Taylor, ‘Everyone Ignores Me On Tour’

  • Anonymous

    pretty pathetic
    shes practically begging people
    to vote for her

  • Anonymous

    goshh people are so mean and bratty! well taylor i love you girl and i voted just for you :) your so funny and that was a great video! i hope you win so badly!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i love love love you so so so so much! YOUR AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Anonymous

    She is seriously the cutest girl alive.

  • http://www.just-savannah.com Ashlee

    The video itself was a little slow but she is so cute. I had already voted for her but I would again after watching this. And every celebrity does this. So don’t just go bashing on her. Miley even did it for the Kids Choice Awards and made it a contest, with prizes. That’s even lower if you ask me.

  • Kirsty

    1. Staged and immature
    2. People should ignore that bitch in real life anyway.

  • TSwift-Fan

    She’s so cute. Love her <3

  • Mary

    PAHAHAHA everyone ignores you in real life.

    lol ! I agree

    i don`t like heeeR!

  • Anonymous

    hate that crazy bitch

  • Anonymous

    hmm didnt really see any ‘bitching’ but ok. i guess that is to be expected from you.

    lol. love it.

  • Anonymous

    lol im not really a fan but this was pretty funny

  • Anonymous

    THE most boring 6 minutes and 36 seconds of my life.

    excluding the 17 seconds of lucas till..

  • Anonymous


  • Molly

    Aw she’s so adorable
    i’ve already voted for her countless times
    i love taylor

  • Anonymous

    PAHAHAHA everyone ignores you in real life.

  • anon

    Taylor: “I won’t be IGNORED!”

    Fatal attraction much?

  • Anonymous

    hahaha. love her.

  • :0
  • Anonymous

    check out

    If you’re a Jonas Brothers fan. :)

  • jerseygirl

    Shocker. Taylor’s bitching again.

  • Anonymous

    that just shows that taylor is gonna win cuz one
    person voted for her countess times, not just one

    taylor looks disgusting- tall, skinny ass girl

  • Anonymous

    hahaHA im in lovee with heer shoesx]

  • Anonymous

    PAHAHAHA everyone ignores you in real life.


    hahaha, nice one.

  • kate

    hahaahhaha i think its so funny how she runs!
    i love her!

  • ring the bella

    haha… so funny. i voted and i am going to keep voting. she is soo much better than miley, so much better that miley shouls NEVER be mentioned in relation with taylor. GO TAYLOR I SUPPORT YOU!

  • Anonymous

    omg shut your mouth you idiot!!!

  • Anonymous

    oh, here we go again
    another one of taylor’s sob stories

  • Love

    Love Taylor!!!

  • Anonymous

    haha i love her.
    and now this song is gonna be stuck in my head :|

  • Love

    Taylor is a wayyyy better country singer than miley cyrus!

  • Anonymous


    ^lol. so apparently nick has been a ladys man since birth. only he could get a bunch of girls in a room and in bed at 8. lol.

  • idk

    she looks annoying

  • megan

    hhmmm theres alot of lucas till and taylor hanging aroung hhmmm?

  • http://www.myspace.com/jobromanceproductions Jaime


  • jennyboomboom

    ahaha this was so funny, i love the way she was running hha

  • heather

    lol this was very funny and well done. im voting for her just because of this.

  • aNonymous

    Instead of a boiled rabbit, it will be a boiled cat…she should try to get a room on the 13th floor of a hotel and…you fill in the blank…..

  • Anonymous

    hahah that was cute.

  • Anonymous

    Cuz we went to the same school, oh and by the way it’s me Nastacia ^_^

  • me

    Hey taylor, you don’t need to make a video looking so ridiculous! we all know even people who work for you can’t stand you! why do you embarrass yourself? you are an adult! why do you act that way? did you edit this video yourself, then you should’ve hit the delete button!YOU-ARE-NOT-FUNNY! do yourself a favor and grow up!and do something about that frizzy hair!

  • haha

    haha i am not the biggest fan of her but i thought this was pretty funny, the way she ran, haha! she seems really desperate like almost worse then the jonas brothers she was like on her hands and knees asking for us to vote. o well that is what people do.

  • Anonymous

    does lucas wanna be any hotter?

  • Anonymous

    lmao i found this so funny
    all the people saying its a ‘sob story’
    its a joke?
    i think its a clever way of getting people to vote

  • deanna

    i love how everyone bitches about her. calm the fuck down and stop posting. shes gonna do great. and this was funny. including lucas.

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    I already voted for you. Good luck, Taylor, loved the video!

  • Anonymous

    Funny how Taylor posts don’t draw that many comments anymore, unless she’s doing something with some Disney star. Are her 15 minutes finally up?

  • Taylor

    I love Taylor Swift
    but this was sooo freaking annoyyingg ahhhhh
    haha but still voting for her. :)

  • yes

    she is like super skinny

  • me again

    you shouldn’t have to beg people to vote for you. do you see carrie underwood doing this?NO!

  • emma.

    aw taylor! This is at the jacksonville venue! I vote as much as possible :)

  • Youve Got Mail <3333333333

    I find her FAR more likeable than Selena,
    at least Taylor has humour

  • :0
  • Anonymous

    Lucas? There dating.

  • hgf

    good PR whoever came up with that

  • Anonymous

    Gosh. Lucas is so perfect. It’s just amazing. Anyway, Taylor is so funny. She makes me laugh in all of her videos. Well, the ones where she’s trying to be funny.

  • Anonymous

    right. that’s why her album was #1 for a long ass time.

  • Kathleen

    LOL at the bug on the dress thing

  • Anonymous

    the fuck?

  • Anonymous

    PAHAHAHA everyone ignores you in real life.


  • boo hoo

    she runs like that when she has to go take a dump!

  • Anonymous

    i would ignore her too.

  • YouKnowULoveMe

    AHH i love her the way she was running was hilarious. i totally voted after i saw this. and to everyone who is saying she is desperate and begging….THIS WAS A JOKE. she was trying to be funny try not to take everything so seriously

  • Helllllllo

    yeah i’ll maybe vote for her just for having to put up with mileys dog while shooting the video.

  • https://twitter.com/laurengonewildx laurennnnn:)

    i didn’t watch the whole thing but gosh
    she is so FREAKIN CUTE!!
    like the way she runs and stuff
    haha she’s like a little 6 year old
    buuut she’s not that great of an actress :)

  • Anonymous

    damn she is desperate

    of course taylor, everyone IGNORES U! why do u think??

  • Cinta

    She is very pretty I can’t believe people say she’s ugly JEALOUSY

  • Anonymous

    Funny how Taylor posts don’t draw that many comments anymore, unless she’s doing something with some Disney star. Are her 15 minutes finally up?

    hmm. she kind of been successful for nearly 5 years now. i think that alone goes over the ’15 minute’ limit. sorry. being that hating jonas fans start actually skipping over taylor posts, it kind of makes sense comments go back to the way they were.

  • Anabel

    Lol I love Taylor, she’s adorable.

  • ash

    Can everyone chill out? It was just a video, a little acting. You’re all calling her desperate when she’s not at all. All she wants is for people to vote for her and she added a little humor hence the video. And no, her “15 minutes of fame” are not up. She is going to d great in the industry. Now stop trying to bring her down for no reason at all. At least be mature about it all.

  • a

    miley isnt a country singer. she sings pop.