Victoria Justic Avan Jogia Photo SHOOT

Victoria Justice journal update: Hey everyone! Well I got to sleep in late today, after filming really late last night, (past midnight). It felt really good, knowing that its the weekend. I’ve been having a great time on set filming. We have such a talented cast. My friend Avan, he played ‘Tajid’ in Spectacular..

..and I hang out a lot when I’m not filming. Last week we decided to do our own photo shoot. We both love photography and had so much fun doing it. It actually turned out really good. I’ll post some pics below so you guys can see.

My friend Josh is in town visiting, so we’ll all probably go to downtown Vancouver to hang out, (movies.. maybe shopping and definitely eating). There’s this really cool place called 218 flavors of Gelato, mmmmmm.. my favorite. We’re so stopping there. xoxo, Vickster. Thx AlwaysVJ!

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  • Mrs. Joe Jonas

    She is so pretty its no fair. Oh and I think that they are going out (:

  • Stacey

    I bet you dont like her because shes Coincided!
    She used to Go to My school! And she thought she was better than everybody!

  • MellieBellieMonster

    agree, i think she’s a bitch.
    i dont like her
    and spectacular sucked ass.

  • Anonymous
  • Anonymous

    This girl is unbelievably gorgeous.

  • chelsea

    i love her but she’s to skinny.

  • Anonymous

    omg, she’s so pretty!

  • Anonymous

    she turned 16 this year

  • Anonymous

    She is not pretty face? Huh?! She is still going through puberty. Damn!!! Let the girl grow. Anyway she is very pretty and they really did do a great job.

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  • Anonymous

    She is a model.

  • Anonymous

    Demi seems like a bitch. She has that “I’m better than you” smug attitude.

  • Lauren LOVES Jonas

    she looks like Camilla Belle in the one pic! just saying…

  • Anonymous

    WTF? she looks to be at least 19

  • elizabeth

    this guy is beautiful.
    tons better than zac efron and the jonas brothers and all.

  • omgz
  • Anonymous

    these photos of her relly did come out good! she is kinda pretty! nothing to spectacualr! lol no pun intended but shes still cute

  • Lindsay

    so fucking CREEPY

  • Kelly

    there smiles…. ahhhhh thats crazy!

  • luizasouza

    she’s very pretty, but i still think she looks older than her own age…

  • Youve Got Mail <333333

    HE is too groomed, needs to lay off the eyebrow plucking and pouting … he looks very camp.

    SHE is very pretty, but she knows it, so it ruins that. Also, she comes across as being quite bítchy and arrogant in interviews etc.

    In Conclusion, theyre butters :)

  • Anonymous

    Heh. lolz.

  • Jane

    they’re more than friends. he doesn’t look that hot here but she is gorgeous!! i don’t really like her though

  • Anonymous

    my favorite latina star :D
    she is of cuban descent
    she’s a great singer and actress
    she’s beautiful
    why isn’t she more famous?

  • Victoria

    wow they have real photography and modeling talent.

    Victoria is insanely beautiful.

  • Anonymous

    Because she hasn’t dated Nick Jonas.

  • urmom

    for those of u who say she’s a bitch: stop. i’ve talked
    to her before on her official message board and she’s
    really nice and funny. seriously you guys you shouldn’t
    judge her you don’t even know her.


    she is so pretty.
    i never realized this until now!
    her cheeckbones are very nice & plump!
    very cute pictures– nice going victoria!
    she is a very beautiful girl & has matured over
    the years. she is extremely pretty!
    -B <3

  • Haley

    everyone saying that she “looks” like a bitch needs to shutup, shes not a bitch, you don’t even fucking know her, shes really pretty okay?

    Shes Sweet to, SO i think you guys need to shove your rude comments up your ass and leave her alone.

    This is a good photoshoot!

    probably her best yet,

  • Anonymous

    shes gorgeous

  • Anonymous

    she’s pretty! this is a rough choice between selena and victoria eh?hehehe.kidding!

  • Anonymous

    i went to school with her for 2 years,
    i know how she really is

  • jess

    i want her cheek bones and nose

  • omgz

    ohhh hay gurl hayyyyyyy

  • angelika

    victoriaa is so pretty

  • - – – ` ( j b + m i l e y ) <3

    WOW she`s hot . but they`re all pretty until they start dating a jonas brother . . . xD

  • Anonymous

    victoria looks gorgeous here
    she kind of comes off that she KNOWS she is.

    but next thing you know, you’ll hear of her dating
    a jonas brother..
    so typical.
    p.s. avan is kind of cute

  • Anonymous

    i dont really like her, i honestly dont know why tho. and i dont think shes really pretty at all, she looks almost aneroxic, not saying that she is. but in this photo shoot she looks prettier than she normally does

  • Anonymous

    uhmm.. actually i have met her twice. and she is super nice. so don’t judge her you don’t even know her.

  • Anonymous

    oh boy. just go date avan. stay away from josh ;D haha

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    wat do u mean

  • Anonymous

    guys how is she a bitch
    name one thing?

  • commenters just enjoy aruing

    all you guys arguing about “oh shes a bitch” and “no shes not a bitch!” are stupid. why are you even talking about that, does it matter? no. it rlly doesnt. personally, i like her pictures very much :)

  • Saidul

    ru Kidding Victoria Justice is The hottest Girl Ever… I really Want to meet her

  • Anonymous

    she seems so adorable!
    she’s pretty too.

  • Anonymous

    the only pretty thing about her is her cheekbones and hair. To anyone who says, “don’t call her a bitch you don’t even know her.” First of all, you don’t know if that person knows her and second, you also don’t know if she isn’t a bitch so people are allowed to say what they want even if it’s not true. I have met her and she was extremely rude and was acting arrogant so imo she was a bitch,

  • Anonymous

    avan is so hot!

  • Anonymous

    Alot of pretty girls are complete bitches with the exception of few like demi.

  • Anonymous

    who is she? and who is he?
    he’s cute!

  • jame

    she is so pretty!

  • jojo

    218 flavors of Gelato is my favorite

  • Anonymous

    Actually, I don’t know her but wow, she’s VERY pretty! those big brown eyes and pretty nice expressions.

  • Mariah

    You guys are crazy
    Victoria is not in any way a bitch.
    I bet most people saying that are just referring
    to her character in spectacular!
    You can swear your not referring to that, but seriously
    have you talked to her?
    I have, and she’s not a bitch.
    She’s so sweet and nice, you people don’t even know!

  • Anonymous

    check out

    If you’re a Jonas Brothers fan. :)

  • Anonymous

    she has gorgeous eyes and great cheekbones.

  • Anonymous

    why do girls have to hate on each other. let’s all watch mean girls and remember the life lessons it has taught us… just because a girl is pretty, we act like she’s a threat and tear her down for other qualities (ie camilla being a “famewhore” and this girl being a “bitch”). come on ladies, lay off

  • Haley

    SHES NOT BITCHY! fucking god,
    i’ve met her!

    shes the sweetest girl,and you can laugh at nearly everything she says,

    and shes not just pretty she has a beautiful personality too,
    just shutup

  • Anonymous

    Avan and Victoria are an amazingly gorgeous couple, that’s if they are.

  • Brazilian

    HE IS HOT! she looks cute too.

  • Anonymous

    idk why but i don’t like this girl at all!

  • Anonymous

    omg she is so effing pretty!

  • krixtina

    i love avan

  • Anonymous

    He’s kinda hot.

  • Josh

    I hate it when beautiful people take a ton of staged photos of themselves…it’s like..we get it. You’re pretty.


    Cool :D
    But idk who she is?

  • Anonymous

    oh my God that boy is so fineeee

  • Anonymous

    she looks, and acts like a bitch?
    just my opinion.

  • nice

    i respect those who said that she looks like a bitch, co bcoz i think she does, though for her fans, just be grateful that she may look like one but she really isn’t.

  • Anonymous

    shes pretty :]

  • Jonas 4 Canada

    She’s gorgeous!
    Like she has beauiful features!
    I hate how some of the girls on here “eg Camilla and her), are considered “ugly” because they’re exotic, or considered “bitchy” for some lame reason!

  • Anonymous

    are they dating?

  • HOT DAMN ;)

    wow this photoshoot was a LONG ASS time ago
    it’s been on their facebooks for forever

  • Anonymous

    Shes gorgeous
    Should be a model

  • http://dcyhbjnçkm catarina

    I don’t know why but i never liked this girl…at all! I mean she’s retty and all but…i think she’s a little ofense.

  • Anonymous

    met her once and she acted as if she was superior to anyone else
    kinda bitchy

  • Anonymous

    she’s so beautiful!

  • Anonymous

    Avan Jogia is gorgeous.

  • Anonymous

    Is it National Nickelodeon day?

  • AllYouSuckaMC’sAintGotNuthinOnMe

    she’s hot, he’s hot. GO MAKE BABIES.

    [ not yet though in a few years k. =) ]

  • Anonymous

    she looks, and acts like a bitch?
    just my opinion.
    I AGREE!!!

  • Anonymous

    The guy looks so gay in the last pic but Victoria looks like Vanessa Hudgens!

  • Anonymous

    she is not pretty face it if she went to your school she would be in the drama club and boys would not even pay attention to her.
    she is just skin and bones and if thats pretty than i don’t know what world we are living in any more.

  • Anonymous

    avan is so damn HOT!

    ahhh i love him

  • Anonymous

    she looks, and acts like a bitch?
    just my opinion.

    How can someone “look” like a bitch? …
    like i said, my opinion.
    but, she is gorgeous.
    no doubt.

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    The guy looks so gay in the last pic but Victoria looks like Vanessa Hudgens!
    how does Avan look gay?

  • yesss<3

    IDK, but dont u guys think she looks like a bitch?

  • :)

    she used to date cole sprouse’s best friend. his names dillon. and the josh theyre talking about in the artcile is josh hutcherson i think.

  • Anonymous

    she looks, and acts like a bitch?
    just my opinion.

    How can someone “look” like a bitch? …

  • Anonymous

    shes so gorgeous

  • Nicole

    Bullshit. Pretty girls get such shit. Every other girl *coughyoucough* thinks it’s their one job to hate on every attractive girl they see and point out her every flaw. What do you think that does to a person’s self-esteem? God, I hate ugly bitches.

  • Anonymous

    woww she is so gorgeous.

  • Anonymous

    guys, just shut it up! geez, they’re both beautiful. let it go.

  • Anonymous

    oh please can we keep camilla out of this post? it has nothing to do with her!!!

  • chelsie

    they will have beautiful children..

  • JUDI

    avan jogia is a freakin babe!
    victoria looks like selena gomez
    mixed with camilla belle. not saying
    thats bad but lol :)

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    i don’t know much about her but she is undeniably gorgeous…how old is she?

  • Anonymous

    Avan is so gorgeous, ahh.

  • Steph

    The 4th one is gorgeous!

  • Carol

    Honestly, how is she a bitch? She updates her journal often to keep fans in touch and talks to them directly. That doesn’t seem bitchy to me. She’s really nice and so is her mom. She’s NOT a bitch, she’s very nice and generous and she sent me an autographed picture of the whole Zoey 101 cast.
    If you don’t believe me I can take a picture of it and post it here. I’m NOT saying that I have it for bragging reasons, I’m saying it to prove that Victoria is no where near bitchy or anything negative.

  • Anonymous

    i hate how gorgeous she is.

  • Anonymous

    theyre both hot messes, but theyre just best friends.. not anything like what yall think

  • OMG

    once AGAIn oceanup and justjared are LATE on everything.
    shes had these on her facebook for more than a week. it wasnt taken this weekend, gahhh. stupid.
    and theres like 30 more photos…with a guitar…way to miss a bunchhh!! and if you want to know if tehyre dating, you sholud see the other photos. it would make it prettty clear