DHenrie, ‘Possibly The Best Cake Ever’

Do YOU like David‘s new hairstyle?

  • http://twitter.com/judilynnfudge JUDI

    david is atleast 18 because he has tattoos.
    he is so cute.
    his eyes are the prettiest green ever.
    besides kevin jonass.

  • Anonymous

    he a real jerk in person and thinks hes better then everyone, go write something on his dusty car and u’ll see the real nice guy that he is.

    Total jerk!

    he looks like a bird

  • Anonymous

    hey velvet cake is selenas favorite cake

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    i want cake :(

  • supyup7venyp


  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    was this REALLY worth posting?? =/

  • Anonymous

    chocolate cake is bettter.

  • Anonymous

    i like his hair like that.

    and now i want cake.

  • Anonymous

    a+ portal reference

  • Anonymous

    ice cream cake kicks both of their asses

  • la la land girl

    he is so hot!!!!!!!!!!

  • Anonymous

    The best cake IMO is that confetti-ish cake. You know the kind I’m talking about? Confetti cake and confetti frosting. Yum.

  • Anonymous

    i always see paula deen and whoever else making this shit on the food network but i’ve never actually had red velvet cake before. am i missing out?

  • ellie

    DHenz: Hottest Guy Ever!

  • Anonymous

    ya he is hot

  • Anonymous

    hell yeah, icecream cake FTW!

  • bbleh

    No no no Velvet cake kicks every cakes ass

  • Anonymous

    waht the rejuection hotline #

  • Anonymous

    what the rejection hotline #

  • Anonymous

    I don’t like him

  • Anonymous

    what’s the rejection hotline #

  • Anonymous

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  • aaalleeexx

    david henrie is attractive 24/7 ;)
    dtmafia ftw!

  • Anonymous

    He didn’t crush her, lol, I read a few of her tweets. She’s perfectly fine and taking
    all the calls she’s probably still getting in stride. It isn’t right to vandalize someone’s
    expensive property like that for your own personal amusement or pleasure.
    He found it disgusting; he shared it. Most people don’t think when they post
    a photo. I’ll bet David even had confidence in the morality of humanity that they wouldn’t call the girl; that people would just look at the photo and shake their heads.
    That is what I would do, lol, if someone wrote on my friend’s expensive car their
    #. I wouldn’t call the person. That’s just weird. I’m kind of guessing that’s what
    David thought. Wasting your money just to call a girl who put her number on a celebrity’s car? C’mon. . . that’s taking it one step father and making the “show” into a reality.
    That’s just peachy how you now-haters don’t like what he does with his personal life
    but that is no reason to disown his portrayal of characters and his work. Because
    your disliking his lifestyle is your opinion. It isn’t a universal rule that what he
    does is wrong. Opinion should be separate from fact. If he was doing drugs or
    overtly being cruel to people in person, something that is universally wrong on many levels, I say that would be a valid reason to not be a fan of him professionally!
    He probably won’t do it again if it’s any solace.

  • Anonymous

    1 800 GTFO

  • joyceeee

    the girl wrote in the dust on his car. Dust scratches paint! David had the right to get mad!

  • Dumm Blonnd

    He looks so cute. O_O

  • Loraaa

    Yummm. Red velvet. Best everrr.

  • AnonymousAlso

    1 800 GTFO

  • Jane

    you haven’t posted on him in a while. he’s so hot!!! and sometimes i think he’s a jerk but then i think how good of friends him and selena are and i know she wouldn’t be friends with a jerk so…

  • Anonymous

    it’s pretty good dude, i’d give it a try if i were you

  • Anonymous

    my boyfriend bought me these red velvet chocolates last year and they were SO GOOD, omg.


    highly recommended.

  • caitlynn

    hey david’s hair is awesome but he looks better with it up like a mohawk

  • Anonymous

    Oooh those look divine!

  • ANonymous

    Mmmmm red velvet is good but i like ice cream the most. My mom makes ice cream cakes for Dairy Queen.

  • Tania

    He´s the hottest guy I´ve ever seen and I love his new hairstyle.
    He looks awesome.
    Wizards of Waverly Place the best TV show I´ve ever seen
    David Henrie :D

  • AnonymousAlso


  • Anonymous

    damn yall are makin me hungry

  • Anonymous

    Did you have the Big O while eatuing them.

  • Caitlynn

    david’s hair is awesome he looks hott in this pic hey david can u share the cake with me i hope u remember me somewat

  • Anonymous

    FUNFETTI! hahahaa agreed, so delicious!!! i really wantn some cake… and david henrie is super cute, how old is he?

  • LoveInLa
  • emily

    he is so yummy, i love his hair.

  • Anonymous

    check out

    Check out the site if you’re a Jonas Brothers fan!

  • Jenny

    OMIGOSH!!! David henrie is soo cute..i like his hair
    that way!

  • Anonymous


  • http://oceanup.com a bush.

    xD he looks like
    the guy who plays
    Spiderman in this picture.

  • Anonymous
  • Anonymous

    he is so hot. Love it

    I want him to do more movies

  • Erica

    He is really cute. Who wouldn’t get mad at someone writing on their car… come on now? I’d get mad. Getting mad doesn’t make you a jerk by the way.

  • Lilja

    His hair has never looked better. He’s adorable.

  • Yummy

    Yummy to both the cake & David. I adore Lucy I hope she isn’t going back that road again, David is such a manwhore she deserves better.

  • lalaal

    he looks hot

  • Anonymous

    He is really cute. Who wouldn’t get mad at someone writing on their car… come on now? I’d get mad. Getting mad doesn’t make you a jerk by the way.


    posting the girls phone number that she wrote in the dust on the car (hurting nothing) and him being at mad about it DOES make him an ASSHOLE in my book.
    HES A DIVA!! he could have just wiped it off. He crushed a fan and lost a lot more.

  • ati

    he looks so HOT
    now i want cake*opens the fridge* DAMN no CAKE!

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