The end of NLT. Travis Garland Myspace blog: What has NLT been up to? As individuals, a lot. I’ve been working on my solo project. Kevin is shooting a new show on Fox called ‘Glee’. And I’m sure JJ & V will fill you in when they’re ready on what they’ve been up to. Is NLT done? There’s no easy way to say it..

But yes. Unfortunately, the group is done. We aren’t together anymore. Being
in NLT has been a dream come true for me & I know it was for the other boys too. Thank you, all of you, for helping us to make that dream a reality. As much as a few people might think the blame lies with one person, it doesn’t.

It doesn’t rest on my shoulders. Just like it doesn’t rest on kevin’s. Just like it doesn’t rest on jj’s, or on v’s. There’s no sense in pointing the finger at anyone, because you have to understand that everyone involved wanted this to work & put their heart and soul into their efforts to make it work.

Blaming someone may make you feel better about it.. but the simple fact is.. one singular person didn’t cause this. It took a complicated mess of things to break up NLT. The label wasn’t prepared to spend more money on the group. There was a legal situation holding us back. Kevin got a great.. opportunity that would require a lot of his
time. At some point you have to sit back & evaluate the big
picture. Where do we go from here? Given the situation.. we didn’t have
many options. Sometimes it’s just not meant to be. Maybe we surrounded ourselves with some people that didn’t have our
best interests.

Maybe it wasn’t the right time for a boyband to break.
Really though, it was a number of things combined, on the business
side, that made it impossible for things to continue the way they were.
If there’s one thing I want to get across it’s that.

This breakup
wasn’t a ‘fight between the boys’ thing. I want everyone to know that
it was NOTHING between us boys that caused this. I love those boys to
this day & I support them and wish them nothing but success in
whatever they do. If you are a true fan of NLT, then i really feel like
you would feel the same way, towards all of us. So
there’s your explanation.

It’s been really rough to deal with on a
personal level and if you think i’m
blowing this whole thing off easy,
you couldn’t be more wrong. None of this has been easy, it was a hard
ending. I wish you guys could’ve been here, on our side of the
telescope to see everything more clearly. But it is what it is.

know this blog was a trip. To date, it’s the most personal blog I’ve
written. As it should be. It took me a lot of revisions trying to say
everything i wanted to say, but i leave you with this. There’s a reason
for everything.

Even if sometimes things don’t work out the way we’d
like. Ultimately I can only ask for your understanding & ask that
you guys show all of us the same love & support as individuals that
you’ve shown us as a group over the last few years. I can’t do what I
do without all of you behind me & wouldn’t want to. As always, I love you all. peace.

  • DamnThatMotherChucker

    never heard of them…
    Oh well,R.I.P NLT

  • team jonas + miley

    bahahaha . another boy band ; GONE xD now if we can just get rid of varsity sh!tclub .

  • marjorie

    they made this blog a couple days oceanup kinda
    late but. yeah i loved nlt and always kinda
    makes me sad that people are like never heard of them because they are the best boyband ever and always will
    be. i felt like my world stopped when i heard the news
    but i still hope for the best for them.yup

  • Anonymous

    not like them :)

  • Anonymous

    aww, this sucks.
    i miss them so much!.
    but hopefully i will see some of them soon ;).

    NLT Stands for Not Like Them!

  • Anonymous

    NLT Stands for Not Like Them!

  • Mae

    I met them like exactly a year ago…their good people. They will be missed.

    Goodbye NLT…


  • tik

    jonas bros suck NLT rocks but i was sooo mad that they broke up and kevin is soooo hot so i ahd to see him on glee ( lets all pray they become a band again)

  • Anonymous

    No NLT wasn’t a casted band. They actually got together on there own. They were all really good friends. Had great talent. But no one would give them the time of day Because when they started surfacing everyones attention was for the Jonas Brothers, seriously. They were the best boy band I’ve listened to since N*SYNC and I’m really upset they had to end that way.

  • Anonymous

    Well, I really don’t know who they are … I think I’ve heard one song by them maybe? IDK if it was them..but anyways, I wish them the best individually and hopefully they all stay close!

  • AllYouSuckaMC’sAintGotNuthinOnMe

    OMG. Are you serious. I loved themmmm!!!

    Oh wellll.. hopefully its for the better.

    All good things must come to an end.

  • shann

    great,now i can hear all my friends bitch
    about this now. ive had to hear about this
    for a year about their frekin songs being
    leaked,god. imma shot myself if they start
    crying and shit

  • Thia

    When i read this on travis’ blog i almost cried!! in my opinion, they were one of the best boy bands to ever grace this earth!!! i loved them!!

  • zoe


    COME BACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Amanda

    Oh no:(. I love NLT, what am I gunna do without them! I will continue to support each individual as asked and hope they all are successful. They are definatley one of a kind, Not Like Them. ?

  • Shawna

    Not Like Them

  • Anonymous

    Not Like Them means theyre different from all the other boybands and they each have different personality”s and styles. They were tryin to bring it where the other boybands didnt :) if u listen to a radio interview of them u would understand

  • Anonymous

    uhhhhhh who?

  • kylie3xox

    it stands for not like them



  • Ashley

    gosh if u dont fucken like them dont comment! ur that jonas obbseser that says crap bout other bands and not jb seriously get a life u freaken teenie! cuz ppl actually really cared bout NLT and i know ppl who cried over this

  • Sarah

    noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo i love them :(

  • Anonymous

    WHAT THE FUCK!?!??!

  • Eviie

    bahahaha . another boy band ; GONE xD now if we can just get rid of varsity sh!tclub .
    WTF? Man people like you are really messed up. Why do you wish that? How about if your little Jonas Brothers crap broke up? Exactly. Don’t wish that kind of stuff on other bands, they have fans that care about them and its hard on the fans, so for you to be such a bitch for no reason is sad.

    Anyways, I wasn’t a fan of NLT, but I knew a couple of people who liked them – that’s really sad tho! :( I wish bands wouldn’t break up so much. Man wtf. It’s usually casted bands though. Was NLT a casted band? If they were then I’m not too surprised to be honest :|

  • Anonymous

    they only had like 1 hit song—“she said, i said”…they played it on kiis fm on jojo’s top 9 at 9 (i think that’s what his countdown was called). they went on trl once and they played the music vid for that song… before that they had a song called “that girl” and they played the vid for that on the-n a couple of times…i’m so pissed cuz i’ve been waiting to get their cd for over a year and now i’ll never get it…fookin bullsh*t

  • Nisha

    I love NLT so much.
    i download all of ur songs.
    i love the song karma and many2 more.
    I love u boys.
    Pls don’t break up.

  • claudia

    OMG!!!! :( nooooooooooooooooo
    i loved NLT<333 this really just bites.
    their cd didnt even come out.

  • Anonymous


  • raina

    first clique girlz and now them…they are one of my good bands..

  • Anonymous

    NOOOOOOOO!!!! I LOVE NLT!! …so sad…

  • Anonymous

    check out

    If you’re a Jonas Brothers fan. :)

  • Anonymous

    It’s sad they were really really gd

  • Anonymous

    What? Sorry but I don’t even know who the hell they are

  • Anonymous

    i dont even know who they r?

  • lizzie :DD

    i loved nlt.
    great group.
    supposdly v and jj from nlt are in a new group johnny wright is putting together.
    johnny wright is the jonas brothers manager.
    you can check it out at
    its a super group with two other guys from the band menudo.
    no one is suppose to know whos in it yet everyone does.
    its kinda obvious

  • Sadiezz

    I didn’t even know these kids existed until this post.

  • alex

    this is super depressing news

  • zoe
  • Daniela

    Aw, they were good. (:
    They will be missed.

  • Anonymous

    i ead this April 30th wqhen Travis wrote it> :( i was so sad! but i understand i will always support them individually cuz they definally will be sucussful

  • monica

    dude when i was watching that V-Factory sneak peek i started to wonder, “what ever happened to that NLT group?” and then this was posted. Great timing.
    They were talented, i’ll give them that.

  • =p

    the most depressing thing i have ever heard ='[
    i love nlt<3

  • Anonymous

    Well, I was never into this band and barely heard of it, but it’s always kind of sad to hear bands break-up …

  • Anonymous

    Who are they……?

  • Fiesta 09

    I didn’t know u existed till u posted… And I still don’t know who u are.

    Good bye NLT :(

  • Anonymous

    who the hell are NLT??

  • erinnn

    whay does nlt stand for?

  • ser


  • josephine m

    i loved that song he said/she said oh well

  • SER

    BYE SUCKERS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! HAHAHAHAAH !

  • Nicole


  • SER


  • Anonymous

    Not Like Them :)
    theryre very talented :)

  • Jane

    I never knew who they were, hahah. Stupid boy band I guess

  • Mollie

    That really sucks.
    They were such a good band, and really complimented each other very well when it came to vocals.
    It’s a shame that they aren’t together anymore…

  • Anonymous

    Okay, nvm. I have heard of NLT because I remember watching a Youtube video of one of the band members singing a song acapella, and yeah … they are talented at singing. It’s kind of said they’re breaking up …

  • Anonymous

    OMG, NO! :( i love them!

    and you know, if you don’t know them, no one really cares. whats the point of commenting then?

  • Melanie

    JJ is in a band Johnny Wright put together called One Call. (one call also has former members of menudo jose and chris and AG)
    V is soposedly making a movie.
    TRavis is making a solo record.
    And Kevin is filming Glee.

  • Piri

    for all of you that DIDNT hear of this band before,
    it was the BEST BAND not only looks :P but voices!
    This band made me stop obsessing over Jonas brothers.
    I just wish they cud come to canada for one timee in toronto :(!
    Im gunna miss them so much Especially Kevin<3
    Atleast hes doing a show! WOOOT :D

  • Natasha

    how could this happen? I loved NLT. :(

  • Ciara

    LMFAO, uh, who the hell is NLT? And what does it stand for?

  • alys

    whatttttt ?!
    naw love these guys,

  • Delsy

    who are they they stand from Not Like Them right i read from this post have they even had any singles

  • Numba1NLTfan

    i cant believe this! I loved them! but if JJ n V r goin 2 another band n Kevin is in a show….Whats Travis gonna do? solo? na hes not good enough 4 a solo, or at least i think

  • Anonymous

    what does NLT stand for?

  • Steph

    Who the hell are they? lol

  • Anonymous

    NLT stands for Not Like Them

  • Anonymous

    NLT stands for Not Like Them

  • MB


  • Anonymous

    Hey NLT was the best Boy band evr! plus Varsity Fanclub itsnt the only boty band thats good, V factory is good 2 Ashley Tiz’s Ex Jared Murillo is in it

  • Anonymous

    the clique girlz?they didnt break up they r still 2 gether!

  • A

    awww mannnnnnnn! they never even released that album! damn. i am truly saddened by this.

  • tiffani


  • Animal

    Bring NLT back!

  • Jessica

    This lines are such a lie “This breakup
    wasn’t a ‘fight between the boys’ thing. I want everyone to know that
    it was NOTHING between us boys that caused this.”
    NLT broke up on 2009, and till this day (2014) V, JJ & Kevin still friends, but Travis is never around even if they are in the same state sometimes.. Travis did something really bad that his coworkers don’t wanted his friendship.
    I remember that even the biggest fan site of NLT after the broke up they decide to update on JJ, Kevin & V and not Travis, I guess the know it something…

  • ariah

    well it is what it is i still love you guys so good luck i will always remember your group im not mad aat all let those other people hate im not hatin cuz you guys did great so bye and i love you guys

  • ariah

    your an hater quit hatin is going to do great soyour just mad cuz you cant sing hahaha

  • Anonymous

    Travis Michael Garland is a bitch. I hope his solo album flops.

  • Anonymous

    Well this certainly sucks, but the band was made up of INDIVIDUALS and as INDIVIDUALS you will go far, as I’m sure you know. Best of luck guys. I’ll be watching for each of you and your continuation whether it be acting or singing. Good Luck!

  • kylie3xox

    im sad that they aren’t together anymore but its not their falt i loved nlt they are and always will be awesome

  • ariah

    oh by the way travis your songs are great your going to be on top of the world.and dont worry your going to do perfectly fine so go head.And kevin your doing fabulous you can sng real good it’s your time to shine i watch all the episods of glee all of them are cool.And for jj and v whatever you guys are doing im sure its good so have fun you still can sing do be scared im just kidding i love all of you xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxox