Debby Ryan Twitter: Posing with Spongebob and shopping with Kimmie.

  • Jane

    i think she’s really really pretty

  • mileyfan

    i agree about the lip thing.i like debby but why must everyone do that????also i love her hair

  • Anonymous

    and she is??

  • who


    & the Miley eyes thing.

    lol jkjk.

  • http://sdfg LALA

    Debbys fantastic

    With Love,

  • salkdjf.


  • Anonymous

    love it

  • jessicaaaaaa =)

    why is she soooo prettyyyy.. in my opinion
    she cant really act but i really do think she
    will go very far maybe wif the singing..

  • lobby

    shes gorgeous :D

  • Anonymous

    she looks cute in the fist pic…looks like she lost weight.

  • Annette

    she looks cute in the first pic.. and like shes 5 yrs old in the second. but i still like her (:

  • Youve Got Mail <3333333333

    I find her face odd … and not the good kind.
    She looks like a 40 year old pumped full of botox. She has lovely eyes though

  • Anonymous

    check out

    Check out the site if you’re a Jonas Brothers fan!

  • Anonymous

    what phone is that? all the disney kids havef that phone…

  • Anonymous

    In these pics she reminds me sooo much of a girl from school. its kinda creepy

  • NIAMH.


  • jon

    debby you are so beautiful people that are so jealous have a great problem i know you are very forgiving and i am sure if they truly felt that way why would they bother watching.

  • Anonymous

    Please know that she can act!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Anonymous

    Blackberry BOLD. John Mayer also has it so not Disney kids have it. Okay, well Miley and I think Selena have it too, so maybe your somewhat right.

  • Anonymous

    and demi and ashley tisdale and more lol

  • Cinta

    She looks cute…

  • pat

    hi debby you are great on the suite life show it’s amazing what jealous people will write.I have seen you with your fans and you are great. and seem to appreciate their support. keep up the good work waiting to see the second season.

  • patrick

    Debby is beautiful does a lot of chairty work loves her fans and is a good person i hope she never gives the people who don’t like her the power to annoy her keep up the good work debby we love you

  • kat

    loook at the fatty!!!! woooo
    yay she has no talent except being a fat southern idiot.

  • kid

    She seems like a nice girl but please! Skip the lip thing. Other people do that and it’s so annoying!

  • alex

    This girl is so unnattractive.

    Jesus fucking Christ

  • Anonymous

    Wow! Her folks are busy posting this stuff to OceanUp. Who cares?

    Just another pretty plain Texan with a big smile and a friend in Hollywood to get her the role!

  • Anonymous

    she loooks cute ; & the guy is hott (:

  • dfdsfsd

    love debby!

  • Anonymous

    Still lots to go though!

  • Anonymous
  • Anonymous

    she’s such a lame. no talent lol. && what’s with the lips thing like your not black your not gonna have big lips. && for anyone jumping on the racist train I’m black okay.

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  • kinolino

    Can we use Twitter for educational activities?