Curly-topped Kevin Jonas was spotted at JFK
May airport in New York City on Sunday looking lethargic. He had just spend the day at Bamboozle with girlfriend Danielle Deleasa. Photos: INF.

  • Yvonne

    That must have made Kevin feel so good to get that crowd response w/o his brothers around. He really needs a boost like that every once in a while, to know he still is important

  • Yvonne

    You cant be serious? Kevin does NOT get anywhere near the attention Joe and Nick do on Ocean or anywhere else.

  • Yvonne

    I read on some other site that he may not be tired but already missing Danielle cause she didn’t travel with him here. I just adore Kevin and Danielle loves him so much. This is one Jonas off the market for good. You can take that to the bank ;)

  • AnonymousAlos

    He looks wasted!

    Kevin got wasted at Bamboozle!

  • Anonymous

    blame it on the a-a-a-alcohol….

  • Loluh.

    if this had been about Joe or Nick, there would be twice the posts by now. shows how important Kevin is


    I beg to differ.
    Look at the post below this, it’s both Nick AND Tiffany Giardina and it only has 49 post, but this just Kevin and it has 66 post.

    It seems to be that way on a LOT of websites.

  • ohjonasxx

    not drunk, hung over. XD i love my kevkev

  • Loluh.

    Anybody who would “boo” a sixteen year old girl with as much talent as Demi has deserves to be punched in the face.

    She’s amazing.

  • Anonymous

    well he is.

  • nina

    he looks so tan!!!
    kinda hott =]

  • Anonymous

    no she didnt get booed they loved her it was amazing a good vibe i was shocked because it it bamboozie ,but it was great

  • Crista. :)

    Kevin looks kinda wasted. probably really tired after his day at bamboozle.
    but I still love him. He’s still the most gorgeous Jonas in my eyes. :)

    PS: could you loosen your curly hair a bit, Kev? so that it’ll look more good

  • Yvonne

    I love Kevin with all my heart, but I agree Crista. I love his “big curls” much more, but he is still gorgeous here.

  • Anonymous

    he looks tired

  • Anonymous

    no she didnt get booed they loved her it was amazing a good vibe i was shocked because it it bamboozie ,but it was great


    thank you!! im so happy for her!! i wish i coulda gone! *cries*

  • Elin Jonas


  • Yvonne

    Hi Lauren. Looks like our guy is getting some LONG over due attention. I do find it an insult that he hasn’t gotten more replies. I agree with the poster up there^^ that if this were Joe or Nick there would be a lot more comments. Kevin should leave the “kiddie” crowd and do more adult projects. He will get respect there

  • Anonymous

    Nice job, oceanup. Post every pic of him with his eyes closed or with some weird expression on his face. JJJ at least had the decency to post the pics with his eyes open. Take a look at those if you really think he was under the influence. In the absence of negative spin you will see: Wasted? Absolutely not. Tired? Yeah, probably. Sad? Probably that too; he just left his girlfriend.

    Come on people, leave the boy alone. What do YOU look like after a super long day or right after getting off of a plane? Not my best moments, that is for sure. If it isn’t about his music or his acting, or anything else he willingly shares about himself, leave it off the discussion table, please. Yes, he is a celebrity, but he is also a human being, with feelings that get hurt just as easily as anyone else’s.

  • Meghan


  • Anonymous


  • cat

    Poor guy, spending a week in NYC on vacation with your GF only to go to bamboozle and get all tired again lol =)

  • cat

    You are right, he doesnt get the attentin his brothers do, even though he deserves it more because he is not only the lead guitarist, but they have said he is the main guy behind the business part of their label and production company! without him there would be no JB and I think he is the sweetest, most down to earth and least changed. GO KEV (dont get me wrong, I love all 3, but Kev deserves more than he gets from fans etc…)

  • Jane

    awww, he looks so sleepy

  • Loluh.

    You, and a lot of other Kevin!girls, are WAY too paranoid with Kevin’s popularity. Kevin gets just as much as attention as Joe & Nick get on Oceanup.

  • aim

    awww kev looks so tired!
    he looks a lil tan tho :)


    Mr Oceanup, two post in two days on my hunny
    bunny KEVIN JONAS…finally you got the
    message…KEVIN JONAS is here to stay and his
    supporters will keep reminding you…
    KEVIN looks really really tired so a six hour
    sleep on his flight from NY to LA will be
    great for him…

  • nikkiiii.

    iiii was there(: he was so cute dancing and singing alllof HS’s songs :D
    honor society was AMAZING though, they really were, and they’re such sweet guys,(:

    ..demi did get booed a bit, by this one guy by me at least.
    – the song she dedicated to all the jerks was ‘gonna get caught’
    and for ‘don’t forget’ she said ” i wrote this song a year ago over a bad heartbreak, but it’s funny how you can fall completly in love again”

    after demi performed she came over to the fence and signed autographs and took pictures with everyone; she was so nice,(:

  • Anonymous

    niice :) I love kevooo

  • kimmy4

    <3 replied to comment from c | May 4, 2009 1:30 PM | Reply
    you’re ugly.


  • Marcela


  • Sara


  • Anonymous

    looks like a bad hangover…………..??? or just tired!

  • Jessica

    He does look a tad lethargic,
    still LOVE him though(:

  • JUDI

    he is so cute i love him!

  • Anonymous

    NO offense i love Kevi to death but…

    Ha its okay though he works hard :)

  • Anonymous

    I want him to straighten his hair again!

  • c

    hes ugly,their all looking ugluy lately
    his shoes are trollious,hideous

  • hm

    I don’t see why some people don’t find him attractive, (; very niiiiiiiice :D

  • Anonymous

    and people think hes hot!?

  • Anonymous

    LMFAO! I was there demi got booed lol I was laughing so hard! ahaha the poor girl had no stage presence and kevin yes everyone went crazy when they saw him.

  • Anonymous

    demi did not get booded the way your saying pretty much everyone loved her and no stage presence are you serious i didnt know who she was at first but i do now demi came out with a alot of new fans yesterday including me your just being a hater and yes im 21 years old and now proud to call myself a demi lovato fan

  • Anonymous

    nice murse, dude.

  • amanda

    awww. he looks like he just woke up.
    i <33 kevvy.

  • Anonymous

    Aw. :)
    So cute. :)

  • http://fsdfffsa A

    I was at Bamboozle. The crowd went crazy when he came out. I felt bad because Honor Society thought it was for them. He was with Danielle and he was dancing the whole time. It was raining all day. I saw Demi too. She looked amazing. She sang a ton of songs and forgot the words to Until Your Mine twice. It was cute though. She was amazing and everyone loved her. She dedicated one of her songs to “All the jerks out there” but I can’t remember which one and then before she sang Don’t Forget she said “It’s funny how you can right a song about someone and a year later be back to where you were.” So who ever that song was about she likes them again….end of my story.

  • Haley

    Kevin <3
    love him :)

  • Yvonne

    KIMMY! Whats gotten into you? But I like it ;)

  • MOI

    HE LOOKS DRUNK!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Kirsty

    How can people not see how gorgeous Kevin Jonas is? Infact, they’re all gorgeous!

  • kimmy4

    poor kevin looks tired

  • ALYSA<33

    i love him lol
    yea he looks like shit(tired)
    and i love his hair, curly, and stright

  • Anonymous

    oceanup you are a bit slow…justjaredjr already put this up yesterday.

  • aNonymous

    Just stopping in this post to say that Kevin was really good in JONAS and I rested easy at night knowing that it will be a HIT!

    Hope all the Jonas girls are well today! I just chatted with Jerseygirl at the Taylor post. It gets crazy in there! If you show up her Jersey thanks for the backup…cuz those fans are nuts!

    I hope Kevin enjoyed his break thoroughly as did his brothers and I know that all the work begins with more rehearsals with the new songs, set and sound. I hope they feel really calm and relaxed. I can’t imagine what a new show must be like. I danced in front of maybe a thousand people a couple of times in Jr High and the nerves are undescribable. I can’t imagine, not even a bit, what they feel singing and performing for packed crowds and stadiums. They are so professional and focused. I hope they just really let loose on vacation so they are ready for what’s ahead! It probably was good for them to be apart since they spend so much time together.. new perspective….new songs and energy!

    Love the Jonai.

  • Anonymous

    oh poor thing…but remember he said he hates when people say he’s tired, because most likely he isn’t. It’s probably showing on the outside that he had a long day, but inside he’s probably excited and happy. (I dunno, he always seems like that to me…Joe and Nick have their moments, but Kevin is always the most enthusiastic)

  • jen

    aww, looks like he could use a nap :)
    hope he got to sleep on the plane!

  • mimi

    awh! kevin look tired or is that ocean pick the worst pictures of him?ugh!
    I like that shirt he has on it looks good on him!

  • Anonymous

    Aww poor baby! he looks so tired. And he’s flying back to LA late at night. He should’ve just stayed in NJ and left today. He wouldn’t have been as tired.

  • J
  • Kelly

    He is so tired and so sweet at the same time. Danielle is a very lucky girl

  • Anonymous

    aww he is adorable i saw him his girlfriend and demi dancing and i saw joe head a little they were having a great time demi rocked it and saturday they were spotted kevin danielle and demi going to a car demi and danielle were holding hands and kevin was close by they so sweet and having such a good time i went both days it was crazy demi got great reviews for her performance and honor society kevin was excited and nick came sunday too some people saw him i didnt

  • Anonymous

    check out

    Check out the site if you’re a Jonas Brothers fan!

  • kimmy4

    isnt strange that before kev had the biggest ass and now its gone

  • <3

    mmm (: even tired hes sexy!

  • Anonymous

    I saw him there! I didn’t want to ask for a picture or an autograph or anything because he and Danielle looked like they were having a great time and I didn’t want to interrupt them =)

  • <3

    you’re ugly.

  • JUDI

    he is all tan looking cute :)

  • Sherri

    Those lips of his in the 2bd picture are to die for

  • CassieLouise

    Bamboozle was the shit. I didn’t come out looking so hott either.
    It was very rainy, humid, and fucking yucky out.


  • Hayley

    awhh kevin is alone!!
    he looks exhausted!
    i cant wait for the tour!!
    OMJ I <3 THE JOBROS!!!!

  • - – – ` ( j b + m i l e y )

    cause he IS

  • Anonymous

    lol he looks so tired.
    I love him, he’s so good looking.

  • J
  • Yvonne

    I think hs still has a great ass, its just he’s been wearing looser pants more. ;)

  • Anonymous

    why are you wasting your time? the list is already published….

  • Anonymous

    gay man i think soo

  • Mandy

    He really does look wasted!!!

  • Sophie




  • Mandy

    Too much fun there Kev?? I told you drinking was bad!!!

  • BryonyLuvsJonasBrothers

    He looks so tired , poor kev!!!! :(

  • Anonymous

    if this had been about Joe or Nick, there would be twice the posts by now. shows how important Kevin is

  • Anonymous

    i see chest hair. lookin good

  • Carolinaajobrosfan(:

    Aww kev is amazing! He is filming the music video, finishing the last details of the album and still he has time fir his gf :)
    He looks hot, boy needs to tan more often

  • Anonymous

    I was thereeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee :) It was amazing! Demi is just awesome, she was so happy, people went CRAZY when they saw keevin!1

  • rtee

    why is he carrying a purse? …

  • Anonymous

    he looks like a gay taxi driver.

  • Anonymous

    he is drunk, deff.
    i mean you can totally drink at bamboozle, demi drank, in saw her she drank red bull with some blue thing but whatevs it was sooo much, kevin was the center of attention like seriously.

  • Anonymous

    those r some unfortunate pictures

  • Anonymous

    BOOM BABY! I was totally there it was a fucking blast! Demi is the shit she was so freaking nice with everyone and she was there just hanging out and having fun with some dudes when she saw kevin she shouted and they hug each other, people went nuts when they saw kevin he and danielle are so cute!
    It was a blast.

  • sophie

    Hahah they photographed him from his most flattering
    Hahaha ADORABLE!

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    did demi get booed?? i hope not. i love her!