JONAS Promo & Kevin Jonas Godfather

New JONAS promo. According to a tipster: Kevin Jonas‘ goddaughter Peyton Bella Hope was born on
Saturday, April 25 at 7:02 AM at Cedars Sinai Hospital in Los Angeles. Congratulations!

  • kaygirl+jb(:

    ps: seriously this deff deserves its own post w/e oceanup -this is BIG! :D

  • Anonymous

    the baby’s mother is catholic. :)

  • Maryy

    URHG. Kevin NEEDED his OWN post OceanUp, NOT cool!

    But im happy for Kevin, he seems hell be a great godfather to the baby.. (:
    Wonder how he will be to his own kids, probably the best best ever. Along with Danielle, best mom. :].

  • Yvonne

    HOW LONG HAVE YOU BEEN SITTING ON THIS ONE OCEAN? You really wait til 70% of the fanbase is in bed to announce this BIG THING INVOLVING KEVIN! I really am sick of how he is treated, esp here on Ocean

  • Anonymous
    New Lines, Vines and Trying Times Article – It has names of new songs and stuff!!!!

  • Anonymous

    How old are you? jw

  • Anonymous

    i so agree.

  • mary.

    JONAS looks like one big pile of FAIL.

  • denise.

    Apparently she’s married and has kids?! God, I hope not…

  • Anonymous

    aw so cute.
    and congrats!!
    kevin would definitely be the best goddfather around.

  • aNonymous

    Ah..that is cute..Joe is gorgeous as always. Damn Oceanup, Kevin needs a post. I love Joe and if I don’t get a post I definately have withdrawals. I can only imagine how frustrating it must be for Kevin lovers.

  • Teresa

    CONGRATULATIONS KEVIN!! You’re going to be one hell of a godfather. :D

  • Anonymous

    kevin is the real father…. we all know it.

  • check out

    Check out the site if you’re a Jonas Brothers fan!

  • aNonymous

    I forgot to add that the baby will be lucky to have such a devoted godfather. Sometimes, that title and position can become just a title not backed up by action..I think Kevin will be the real deal and definately be active in the childs life.

  • Summer

    they look hot as always :)

  • ajluvsjb

    i know exactly!!!

  • Anonymous

    aww yaay kevin. It would be funny if she was born at 7:05

  • L

    jdasfipusadguasdpfudisapugapsdfuagpsdhfap fdspafuapsdfusa

    NO WAY !!!!!!


    thats so awesome :]

    congrats kev !

    LOVE YOU!!!

  • Samrah

    Congratulations Kevin!!!

  • Anonymous

    awwww kevin deserves his own post!

  • Anonymous

    i hope not.i tried watching that show for like 5
    minutes.i couldn’t get through it.i also don’t prefer
    the naked brothers band. JB is wayyy better.

  • Anonymous

    Aha peyton from one tree hill
    And bella from twilight. :p

    Seriously though, perfect name.

  • jerseygirl

    Wow Ocean! You really buried the lead here.

    I’m thinking Yvonne is right – you always put the Kevin news in as an afterthought.

    Anyway, CONGRATS Kevin! I’m sure you’ll make an awesome godfather.

    And — can’t wait for JONAS! :)


    YVONNE – i am so pissed off at OCEAN UP for once
    again not giving KEVIN HIS OWN POST..he doesnt
    deserve to be treated as an outcast MR TIM OCEAN
    KEVIN JONAS is just as important as his brothers
    and you better start to REALIZE THIS JERK….
    JOE has had enough written about him this week
    and last week, in fact this whole fucking life
    time as well as nick.
    TO ALL U KEVIN LOVERS I think its about time we
    rally and unite together as one and let Mr Oceanup
    we want KEVIN JONAS treated equally as his brothers.

    CONGRATULATIONS TO YOU KEVIN for being appointed
    as GODFATHER…i cannot think of a better deserving
    person honoured with this privelege and one thing
    for sure PEYTON BELLA HOPE is one lucky person
    to have Kevin on her side..May the Lord Bless them

  • Anonymous

    kevin jonas = babys daddy


    JERSEY GIRL – its just not fair for kevin not to
    be recognised for his efforts and hard work.He is
    a big part of Jonas Brothers and everyone should just
    realise it.

  • jerseygirl

    I’ve been busy so that helped. Damn my OJD. I am addicted to Joe. I know that the Kevin lovers need to see him just as much as we need to see that sexylicious man named Joe Jonas
    I hear ya girlfriend! I’m in serious Joe withdrawal myself!


    CAMILLA FUCKING BELLE gets her own post for
    f sakes why cant KEVIN JONAS.He is more important
    than her…WHY WHY WHY WHY WHY WHY!!!!!!!


  • jerseygirl

    Hey Lauren! I totally agree with you!

    Anyway, I’m on my way out the door. Later!


    JERSEY GIRL – im sorry matey for lashing out but
    I just got home its 9.40pm sydney australia time
    and i come on the post and once again Kevin is
    outcasted again by Ocean sucks big time..

    By the way I heard Joe is in New Zealand with
    JT thats what has been said by the australian
    media.dont know how accurate this is….

  • Anonymous

    i know… seriously im GOING CRAZY not seeing any joe
    posts today and i honestly feel sorry for true kevin

  • Anonymous

    haha i def agree…i need more joe posts
    i feel sorry for kevin lovers!

  • Jonas 4 Canada

    Hello Lauren!
    How are you?
    Don’t worry I fully understand.
    Ya, Joe is ALWAYS posted about, but its 100% okay for being mad about the whole situation!

  • aNonymous

    JONAS looks like one big pile of FAIL.
    Hold up now. Perhaps you could wait and see a full episode or actually several before coming to that conclusion.

  • Ashley

    Uhm don’t talk shit about Joe you bitch.
    This is the gayest website ever.If you had a life you wouldn’t care so much about Kevin not getting his own post.Faggsss!

  • aNonymous

    i know… seriously im GOING CRAZY not seeing any joe
    posts today and i honestly feel sorry for true kevin
    I’ve been busy so that helped. Damn my OJD. I am addicted to Joe. I know that the Kevin lovers need to see him just as much as we need to see that sexylicious man named Joe Jonas.

  • Maura

    Your so fucking annoying.Its sad that Kevin is your whole life…
    Get a fucking life & get off oceanup

  • Lauren

    I love Kevin but lets get real-Jonas fans don’t really care about him.They want news on Nick & Joe so thats what the media gives us.

  • olu

    Congrats Kevin! :) He is going to be such a wonderful Godfather :)

    & the JONAS commercial is pretty awesome too :)

  • nikkkiii

    kevin looks like he is the type of person to have bad breath

  • Danielle

    people should stop hating on kevin mean people

    I love k2 and nick and joe



  • Yvonne

    Joe got more than enough the last 3 days. Kevin gets screwed over all the time with posts here. We “true Kevin girls” are more than anxious for stuff on him. Its been pissing up off that his news gets burried in stuff about non-Jonas people

  • Sadiezz


    You couldn’t give Kevin his own post?

    Tim, you’re a douche with a really fxcking scary last name.

  • katee.

    awwwwwww. that is so adorable. and her name is so precious. i love babies. they’re so cutee.

  • Anonymous

    miley has a godmother named dolly parton and she is not catholic

  • Anonymous

    Aw, congrats to Kevin. Geez, OceanUp, give him his own damn post.

    & JONAS Looks funny!

  • aNonymous

    miley has a godmother named dolly parton and she is not catholic
    Random, but funny at the same time!

  • Britt

    who’s baby is it?

  • Yvonne

    STFU Maura! It would appear that I am NOT the only one pissed about this. Futhermore, just how do you know I DONT have a life? I dont pass judgement on you so pass it on me bitch! Besides, its obvious that you no doubt dont even like Kevin.

  • Sonny

    I am confused…

    well I wish I was his God Daughter =P

  • Ellie

    But JB are Catholic right?
    I know that their Christian, but are they catholic?

  • Shawn

    Congrats Kevin! :D

  • jasmine

    um this is sarah everharts first kid… and she is not married she is engaged

  • Nicole

    HAHAHAHA. He did it again. XD Oh Tim, ilysfm right now. That was a pretty epic win.

  • kimmy4

    Congratulations kevin! and ocean up how come you can give joe and nick their own post but not kevin. He also needs his own post too

  • Anonymous

    Are the Jonas’ catholic??
    I know their Christian, but i was wondering if they
    are catholic?? I aways thought they were. lol

  • Anonymous

    psh , GEEZ I KNOW !!!!!!!! they give nick and joe opne sentence posts , WHY CAN`T THEY GIVE KEVIN ONE ?! this is DEFINITELY bigger than when nick made that shot in basket ball , JUST SAYING . ugh . it sickens me . but i`m SO HAPPY FOR KEVIN ! :D wow , i`m porbbaly gonna cry when he becomes an ACTUAL dad O:

  • Anonymous

    agreed .

  • thats fucked up.

    um i’m sorry, rockstars??????

    whats wrong with the world?

  • Anonymous

    poor kid . she`s not even old enough to realize who her godfather is :P if kevin was eever my godfather , i`d just die :D MAN , she`s lucky . . . just saying , but this is the most fascinating thing that`s happened in the world of jonas all week for me :P i`m DEFINITELY a kevin lover .

  • Anonymous


  • Imai

    Is it just me, or does JONAS remind

    you of the Naked Brothers Band tv show….

  • Anonymous

    congrats kevy and to the parents, very pretty name

    yeah too funny, almost 7:05 that would have been awesome

    this will prolly make him want to get married and start a family of his own

  • Anonymous

    even though i love joe i like kevin too hes a sweetheart and caring i met them last year they were so sweet and kevin is surely the most loving one even though all of them are sweet,so they need to give kevin his own post cause im pissed and i might just hunt tim down hahaa jk any ways congrats kevin we love you to dont ever forget it

  • kimmy4

    i just realised joe was wearing nicks jacket
    will this show be on family?

  • Anonymous
  • Anonymous
  • Anonymous

    they`re not even RELATIVELY CLOSE to the naked brothers band . jonas brothers > naked brothers ANY DAY . and JONAS > you .

  • aNonymous

    I don’t give a flying fuck if the show is lame. It’s all about seeing the boys. Although I am hoping it’s a hit so they aren’t raked through the coals by critics and JB haters.

    I want to see Joe going to bed a night and waking up in the morning. Even if he’s wearing pj’s.

  • aNonymous

    Okay I know this is random. But I hope their is a seen in the show, when they are in rockstar mode, where Joe and Nick share a hotel room and just randomly talk about shit when they are laying in their beds..Just like they share a hotel room sometimes on the road. lol

  • Anonymous

    WOW they look REALLY amazing in this promo!

    can’t wait to see them August 3rd!

  • AllYouSuckaMC’sAintGotNuthinOnMe

    Go Kevin! Go Kevin! Go Kevin!

    *repeat and do happy dance*

  • Anonymous

    truer than you know

  • Anonymous

    ironic if she was born 3 minutes later.. 7:05 pm.

  • Anonymous

    Seeing as Danielle is Sarah’s best friend and all.. I think Danielle is the Godmother and Kevin is the Godfather.

  • aNonymous

    Anyhoo, I realize I am rambling about Joe when this is about all 3 and as I am sleepy I’m signing off. Night to all. I apologize if I offended any Kevin admirers.

  • Anonymous

    since when are they catholic?

  • Anonymous


  • Madlorrr

    Aww Kev Kev! How nice :)
    im sure he will be like the
    the best godfather ever! :)
    go Kev!

  • Anonymous


  • swaka

    that show looks kinda immature but whatever.,

    congrats Kevin

  • tigy

    congrats !

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  • Anonymous

    i thought it was durning dancing with the stars?

  • nicole

    YAY for kevin but what about the bros what makes them cousion and how come they picked kevin? well why wouldnt she? lol CONGRATS KEVIN YAYA

    all blessings go to the family :)

  • lalal

    so close to 7:05 !

  • Helllllllo

    Whait doesn’t kevin have a baby it’s named frankie or something and it’s six or seven I read it in a magazine.

  • Anonymous

    psh , my dad`s a godfather , and we`re full blown pentacostal christian . so who ever said that needs to stfu .

  • Anonymous

    unless you`re his nutsack , you need to stfu

  • Anonymous

    Hah, that was a cute promo (:

  • Anonymous

    that would be SO COOL !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D

  • Melissa

    Congrats KEVO!!!!! That’s awesome. I’m a godmother too and it’s such an unbelievable honor!

    And about the whole Christian/Catholic thing I always heard that they were evangelicals not Catholics based on where their Dad preached….but hey they are part Italian so they may just be very familiar with Catholic traditions so it doesn’t matter…Joe is dating a Catholic (Camilla) so I’m sure they don’t really care in about making big distinctions.

  • me

    wow! someone needs a lesson on religion! they don’t have to be catholic to be godparents!!! come on, please don’t put comments like this on here

  • Jonas 4 Canada

    The show looks amazing!


  • kaygirl+jb(:

    aww Kevy’s gonna be a Godfather! (well when she gets baptised)

    Eeeep this is so sweet!
    congrats to the parents & such a pretty name(:

    tehe yay! oh yeah the whole almost 7″05 thing is pretty cool

    [this is like the Hollywood hospital lo]

  • Anonymous

    wait who is the child even for?????????

  • Anonymous

    aaaaaaaaaaaaw 7.02… almost!
    it would be amazing if she was born at 7.05!

    congratulations!! kevin will be a great godfather!! he´s so awesome!!!

    love u kevin!!


  • Anonymous

    She has a 13 year old daughter.
    At least that is what she told someone…

    Oh, and to those of you who are saying that Kevin needs his own post, at least his name is in the title and gee why do two separate posts for Kevin and the promo? It takes up space. Had this been a nonjonas post, then I’d understand.


    OCEANUP!! WTF!!!!!!!!!!



  • Courtney

    Umm, wow, seriously? Frankie’s his YOUNGER BROTHER & he’s 8! That’s just plain awkward. =/ P.S. it’s HE’S. You don’t call people IT’S.

  • Anonymous

    I think Joe looks super cute when they say his name <3

  • mimi

    congratulation kevin on being a god father!
    i have to agreed kevin should have his own post on this! heck, other stars who are less famous get a post for dumb stuff! why can they give kevin his own post jesus!
    give the guy some credit!
    Look at selena milk add! how many time have we seen the same add over and over and is not even you “got milk” add!

  • kaygirl+jb(:

    ps: since when do you have to be Catholic to have/be godparents? just idk & i’ve had like what, 9 yrs of Catholic schooling?
    come on lets just be respectful about religion you guys

  • Anonymous

    IMO it shouldn’t have it’s own post. I doubt the parents would want this all over a gossip site.

  • Anonymous

    i love the jonas brothers!!!!!!!!!!

    congrats kevin!

    i love joe!

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