Taylor Swift covers the June 2009 issue of UK’s Sugar. Shoot clip under!

  • Jakeyy

    get he hell out of the media.
    she’s everywhere.

  • steph

    got it :D

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    lmao! yep trufax, here in la her concert sold out in like weeks, while jb added more concerts because they sold it on the pre-sale.

  • Anonymous

    ugh fuck her

  • http://nina06 nihal

    realy beautiful!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Holly

    Wow shes so pretty
    im going to buy sugar now
    Its not out yet though have to wait 2 weeks

  • CaptinCrunchRokcs

    pretty::)her eyes are gorgeous!

  • sophia

    I love her!! She’s beautiful, talented, down to earth, funny and successful!! I cant wait for her next album!! Her music is awesome!

  • connie

    she is so stunning! seeing her in concert in 9 DAYS!!!!

  • Anonymous

    check out

    Check out the site if you’re a Taylor Swift fan!

  • Anonymous

    Why are you so fucking annoying?

  • Anonymous

    Ugh, fuck YOU.

  • Serena; xoxo.

    I love her. She seems like the only one who is really genuine and down to Earth. She isn’t letting fame getting her and still stays true to her fans and stays close to them mo matter how big she’s gotten. Love her!

  • Aynie

    Tay is gorgeous

  • Serena; xoxo.

    whoever you are, I hope people are going to your sites because you always post about them LMFAO.

  • Anonymous

    haha. aw the video was cute. she’s funny when she’s posing.

  • http://twitter.com/CookieMonsturrr AppleOrangeAndGrapeJuice[TaylenaFTW!]

    She looks really good in this mag. :D

  • Anonymous

    very cute.

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    Haha, Taylor is adorable. She’s so gorgeous and I love her movements when she’s posing.

  • http://llamalovin.piczo.com moo

    i got that magazine :P

  • TeddyBear

    ewww…..she’s just ewww…

  • me

    honestly do these maines all exist or are we now inventing them just to have this whinny bitch on the cover?? she looks creepy and eveil…rat like!

  • Anonymous


    The jonas brothers 2009 is a world tour that includes most of the states in the USA, but also Canada and Latin and South America, seems like Nick (16) Joe (19) and Kevin (21) are really focused on spreading their pop/rock music all over the world.
    After two years of huge success in the US, including two big sold out tours, many records sold and lots of awards the boys are now having their world tour concerts completely sold out.
    While everybody was focused on country singer Taylor Swift (joe’s ex girlfriend) and her many records sold, Joe, Nick and Kevin were arraging the concerts.
    We have heard more than one person saying “They are gonna be over soon” well we will have to wait till that, Jonas brothers’ concerts sold out in three days fact, this includes Mexico, Brazil, Chile, Argentina and Peru.
    They have been rocking the Top 5 “Most succesfull tours of 2009 by far” for weeks now.
    They boys topped Taylor Swift and her Fearless tour, Briney and her Circus tour, Oasis, Kiss and Radiohead.
    Their tour is apparently gonna bring more then 100 million, since they sold out 6 concerts in three days, don’t you ever assume this boys’ downfall because they won’t just give up, we don’t know what it is but they are rocking the world on.



  • Anonymous

    cant wait 2 be able 2 buy that issue =]

  • deanna

    she looks great. she’s really talented and down to earth, and she always has so much fun with everything.

  • Anonymous


    1-Jonas Brothers The World Tour 2009
    2-Britney Spears Circus Tour
    3-Taylor Swift Fearless Tour
    4-Katy Perry Hello Katy Tour
    5-Oasis The World Tour

  • Anonymous

    Omgosh..she is so pretty! (:
    I love her eyess!

  • Anonymous

    why is she so ugly?

  • Jane

    she’s so cute :)

  • Anonymous

    oh em gee.

  • Anonymous

    nobody cares.

  • f

    i’m sorry but, she’s not cover girl type.
    she just doesn’t have that ‘wow’ look.
    not cover material.

    but i like her songs-she IS a singer.
    just not a covergirl.

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