Patrick & Christopher Schwarzenegger LUNCH With GOVERNOR DAD Arnold

Arnold Schwarzenegger treats his two sons Christopher and Patrick to lunch in Brentwood, California on Saturday afternoon. Photos: Fame. More under! Lol.

  • Anonymous

    oceanup where did you get theses pics!!!???
    does he has facebook?

  • rachel

    his son is hot!

  • Anonymous

    2nd hahahah

  • hhhhhhh

    the last pic that guy is a cuttieee

  • Anonymous

    and i care… why? again.

  • Anonymous


  • sarah


  • Taly

    YUM to the long haired one.
    Who knew he could make such a gorgeous son?!

  • anonymous


  • Anonymous

    check out

    If you’re a Jonas Brothers fan. :)

  • Anonymous

    I’ll be back

  • amanda

    i like the long haired one . . . kinda hot lol

  • Anonymous

    if u don’t care just don’t comment plz.. Hate people like u..

  • jennalou

    the guy in the last picture = delicious.

  • Anonymous

    Hasta la vista, baby

  • Anonymous

    patrick schwarzenegger is dating Natalia Villaraigosa, the mayor of Los Angeles’ daughter!!

  • mama

    :o i dont know who is this boy (in france he is not famous) but he is very cute

  • Anonymous

    DAYUM :D

  • amyle(:

    aw, patrick got taller ! (:

  • vitoria

    the second one is HOT

  • :] Pinky

    What’s the name of the guy in the blue shirt in the first and last picture? How old is he?

  • CaliGuyy

    Wow.. The irony. Arnold is smoking a cigar yet he promotes the no smoking in public areas law in california. hahaah kinda retarded.

  • Anonymous

    Lmfaoo i dont know them
    bbut when i saw the guy
    with long hair
    i was like woah
    whata hottie

  • anonymous

    Hm…. the one with the long hair is pretty hot ;)

  • bwood

    thats not chris thats nick sheinberg

  • Kathi from germany

    one of his sons is so cute haha!

    arnold schwarzenegger is from switzerland and im from germany so were almost neighbours haha :D

  • fsd

    that kid is hotttt.

  • sdzgefv


    thats at the brentwood country mart
    i live like, a block from there.


    they have some bomb ass tacos.

  • Anonymous

    Aww look it’s a little Justin Gaston!!

  • Anonymous

    ummm…really oceanup?! a post about arnold howeveruspellhislastname! goshhh u couldnt find anything better?!

    ps te long haired one is HOT! lol

  • Anonymous

    one of them at least.


  • rosemary jonas

    the one with the long hair hotie ;)!

  • alex s

    his sons are gorgeous

  • Anonymous

    HOT DAMNNN. Sexy man in the blue shirt is ca-uteeeeeee!

  • Anonymous

    both go to my school.

    its nick and patrick

  • Anonymous

    he’s hot :)

  • abigail

    omfg im so sick of seeing the “jonas” look on all these teenage boys ugh

  • Anonymous

    cute in the blue

  • annabelle

    nick sheinberg is HOT

  • Anonymous

    well he’s nice lookin

  • Anonymous

    Long haired, HOT!

  • cecilia

    he’s so HOT!

  • Clemens

    Arnold Schwarzenegger is from Austria not AUSTRALIA nor Swizerland.

  • dawnn

    so cute.

  • Anonymous

    how random

  • Anonymous

    The one with the hair is cute but their dad is a FUCKTARD.

  • Jane

    well they’re attractivee. haha jk the one in the blue shirt is

  • Anonymous

    Last guy is super delicious!!!


  • Anonymous

    omfg im so sick of seeing the “jonas” look on all these teenage boys ugh

    the jonas brothers didn’t create this image.

  • Anonymous


    you stupid german!

  • AllYouSuckaMC’sAintGotNuthinOnMe

    I am the governator….

  • Anonymous

    the long haired one is VERY HOTT!!!

  • Anonymous

    i know, its kind of ironic right?

  • camm

    the one with shaggy hair is cute!

    but come onnnn oceanup, really??

  • lindsey

    foreal I wish they went to my schoool :)
    do they have myspaces? of gfs?

  • mirnousha

    the one in the blue Shirt is soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo
    cute and hot

  • ;D

    omg he is very hot( the last one ) x_x

  • Anonymous

    the ugly one isn’t his son…

  • Anonymous


  • 5467890

    ayoooooooooooo sexyyy

  • sarah

    nick sheinberg is hot in that picture, but way hotter in other better pictures… :)

  • yanyan

    i love him. lol. the last pic guy ? yeah.. lol

  • bella

    the one with the blue shirt is hot

  • Stacey Melissa

    OMGOSH his Son is HOT!

  • lexi

    the second picture is not his other son, its his son’s BEST FRIEND.
    oceanup don’t post the wrong facts

  • Anonymous

    Remind me why I care…

  • nat

    that’s not christopher! that’s his BFF NICKKKK

  • Baileyyy,

    Isn’t the one with the brown hair (Christopher) like 11 or something?
    He looks older,

    but they both are very cute.

  • Anonymous

    one of his sons is so cute haha!

    arnold schwarzenegger is from switzerland and im from germany so were almost neighbours haha :D
    honey he is from austria, not switzerland.

  • baileyy.

    i thought so,
    because christopher is young.
    and that boy certainly isn’t


  • MB

    the one with the long hair is hottttt

  • Anonymous

    not bad ;)

  • lexi

    ummm they’re actually the same age
    i go to school with nick and pat at brentwood

  • Anonymous

    patrick is so hot
    my dad is friends with his and they are so sweet

  • Jackie

    his name is Patrick

  • Anonymous

    tht one is cuteee

  • first?


    oh boy… he is HOTT! omg…. lol