Tokio Hotel Afghan STALKERS Lawsuit

German TV reports on Tokio Hotel‘s Afghan stalker fangirls, who wear masks when they hunt the boys. The segment shows the girls chasing Tom on the highway, fighting Tom & Bill’s mom and ex-Afghans talk about quitting.

Tokio Hotel
is currently stuck in Germany dealing with the lawsuit from hitting one of the girls and Tom is counter-suing them for stalking. They fear for their mom’s safety.

  • Lisa Lisa

    I understand not liking people, but what is this? There are various testimonials and even video evidence, letters to prove they are guilty and the need a restraining order! These girls are insane, I’m surprised they haven’t gotten guns yet and tried to kill them.

  • i LiKE iT LiKE THAT

    Wow those girls are insane.. : (
    & i thought Jonas fans are crazy..

  • Anonymous

    Nick pop Kevin Sr. at Nashville International Airport on Tuesday morning

    back to LA!

  • Anonymous

    Deffinatly. I actually got to meet the boys and their mum, and they were all sooooo sweet. I loved talking to Simone; she had such charisma that the boys have. I dont understand why anyone would want to hurt them.

    It really pisses me off that these girls don’t have any respect for them.

    They really do need to get a life, at least a productive life.
    ? How did you meet Simone…? You wouldn’t meet her unless you stalked them, hardly even meet her if you lived in Germany. Simone has never gone on tour with Tokio Hotel nor do many people know where she lives anymore since she moved, only stalkers know. SO idk wtf you’re talking about meeting Simone? O_o


    Im not a TH fan, and I will never be
    – but seriosuly, these girls are somewhat insane!!
    How can they act like that. I think that they’re are the ones that should get sued, ’cause what they are doing is actully illegal – you can not threat other people!!
    F****** B******, get a life!!!

  • Anonymous

    I’m not a TH fan, but WHAT THE FUCK? Those bitches are crazy. I think they’re like missing a few chromosomes, because seriously, that shit is NOT NORMAL.

  • kristan

    god those girls are crazy.
    i mean, im sure there’s more to the story than what we know, and tom definitely shouldn’t have punched her or hit her or whatever, but i dont blame him for doing so.
    if they really were ‘fans’ i dont think they would have caused the band this much trouble… thats just pathetic.

  • Anonymous

    WTF? I would have hit her too, seriously. shits ridiculous.

  • anonymous

    people call jonas brothers fans not that big of a fan of them but they should lay off.

  • Anonymous

    wtf fking crazy bitches!
    its people like them
    that ruin shit for the rest of their
    tokio hotel probably wont ever
    want to see another fan again
    & thats sad because in the video tom
    says having so many fans is pretty special
    to them

    way to go bitches.

  • Alexis

    old news, but yeah, they’re ridiculous.
    beeping at them and getting like that with simone?
    the media needs to stop reffering to them as fans. they’re NOT fans.
    obviously, bill and tom know that they aren’t :

  • Anonymous

    OMG thats just scary.

  • Mundii

    What The Fuck?
    its good that Tokio hotel are suing them!
    Those fans are mentally sick!
    I agree with the fact that the girl was punched in the face!
    If someone hits your mother, you hit them back twice
    as hard!

  • Anonymous

    FIRST!! lol.. it’s my first time, yea i know that it’s annyoing and all.
    dont mind me :)
    i just tried it.

  • Anonymous

    MAN i wouldve beat these hoes bad if they were messing with my fave band!

  • xSoRecklessx

    ok,not really a fan of them,but i feel sooooo bad!!!!those poor guys!!!!! :(

  • Anonymous


  • whatsername

    Jeez. Those poor kids.

    I think it is in Tom’s best interest to counter-sue, however, I don’t think the should have hit the girl.

    Yes, I understand his car is at least $115,000. It can be repaired. A new paint job would only cost maybe at max $2000. Believe me he’s got the money.

    This stalker shit has got to stop though.

    I really do fear for their safety.

  • Anonymous

    Those bitches are CRAZY. TH needs to get a restrining order ASAP. Seriously they dont even act like fans they act like creepy stalkers. There is clearly something very very wrong with those girls.

    Jeez and i thought Jonas fans were creepy stalkers, they don’t even compare to these chicks.

  • Anonymous

    i love them so much<3
    all this shit really doesn’t deserve them:/

  • Anonymous

    hahahh i saw them one time..

  • Ashley


  • Katie

    Haha, everyone’s like “And I thought Jonas fans were crazy.” JUST WHAT I WAS THINKING! And I am a fan of JB.

    BUT DAYUM, those girls are insane. It’s actually really rather disturbing. Are they FANS of the band or what? Cuz that’s JUST not what you do when you like a band. You listen to the music, you go to their shows, you get a little crazy and meet them at some point, but you don’t terrorise them and their families! It’s really weird.

  • Dalia

    oh gosh that sucks.
    I really fear for their and their mother’s safety.
    and that bitch deserves the punch she got from Tom.

  • Wowzers.

    I fear for his Mother’s safety too … Lol.

    “Promise to make the musicians live nightmares.”

    WTF? Are they kidding me? …
    I can’t believe they spend their life doing this …

  • Dumm Blonnd

    I don’t even like them that much, but DAMN. What the hell?

  • Anonymous

    Their poor mother as well! It’s right for the boys to stay in Germany. I feel so sorry for them!

    Those bitches better get locked up.

  • Delilah Marie

    Why the FUCK are they calling them FANS?

  • sara

    that is just plain effing ridiculous.

  • stace

    Freaking stalker girls need to leave TH alone.
    They have no right to mess with them or their families.

  • Maki Loo Loo

    hope da stalkers go 2 jail! leave TH alone!!

  • Anonymous

    check out

    If you’re a Jonas Brothers fan. :)

  • Anonymous

    That girl deserves to be hit, what creepo’s! Who freaking stalks a band like that, they need a life. Those poor guys and their mom!

  • omg

    no band deserves to be stalked this badly
    and i think ur the fucking fag!

    and on the other note
    poor guys they dont deserve this

  • Anonymous

    This is so annoying. They aren’t fans, they’re stalkers. If they were fans they wouldnt threaten them, or their family! Those girls need to rot in prison, and leave our boys alone!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Anonymous

    why are they even doing that
    those girls have issues

  • ann

    Those insane stalkers must be locked.

  • Katie

    yeah, this was from 2 or 3 nights ago. these girls need to serve some time.
    bill and tom’s mom could file for assault with how they pushed her.

  • whatsername

    Deffinatly. I actually got to meet the boys and their mum, and they were all sooooo sweet. I loved talking to Simone; she had such charisma that the boys have. I dont understand why anyone would want to hurt them.

    It really pisses me off that these girls don’t have any respect for them.

    They really do need to get a life, at least a productive life.

  • Romi

    yeahh. this is kinda old but it’s still very sad to see all of this.

    & i hate that clip where they’re arguing w/ Simone.. :'(

  • Bill Kaulitz

    all rumors false.

  • tokiohotelnoein

    Those stalker girls better get put in jail for what they did. its a total invasion of privacy. i mean it must be hard enought to be famous, but then you have stalkers…the les afgans deserve jail time.