‘I Hate Becky And Milly Rosso Club’

Becky & Milly Rosso, best known for their roles on Suite Life of Zack & Cody, were harassed by ‘mean girls’ in school. Milly dished to Zach Sang @ WZAP Radio: ‘We’ve been moved several times, in England and here in California..

..there was this mean girl who was so upset when we ran faster than her one week in PE that she formed the ‘I Hate Milly and Becky Club. Everyone in the class was invited to join except for us. At the time it was very hurtful and, for a while, every day we sat on our own at lunch in the cafeteria.

And we heard them whispering about us and laughing at us. But sometimes no one would talk to us in the whole day. So we definitely know what it’s like to have the popular girl hate us.’

Becky on dating: ‘We haven’t really started dating yet [but] of course we have crushes!

“We really like Johnny Depp. We’re waiting for two 14-year-old Johnny Depps to come along, but it’s not very likely.’ Listen to the full interview here.

  • anonymous

    They probably got bullied because they wear ridiculously matching outfits.

  • Anonymous

    Lol their full names are Camilla and Rebecca Rosso

  • Anonymous

    wow that’s sad. i do believe them ‘cuz they’re not that famous so why would they be lying?
    i like them :)

  • ef

    so their fake because they have blonde hair? get the fuck over yourselves. jealous fattt motherfuckers.

  • Anna

    So, where do I sign up for that club?

  • kj


  • Anonymous

    atleast they’ve got eachother

  • lisa

    omg…i know exactly what school they’re talking about! i was in the soclass next to them in the same grade and what they said is completely TRUE! the popular girls were so mean to them so everyone was mean to them too..i feel so bad cos i didn’t talk to them either even tho they were so nice, its just that they were nice and smart and good at PE that people were really jealous of them

  • you fail at life anon

  • Jane

    it just weirds me out that they’re wearing the same thing. they’re really pretty though

  • Mel

    why do these famous people always have people who ‘bullied’ them! it’s never! i had a great timein school
    i miss it!

  • Anonymous


  • laurenn

    of course they didn’t invite you to join their club… who invites you to your own hate club?

  • Anonymous


  • Mel

    firts demi, i totally believe her
    then taylor, poor taylor :(
    then miley, ok
    now this
    This is getting ridiculous

  • anon

    This is getting ridiculous. I’m telling ya – the bigger news story is going to be the young celebrity who DIDN’T get bullied.



  • kj

    they look a tad fake.

  • Hannah137

    i’d join

    I hate them.

  • Anonymous

    wow, jealousy makes people really vindictive!

  • Anonymous

    you cant look fake.

  • Anonymous

    everyone gets made fun of in middle school i mean seriously

  • Anonymous

    thats sad ;) people are really mean! GROW UP!

  • vanessa7878

    these girls seem so nice! that club is so mean…i like that they’re so honest about the mean girls. i can totally relate to that! great interview btw

  • Anonymous

    they r only 14? i thought they were at least 17…..but i guess not…

    hahaha and how come is seems like EVERY celeb gets bullied? some of them actually do get bullied, while others just get dirty looks and tell all the tabloids they were harrassed

  • Anonymous

    i’d join too
    and you know what?? i dont feel bad for them
    unlike demi and miley they had each other
    demi and miley didn’t have twin sisters in their class in their school
    so even thou these girls were bullied they had each other.
    &&& they were on 1 TV show as a tiny character that appeared like twice.
    why waste time oceanup? whyyyYY??

  • abc

    At least oceanUP didn’t post yet ANOTHER Miley update.

  • cam:)

    they;re so pretty but im glad theyre not dressing the same anymore, thats kinda an old pic of them…i watched legally blondes and me and my friends thought it was awesome!

  • Jenonymous

    Who the hell forms clubs to hate someone? :-/
    I hope that happened when they were younger. If that happened recently, then that’s just immature and as read above, it was jealousy. At least they’re twins and had each other for support.

  • me

    where do i sign to join this club????

  • cam:)

    they weren’t just in suite life, they;’re in legally blondes too…and they probably were bullied! but they never said they were ‘harassed’ like oceanup says

  • Anonymous

    oh goodness, realllly? first demi, then taylor, then miley, now them? it seems like selena was the ONLY person never to be bullied. oh WAIT. you oceanuppers bully her all the time.

  • Anonymous

    okay hilary!… im not jelouse of them
    why would i be
    you can’t say anything about me you don’t know me and i don’t know you
    its my opinion so don’t say im probably this or that
    you don’t know me or my mind so don’t make up my fucking emotions for me
    i dont know who the hell these girls are
    so therefore i don’t care
    so hilary! fuck yourself, you sound like an anal bitch so you probs need it.

  • Anonymous

    I hate twins(sorry) … but what i hate the most is: ocean up

  • wow

    so is it the new trend in hollywood, to say you got bullied for sympathy? Demi, well I can feel her pain. All the others, woow, it’s getting ridiculous honestly.

  • http://celebcheck.wordpress.com/ ~Yasso~

    seriously ?? the had a hate club cuz they outrun a girl??
    C’MON !!!

  • Anonymous

    lmfao ily

  • cam:)

    they;re so pretty but im glad theyre not dressing the same anymore, thats kinda an old pic of them…i watched legally blondes and me and my friends thought it was awesome!

  • Anonymous
  • hilary!

    WOW! UR SO MEAN!! you;re so obviously jealous of them! even though they had each other, do you think its fun having everyone in the whole class hate you coz ur pretty and good at PE???

  • Anonymous

    check out

    If you’re a Jonas Brothers fan. :)

  • megan

    why are they all of a sudden on oceanup all the time?

  • lucia


  • Bree

    in reply to LISA: i went to school with them too and that was when they came from there first school in california but at my school everyone liked them they were nice girls, although one was nicer then the other. but i heard the school they went to before no one liked them .. so yeahh that suxz.

  • Anonymous

    OH STFU and STFD.
    Your “Bullied” because you have no TALENT.

  • :)

    it was a good interview, they seem so bubbly and funny:)

  • Anonymous

    lol Milly’s name is Camilla.
    dude, they were born on July 6, 1994.
    They’re older than me by 21 days.

  • jj

    what if they REALLY were picked on?? SO many girls get bullied by mean girls, its horrible. WHAT? U THINK THEY MADE IT UP!! I highly doubt it!

  • Anonymous

    Omg please no one care about these chicks I don’t even know who they are
    And Wtf? After the being virgin thing now the knew thing is being bullied..I don’t even belive the nbullying stories anymore

  • kj

    actually you can, they are the definition of it.

  • !

    cos they’re in legally blondes…it came out a couple days ago

    btw theyre myspace is myspace.com/millyandbeckyrosso

  • Anonymous

    F**k u they r they r the best thing I’ve ever seen so just 1 fking moron to hate them

  • Mel

    okay, people get bullied, celebirty or not. it’s not rare for a celebirty to get “bullied” and really, you ocean up commenters need to grow up, grow a heart, and stop hating on people to preject your own insecuirty. it’s because of people like you the world is so cruel. their sharing their expereice on being bullied, their NOT asking for anyones pity.

  • hannahmileysaywhat??

    they seem so nice! thats so mean of those bitchy girls, i have mean girls at my school ugh! shut up all of u, they obviously WERE bullied

    anyways, they DONT EVEN DRESS THE SAME ANYMORE! yeah thats an old pic

  • Anonymous

    your REALLY cool.

  • :)

    THEY ARE SO PRETTY! oceanup please post more about LEGALLY BLONDES! it was such a great movie:)

  • Anonymous

    I think if all of them fake it for publicity, it’s stupid. Not saying they are. There are some girls and guys out there that actually are bullied. People can be mean.

  • iloveyouux