Get To Know Forever The Sickest Kids

Caitlyn interviewed up & coming band Forever The Sickest Kids: Austin Bello,
Kyle Burns
Jonathan Cook, Kent Garrison, Marc Stewart
and Caleb Turman.

  • Emma

    wow really oceanup?? The only reason your posting FTSK is because of selena!!! And because of that your ruining their concerts. The people who go to their shows dont want little 5 year olds screaming from the croud. And these boys have worked to hard to get all these fans who will leave them as soon as selena gets some new boy toys. Do the world a favor and STOP RUINING GREAT BANDS!!! thanks :)

  • Maya [MONSTER]

    up and coming? no! been around for a while!! been a fan since then! hell yess.
    I love Caleb. he was so sweet and he SUPPORTS GAYS woohoo!!

  • lauuuuren

    I love FTSK!!! :]

    Kyle’s hairrr, mmmmmm<3

  • Anonymous

    ahhhh, nobodycares.
    this is like the worst interview i’ve ever seen.

  • Anonymous

    OceanUp, a site purely for Disney Channel artists and stars, really should not be posting about bands such Forever the Sickest Kids. 85% of the kids looking at this site don’t even know them. The 15% that do are either bashing them because they hate Selena Gomez, and therefore, by association, FTSK, or they are extremely angry that a “teenie-bopper fansite” is exposing great alternative bands to these kids.
    The teenies bash them because the kids don’t know real music.
    The tweenies bash them, and then decide that they like them so they go tell all their little friends.
    Forever the Sickest Kids, All Time Low, All-American Rejects, Cobra Starship, The Cab, etc. don’t need teenie fans. They need fans that can really appreciate their music.
    So as a favor to all of us, please stop posting about those kinds of bands please.

  • Anonymous

    okay this ticks me off. underdog alma mater 2 bday was april 30. they been around for 3 years.

  • katie

    they arent up and comming, theyve been around for a wihlee but now they are only getting recognized by disney and stuff cause of selenaaa.
    i dont blame selena for anything. imagine your in her shoes and you want to meet your favorite band?! you wouldnt care if your on disney or not! its NOT HER FAULT SHE WANTS TO MEET A BAND so NEVER try to say its her fault!


    p.s trust me they arent anything like miley jb or selena hahah sillly little kidddies :P

  • kenzie

    i love FTSK!

  • Anonymous

    those are my boysss <3 love them :)

  • katie

    p.s.s you REALLLLLY should stop posting stuff about them… all the tweens should stick with their own stuff :] im not hating, im just saying.
    i dont really want ftsk to get that populllllllar >.<

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    theyre soo gay like selena more miley/demi/jb please?

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    concerts are much more enjoyable without tennie fans
    just putting that out there:P

  • Anonymous

    check out

    Check out the site if you’re a Jonas Brothers fan!

  • kristennnnnn*

    cant wait for the duet they did wif selena… its
    gona rock i know it.. haha.. you rock and so

    you guys this is not a miley or demi or jonas brothers
    post so dont post any negative comments.. you wouldnt
    like it if anyone said anything mean about them so
    dont say it here.. everyone has their own talents and
    are equally appreciated for it!!

  • Tifferyyy

    Kyleeeeeeeeeee <33

  • Anonymous

    up and coming my ass.

    ive been a fan for 3 years so i don’t think they want little teenies around there shows.

    i blame selena.

  • Anonymous

    yeah. “up and coming” to teenies.
    stfu. they’ve been around a long time.
    i’ve loved them since then.
    i love this interview. and kyle’s hair. the end.

  • Anonymous

    omg srsly theyre not up and coming
    maybe to u peeeps yh
    but not to everyone else
    theyve been around for a while.
    and agreed the only reason ur posting is cause of selena
    its stupid.
    stop posting about them srsly

    on the other hand
    ftsk pwnage <3
    no syke

  • Meeeee

    ok, could you please stop posting about them ? i love them, but you only post about them cause of Selena; which is a stupid reason in the 1st place. You know you wouldn’t post anything about them if it weren’t for her. I’ve loved them forever, so please stop these posts & keep the 5 year olds out of my concerts. kthanksbye.

  • Ciara

    LMFAO, I love them. <3


    OceanUp,FTSK have been around before Selena started pimping them out, I hope you understand that.

  • Sierra Cook

    me and my husband have the same favorite # :D