Taylor Momsen Pretty Reckless Leaked

Taylor Momse
n’s band Pretty Reckless new song leaked. Do YOU like it?

  • Anonymous

    She has a very blondie-esque vibe, I think it’s decent, not great, not God-awful…but she needs to act/dress more her age. She’s 15, not 25

  • Amy3

    HAHAHA! Seriously shes a 15 year old girl she not
    Alison Mosshart from the Kills. Personally i think shes
    making herself look beyond stupid. I do enjoy her character on gossip girl but in all honestly shes not some little punk rocker, she from an upper east side family, she no better than say Avril Lavigne. And really is there a need for her to swear in her songs, again she just going to be a laughing stock of the music world.
    P.S Shes not british so why does she feel the need to sing with an accent.

  • Anonymous

    its kinda like a weird mix of.. avril lavigne and courtney love xD i didnt like the lyrics that much but she sang pretty good and it’s catchy

  • f;sdfdjf

    No, she can’t sing…but fortunetely I love this type of music so…coolness

  • Anonymous

    That was terrible. Was that even singing? Even though
    she’s not a very talented actress either, she should
    stick to playing Little J!

  • KaDi

    Pretty good! Just she says the f-word like 4 times but other than that it’s perty fucking good!

  • Anonymous

    She’s a good actor, but didn’t choose the right style of music

  • paige

    i guess she could sing, but that song is like a horrible version of avril. it sucks. i lalalala love you! haha, that was so bad, she cannot write. I love her on gossip girl.

  • natalie

    could it be that thats just who she is? NOT EVERY 15 year old has to act like miley cyrus geez you guys are so immatureee.

  • Anonymous

    Her singing = not good.
    I’m glad she didn’t become Hannah Montana.
    But, the songs catchy, the voice is a bit painfulish to hear. Like shes young and tries to sound very hard and tough and it doesn’t sound good? Know what I mean?

  • nicolle


  • beyyytchhh.

    I don’t see how this is much different than any other music out there. Her type of music kind reminds me of Courtney Love’s/Blondie. I don’t hate this, but I don’t totally love it either. It’s so-so.

  • f;sdfdjf

    it is her though :) you can kinda tell

  • Anonymous

    Her lyrics suck.
    I love everything else, until you listen to her words.

    This is shame-full.

  • Anonymous

    Good song, more than what I had expected from her.

  • raybans

    luvv it. so good. not what i was expecting tho…

  • Stacy

    I hate pop music, I’m a huge fan of rock music, but I think this is trash. It’s mediocre and lame. It’s a cross between courtney love and blondi. This is not original.

  • Anonymous


    i felt uncomfortable listening to these lyrics. i know i sounds like a nerd. but really this is creepy for such a young girl to sing such profain lyrics

  • Stacy

    A real rock music and hardcore/ metal fan would know that this is just mediocre.

  • Anonymous



  • Anonymous

    It wasnt horrible but she sounded like she had an accent or something haha

  • Molly Mayhem.<3

    Ewweh. No offense, but it sounds like the first music Miley Cyrus
    made… And you know how that ended ;) xD but seriously, i dont
    like it. Why is she cursing? Ugh, her IQ just droped by 1O D; rotfl.

    I hate this kinda of music, its TOOO wannabe-ish. && Taylor Momsen is
    scene right? Idk, but her music is gonna suck >.< Gahhh, some actors/rich kids always want to sing, even if they suck. -cough cough- PARIS HILTON -cough cough- hahaha, im funny right? Im sorry, im feel random… Well, peace, love, jonasss :D

  • Anonymous

    jeez that was repeatitive!!!!!!



  • colly(:

    & just think she woulda been hannah montana

  • märta


  • Anonymous

    sounds a lil bit like the veronicas specially the
    ‘lalalala’ part…

  • Maryy

    Who is she again?

  • Marina

    wow. i actually loved it!

  • Anonymous

    stick to modeling and acting

  • chicken wing

    im a Courtney love fan Ive listened to every single song that woman has madee and uh she sounds like a wanna be she does not SOUND like her because courtney love has a collection of grammys and won album of the year in 1994 you people are so dumb.

    it sounds like blondiee she is so ripping the style and everything off. its stupid.

  • Anonymous

    I actually like the song. haha.
    maybe ’cause it’s rockish rather than popish. O__o
    She does remind me of the Veronicas, but
    w/e. oh yeah, and the lyrics aren’t THAT good.
    but…. I like the tune. :D

  • Anonymous

    She HAS a good singing voiceee.
    it’s just she should not sing rock n roll.

    remember the grinch?
    wasn’t it?

    she is just in a punk phase now, which is obviously not for her.

  • holly

    I f*cking love it !
    But she’s trying to hard to be ‘ rock ‘

  • allie

    i LOVE it!

  • Allie

    i actually like it!

  • aa

    i kinda like it. but you dont expect it coming from a 15 yr old girl. maybe if she was older…if i didnt know who it was i’d like it. its not something you hear on the radio b/c its not “radio friendly” no 15 yr old should curse in their songs either.

  • dfr

    so how is she trying to be rock? you guys never knew her before gossip girl. how can we judge? she could have always been rock? i just LOVE this chick! the lyrics are cool but her voice is great. she has this ‘fuck this’ attitude which is awesome. shes 15 right? that’s some sick shit dude. love this girl!! rock on tay!

  • Anonymous

    What happened to little J?
    What is this. Yikes. I used
    to think her and Nick J would
    be cute together, (That is, if
    Niley wasn’t going to be together)

    but.. no… I “really fucking hate her”
    WELL.. no, just her singing, and her
    new style. She’s only 15!

  • holly

    and OH MY GOD stop talking about Miley Cyrus in every post !!!!!!!!!!!

  • Sasha

    I knew it was going to rockish/punk because of her
    style but I was not expecting that.
    I really like!
    Wonder what the rest of her music will sound like?

  • Anonymous

    dont like it.
    she has a good voice, she should make use of it

  • aaaaaaaaa


  • Anonymous

    you are fuckin’ idiot
    her song is very good
    i liked it ok?
    stop comparing her with disney kids
    she is taylor momsen
    her song is so much better than miley’s songs

    pretty reckless <3

  • referf


    i felt uncomfortable listening to these lyrics. i know i sounds like a nerd. but really this is creepy for such a young girl to sing such profain lyrics


    who ever said she wants to be a role model? fuck role models. not everyone has to be one. age does not matter. theres a whole lotta bands/artists who curse fuckin profanities and no one gives a flyin fuck. its music. music is an art. freedom of speech. jesus christ your all such tweenies. nothing wrong with the word FUCK.


  • Anonymous

    I like it

  • Anonymous

    this is actually pretty good. she reminds me of the

  • Demetria –

    Oh, it sucks. She sounds like a Blondie wannabe.Taylor, don’t try to hard to be rock, it’s just not your style (;

  • ariadne

    i tought she was going to be a piece of Shit but … its really great actually .. hahahah i mean .. good rythim, funny lyrics but not good .. but funny .. catchy so i think its great!

  • http://myspace.com/karlosh15 Karlos

    Not what i expected at all. OMG! This is everything i wanted.. this is the veronicas but in a ROCK version LOOOVEEE ITT!! Song of the summer FOR ME!


  • doodeedoo

    i like

  • betherzz(:

    i loved it (:

  • Anonymous

    check out

    If you’re a Jonas Brothers fan. :)

  • natalie

    i actually kinda like it haha i think its catchy…woow good thing miley got hannah though haha shes not exactly a disney girl..can you IMAGINE the crap she’d be getting if she was hannah montana? yeahhh haha

  • Llalla

    She’s way better than your dear Miley could ever be. Sorry bitches but its true.

  • Deanna

    Omg stop comparing her to Miley Cyrus/Hannah Montana. The only thing they have in common is age.]
    And so what if she swears, I’m sixteen and we fucking swear all the time, deal with it.

    I liked it, but it did remind me of (only Aussies would get this reference) early Rogue Traders, and the vibe Natalie was trying to give of… not like her new stuff but Voodoo Child sort of thing.

  • kj

    it’s very punk-rockish, and its catchy
    good thing she isnt hannah montana, though haha


    hahah i was thinking the same thing. Thank god for miley.

  • gloriaaaa[:

    it sounds pretty gooddd.
    but doesnt sound like her.

  • Sayonara

    Im surprised it’s quite good.

  • sophie

    good actor, terrible singer

  • Angela

    Wow. I wasn’t expecting that. It was nice though, edgy.

  • Anonymous

    uh i’m pretty sure most 15 year olds swear so get over it, maybe she doesn’t want to
    be a role model :)
    i liked it !

  • Unknown

    She’s mature for her age. That’s not a bad thing. She’s the rocker type, so what? There’s nothing wrong with that. & I love Miley Cyrus and I think she’s super talented but, you guys don’t always have to compare other teens to her. They are all different. Where you expecting herto sound like, miley? Because iI wasn’t. she isn’t Miley Cyrus, she’s Taylor Momsen.

    & I think she’s really talented. Stop comparing. They are all DIFFERENT people.

  • Anonymous

    i think she sounds pretty good
    but she was a lot better in the grinch

  • nigggggggie

    She’s just another whiny bitch complaining about guys.

  • macaulay

    lmao, its reallllly good!
    haha, now this is a real rock band
    not like the jonas brothers, but i do like the jobros

  • Anonymous

    I don’t like it. I’m 15 and if I was doing what she is my parents would be disgusted. where are hers???

  • Taylor Momsem

    wow. i had no idea i sung so badly!

  • Solbii

    yeah, thats too. btw, i love the veronicas lol

  • Anonymous

    the lyrics are so stupid.

  • http://www.google.com Amz

    Its so obvious that she only added the word FUCK in there so she coould look like a badass rocker…it just proves how immature she is …shes 15 – im 16 and all im thinking is that she needs to grow up and act her age if she wants to be taken seriously – i heard she replaced her band coz they didnt “look cool enough” – its pretty obvious shes a poser and all about the “image”

  • cat

    I REALLY LOVE IT. TAY TAY has a great voice and i’m behind her 100%. she’s really awsome.

  • ah ah

    i like it

  • annoyedoftweenbitches

    the lyrics are horrible. its just another case of young actress trying to get into the music scene by copying the “hip” music genre at the current time and incorporating mindless stupid lyrics in it. there are soo many people way more talented than this “band” that deserve the spotlight that their getting right now. and taylor fufufufufufufufuck you.

  • patricia

    hmmm, i dn’t think that really sounds like her,
    it kind of does, but there is a vid of her singing
    before, and this just doesn’t sound anything like her.
    but i may be wrong..

  • sjfks

    Ok, i like her as Jenny Humphrey, not really liking the singing however.
    AND people need to stop comparing her to Miley Cyrus, Miley Cyrus is pop, and taylor is attempting to be rock. Its mediocre, and I really do think it wouldn’t harm Taylor Momsen to act like she’s 15 not 25.

    Oh and btw, why is everyone freaking out if she said fuck? Every teen swears, and just because these people are celebrities, everyone freaks out.

    Anywhoo, good acting, bad singing,

    sorrry :)

  • Anonymous

    i like it, its not a pop sorta thing its nearly rock so its awesome! and i hate the rogue traders coz natalie seriosuly sucked! i couldnt stand her this is much different

  • Anonymous

    loves it!

  • sol

    I need to hear something else…the lyrics of this song are really terrible.

  • scenestarr

    wow. the lyrics are really lame. she needs to work on her songwriting. the beat is really rather great, but her singing.. its good but its not amazing. and she’s only 15, plenty of teens cuss and crap but i dont think this will be approved my many adult reviews. They’ve already slammed on her dressing like she’s 21.. and i agree. She always looks great, but she’s my age (15) and I agree with many reviews that she needs to dress her age.

  • :3

    seriously you think just because you write ‘Taylor Momsem’ that we’d think you really are her???

    epic fail

  • jess

    She Can Not Sing.. WHY DO ALL ACTORS SING?!?!?!?!?!
    really? i love her on Gossip Girl but still. she should
    sing this sucks

    she said that shes been in a band for a long time…like she wasn’t a disney girl actress gone singer. This is what shes wanted to do for a long time.

  • Andi

    wow. the music is pretty good but her lyrics are terrible. if she re-recorded this with better lyrics it might actually be a hit.

  • Alyssa

    this is more punk/indie, you all saying it sucks just are used to all pop and pop rock.

    it’s good. it just might not be for you.


    UMMM, it sounds REALLY similar to the veronicas. not a big fan, she barely looks her age tooo :P

  • shirron

    i like it 4 real

  • Anonymous

    it was pretty fucking good..

    i hate her because she thinks she’s legit when she looks like a poser.

    but this was fucking good.

    what a wakeup call

  • jenny makienn

    honestly, i liked it:)

  • Eliiiiii

    she should stick to actinggg

  • Anonymous

    honestly, this sucks.
    she has no talent when it comes to singing.
    however, i do like her on gossip girl.

  • caity

    this is good.
    who cares if its not your “normal music”
    its what she likes, and i would tottally listen to this band :]

  • Anonymous

    it’s not that bad
    i like her on gossip girl

  • kris

    ehhhh not great why do all actors become singers?!

  • Anonymous

    who is she…? lol

  • xxx

    Reminds me of the ’80s and Joan Jett, it’s good. This is what miley cyrus wishes she could do. But no Disney kid will ever drop the f-bomb.

  • Anonymous

    it’s very punk-rockish, and its catchy
    good thing she isnt hannah montana, though haha

  • anonymous

    omg is this 4 real??

  • Hallie

    It just sounds like a cros between the Veronicas and Ashlee Simpson. I don’t like it, sorry.

  • Melissa

    I didnt really enjoy it.

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    She Can Not Sing.. WHY DO ALL ACTORS SING?!?!?!?!?!
    really? i love her on Gossip Girl but still. she should
    sing this sucks

  • AppleOrangeAndGrapeJuice

    Sounds like something you could DANCE to but you wouldn’t want to listen to it repeatedly.

  • anonymous

    It’s not that bad, it’s just different than most music people listen to.

  • michelleybaybayleybaybaay

    shes actually a singer as well
    she tried out for hannah montana and got really close to making it butthen was beat by MC :)

    but iknow what you mean

    like Almost ALLL actors are doing the same thing

    like emily osment
    debby ryan
    selena gomez
    tiffany thorton

    and it does annoy me

  • Lisa Lisa

    You weenies, most teenagers swear anyways but that doesn’t make them bad. But, I think they toyed with her voice b/c she doesn’t even sound like that and faking a bit of a British accent in there. It’s OK, I agree, lame lyrics.

    And I like Taylor!

  • N.O.T.

    Ya know what most of you people sayin “you arent feelin it” are most likely teeny boppers who only listen to shit like miley cyrus! If you appreciate music other than that like rockish punk stuff you may actually like it. It is actually pretty good.

  • Anonymous

    i’m not feeling it.
    i don’t think a 15 year old should be swearing in her songs…
    i do love her on gossip girl though.

  • lolo

    I thought it was good, but then again I´m sorta used to lisning to this kind of music!

  • jl<3

    what the hell…?

  • Anonymous

    I liked it, people on this site only listen to the popshit, like hannah montana.


  • natalieee

    im pretty surprised its not your average stuff although i think shes been listening to Courtney love lately.. and honestly she could never compare she lacks some serious lyrics..

  • Anonymous

    i like it!
    it sounds like a song they’d play on gossip girl.

  • megan

    ehhh the lyrics are really weak.
    i feel like she is just talking really fast instead of singing.
    I have no other way to describe it except for just “Ehhh…”

  • livicasa

    umm. this girl is disturbed.
    she’s 15, she shouldn’t be singing this music now
    in her like.

  • mia

    the lyrics are pretty l-l-l-l-lamee.
    i classify this more as speaking in rhythms not really singing.
    i think there was one part for maybe like 5.2 seconds where i liked it.
    i think she is going to royally f-f-f-f-f-f-f-fail.

  • reginaaa:)

    all of you peeps love the JONAS bros. so
    it would make sense that you hate good music
    haaa. :)

  • hannah

    there is no way that is really her singing.

  • Kristen


  • Anonymous

    she looks like courtney love

  • MartOlina

    U know?I’m 13 and i like this song..ok,the lyrics are not perfect but this rock thing is cool.Taylor’s cool.So i l-l-l-like her!Check it out http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xeujZ7kmjLA and don’t be rude.xoxoxo

  • Anonymous

    fuck she’s trying to be rock haha

  • Anonymous

    i liked

  • katie

    i was hoping it would be “darker”.

  • http://www.youtube.com/gina942 Gina

    I think she looks amazing and and this sounds awesome, the lyrics might not be all menaningfull and shit, but it is Catchy and entertaining, she’s 15? so what if she’s swearing in the song, atleast she’s not joining disney, i mean I love miley and jonas and all that shizzle, but this is very refreshing, really courtnie love-ish and I don’t mind that, I don’t mind it AT ALL. :D

  • anonymous

    i love her on gossip girl but im not a big fan on her voice but the song is catchy!!

  • Anonymous


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