in the venue and shuts the door. Then the doors opens back up. Still at this point and any point in the night no one has threatend a police officer. The officer that slammed the door on everyone runs in saying word for word, “come here you mother f*cker!!” He ran inside with metal baton in hand swinging. After this I heard more than I saw because of the situation. But my bandmates in mercy saw all of this and said that chris v never tried to fight the cop or resist arrest, but the cops repeatedly beat him with the metal rod.

    Seriously people. I’ve never seen police officers so messed up in my life. All this could have been avoided, but because of these cops that provoked everything were the opitome of asshole. Its like they bored and out to find some action. Just like a buch of drunk bro dudes after a game.

    As all this was happening I turn and am being escorted away by another officer. Hurds of fans from the show are watching in awe of the events taking place. I passed two girls bawling their eyes out because they were scared. And amongst the crowd I saw at least 6 kids video taping the whole thing.

    Well there ya have it. That’s my story. I will always remember this for the rest of my life. T-fair didn’t deserve this….Chris V definatly didn’t!

  • Anonymous

    Uhm, Oceanup..whoever you are, you can at least go through the comments and delete nasty ones like that nasty porno comment..little kids probably go on this site..


    i can NOT believe that!
    im in serious tears because of how rediculous that is.
    america’s finest my ass!
    i have no respect what so ever for philly cops AT ALL!

  • Epic Win Guy

    Well Forever the Sickest Kids is Selena Gomez’s favorite band. I don’t know if this counts as involvement though.

  • Anonymous


    -Lil Wayne. lol.

  • Olivia

    I SO HATE cops right now

    They take advantage of their privileges

    Why did poeple have to stay inside anyway?

  • Anonymous

    Thats fucking uncalled for!

    And to those saying this isnt disney related

    SELENA GOMEZ is BEST FRIENDS with one of the groups involved in this called Forever The Sickest Kids.

    Someone needs to beat those cops and see how they fucking like it.

    yes so.
    its still not disney related
    and shes not “best friends” with them
    shes close with them. sure.
    last time i checked their best friends were stella, danielle, k-dirty. etc.
    and anyway
    its still not disney related
    even if they were “best friends”

  • Anonymous

    Some police man are just ridiculous.
    You’re right. Police just look DOWN upon teens/young adults. THIS is where our tax money is going to ?! They’re sure not doing a good job … They’re actually causing more controversy than solving it …

  • hannahiscrazyy

    normally i’m a bit agro when you post about the bands that i love, but in this case, THANK YOU.
    we need to spread awareness about this horrible situation that occurred last night. these guys didn’t deserve this and it’s absolutely horrible.

  • Alaina.

    Only in Philly!

    Excuse me…Filthadelphia.

  • Ashlee

    omfg. this shit is beyond fucked up.

  • Anonymous

    they’re not at all!
    They’re mad sweet.
    It’s the police that were out of control.

  • uhm

    i hope those fuckers get fucking beat down.

  • Anonymous

    fuck the cops!!!!!!!

  • Anonymous

    Just so you know, don’t accuse people of anything before you know what happened. Read all the stories about it. Chris didn’t do anything to instigate his beating, and he is the nicest most caring person I have ever met in my entire life.

    Just because they are cops doesn’t mean they don’t do irrational and totally unacceptable things. None of them did anything at a level for this to happen. Language and a verbal issue is no reason for anyone to be beat. This is called battery and abuse of power. This is not the first time that something like this has happened at that same venue, with those same exact cops.

    Just so you know the story, Mercy Mercedes was being issued tickets for where their van was parked, so in the process of them moving the cop came up to their window and started screaming “what the fuck is wrong with you? do you know how to fucking drive?” Trevor came outside to try and CALMLY solve the issue. The other cops scream at him to “get the fuck back inside” so he goes back, tries to open the door and is then pushed inside, arrested, and drug outside. Obviously they had no grounds for his arrest so Chris wanted their badge numbers so he could file a complaint. They would not give him their badge numbers so he got upset, as anyone would – but through this entire time he was compliant with their wishes. This is when the cop hits him and breaks his head open on glass. They continue to beat him while he is on the ground, just lying there, helpless. Please tell me how this is just “free publicity”.

    Get your facts straight before you decide to be ignorant and assume that everyone in the music business are assholes and that cops are all ~great.

  • emily ford

    Cops suck….end of story. But this is nothing to fucking cry about. Let’s all relax. This wasn’t even that bad. I’ve seen WAY worse cop videos. They abuse their power. It’s pathetic. But, I’m lovin’ the bike helmets. Cute boys, real cute =) And just so everyone knows, it has nothing to do with Philly, this could have been any city. Cops are gheyyyyyyyyy.

  • aliceinwonderland

    no one deserves to get beat up.

  • Kasi

    Everyone is blaming this on the cops and while I do agree that the amount force used to detain him was uncalled for you can clearly see Chris V PUSH the police officer. The officer reacted the way he thought was appropriate. The moment Chris hit the ground and cracked his head open on the glass bottle they should have stopped. When they didn’t is where this became excessive and a problem.

    An officer also laying his hands on and damaging the property of an innocent bystander was uncalled for as well. The girls recording this were not in the way of detaining anyone involved and the officers had no right to try and inflict harm on them.

    I am completely surprised that none of the local news stations reported on this seeing as this is the second case of police brutality in the past year caught on tape in the city. But it is being investigated by the police department and if a complaint is filed by any of the guys assaulted there will be an Internal Affairs Investigation.

  • Emo :)

    Um these guys didn’t do anything. The freaking Paul blart clones are full of crap.

  • Anonymous

    well this pisses me off

  • katee.

    i saw this. that shit’s so messed up.
    people who abuse power like that are fucking sick.
    seriously. that was uncalled for.
    and people need to realize that not all people who are there to help you are truly there to help you.
    so many stories like this get bypassed and people go along with the same impressions.
    this is fucked up.

  • Jessica

    This is so fucking messed up.

  • Katie

    and it was because it was past philly curfew. even still, it’s fucking ridiculous. you don’t beat people up because of a city curfew when they’re trying to get their stuff together. you don’t beat people up for any reason. it’s uncalled for.

  • ugh

    ugh so wrong, and so sad!

  • Anonymous

    What the fucking hell? This is so messed up.