Taylor Momsen Midtown Street Walker


Taylor Momsen walking around Midtown Manhattan today. Photos: INF. 3+

  • Anonymous

    I like them for both. I really think Nick is a musical genius and seeing him with his guitar just does something to me,lol.

  • Anonymous

    AHHHHAAA !!!! street walker! Timmy,that was wrong but funny!

  • noelle

    first hahaha

  • tinamarie

    That has to be hard for this girl losing the Hannah Montana role to superstar Miley. I’m sure that was sad for her but….calling the papz or paying them to photo you is much sadder. I’m just saying

  • ashlee


  • Anonymous


    jonas brothers are sooooooooooo much more prettier than her


  • Anonymous

    walking fug

  • annie

    i want her coat!!

  • http://twitter.com/Shizz_itsAlexz friikie
  • Anonymous

    Wow, she’s smiling for once!

  • Sav

    You called her a “Street Walker”?!?!?

  • Anonymous

    noone ever comments on these posts, not an achievement.

    love her :)

  • http://twitter.com/Shizz_itsAlexz friikie
  • LiveLoveLaugh

    I do really like her
    i think she has an incredible fashion sense and she’s great on gossip girl
    but she’s too skinny…. just look at her legs
    It’s a shame if she gained a bit of weight she could be beautiful

  • klñ

    girls here just like jonas brothers because they are hot, not for their talent.

  • rox

    you do realize that you called her a ‘street walker’….which means hooker…

  • lalala

    shes got alrite style but isnt she only like 15 or 16 o_o o_o…

  • Ayey

    I love her. Everything about her. Amazing girl <3
    You all should really get to know her – or learn about the real her before you jump to conclusions about things.
    You’d be surprised on how really down to earth amazing she is. She’s got a great sense of fashion and personality!

  • Anonymous

    shes so friggen tall

  • Anonymous

    girls here just like jonas brothers because they are hot, not for their talent.
    i know. but i like them for their talent….being hot
    is just the icing

  • Anonymous

    theres a reason..no body cares about her!

  • http://www.alwaysvj.com Carol

    Usually I don’t like what she wears, but this outfit I approve of! :)

  • Anonymous

    i know. but i like them for their talent….being hot
    is just the icing
    agree, but its true that girls only love them because of their hotness, specially NICK…

  • hannahiscrazyy

    streetwalker is like, another word for prostitute.
    something like that.

    and her hair. not cute.

  • Anonymous

    Why is she so……. gorgeous?

  • Annie..!

    Some celebrity who is young && tall :D
    hahah :D
    i’m just 13 and a half and i’m 5’9″ … & I HATE IT! :/
    Well anyway, why is everyone soo mean to her?!
    She didn’t do anything bad!
    + she’s a great actress, & just because she’s what… 16 & successful not getting into Disney, it doesn’t mean she’s a “whore”, “drug addict” etc. like ppl say -.-
    Can’t u see the way she acts?!
    She’s a true actress!!
    & she is individual!
    I love her!
    I love her style, & i love her acting!
    She’s amazing!
    Stop looking on the bad side, and then we’ll talk!

  • Anonymous

    i dislike her boots :)
    but she is beautiful

  • er


    jonas brothers are sooooooooooo much more prettier than her



    jonas brothers are fucking ugly ass jews. so shut the fuck up fatass bitch. TAYLOR IS HOTTTT AND SKINNY AND BLONDE! mmmmmm ;] i bet your not blonde hahaha too bad for you ugly slut! GOOOO TAYLOR! SO HOTT!

  • Anonymous
  • beccaa?

    i like her…
    but she tries too hard to be ‘hot’ && ‘rock’ :/ her style is dang awesome, but shes only like 15!

  • Anonymous

    she looks like courtney love. and thats not a compliment :/

  • sdfsfd

    i want the hannah montana soundtrack

  • sdfsfd

    for me it was the other way around! talent=icing

  • Anonymous

    I love her :)

  • .

    its true nobody likes the jonas cuz of their talent i like them cuz they are hotties

  • jonas number one fan

    i dont care what people say, i like her, shes unique. and sometimes her fashion is a little funky but oh well she likes it.

  • Anonymous

    i can definitely see her being the next courtney love.

  • Lux


  • Anonymous

    i dont like her hair :s AND YOUR RIGHT SHE DOES KINDA REMIND ME OF COURTNEY LOVE!… wat a shame

  • sharpaiy

    vote for miley at the MTV MOVIE AWARDS!!!


  • Anonymous

    i really wish she would gain some weight. she looks sick… likes nasty sick. either that or change her hair color. she’d look so much healthier. ugh. eww.

  • Anonymous

    girls here just like jonas brothers because they are hot, not for their talent.
    yeah except they’re not hot or talented :3

  • Anonymous

    ah! yay! someone else noticed that shes like TWINS with courtney love!!
    I honestly can’t decide whether I love her or not

  • Anonymous

    check out

    If you’re a Jonas Brothers fan. :)

  • Anonymous

    im going to be honest, the only reason i LIKED them ws because A) they were assoicated with Miley and B) they were cute. Same with my friends thats the only reason i boght there cd (even though weonly listened to it like twice)BUt, were not buying LVT cd. i spend my money on that ALBL and i wasnt into it. sorry just sorry

  • laurenn!


    screw all her haterss,

    shes drop dead gorgeous(:

  • Anonymous

    she lives in NY??

  • Anonymous

    She needs to dress her age. She looks cute, but really. She’s like what… 15? 16?

    And what does any of this have to do with Jonas??

  • Alexis

    omg. you know she’s younger then like Selena Gomez &
    Demi lovato?! & she looks like what? over 20? sheesh.
    but i love her.

  • w


  • Anonymous

    Before, when i saw her in magazines she used to
    dress up all girly and frilly, just like her makeup,
    Now that she got that haircut, she dreses all…..
    i dunno rock or some thing? and i heard she was
    starting some kind of band? she used to
    like one of those california beach girls. But
    I like how the way she dresses. Please don’t take
    this the wrong way, :)

  • yay

    she is so much prettier on gossip girl

    street walker?! more like street trash…

  • Anonymous

    her legs are way too skinny, ewh !
    but the guy next to her is cutee ;)

  • strawberrieshk

    who’s that hott guy walking next to her?? …mmmm, just sayin :P

  • jonas

    shes wayyy to skinny- its hard to look at
    her style is getting way to rebellious

  • Anonymous

    for the love of God EAT SOMETHING girl!

  • A.

    girls here just like jonas brothers because they are hot, not for their talent.
    yeah except they’re not hot or talented :3
    lol i was thinking the exact same thing xD I don’t get why so many girls my age like them, the suck!

    But TayMom is awesome pants!!

  • kristan

    i dont get why people get on miley for ‘not dressing her age’ but then when pictures of taylor come up (who is, mind you, almost a year younger than miley) theres sooooo much less hate comments about her style.

    i will truly never understand the hypocrisy on this site…

  • Anonymous

    i agree. i have no idea who this girl is… but i love her style! she looks great

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  • Laraaaah. <333

    the most of you are all kinda like totally stupid.
    she’s not into disney -> she hasn’t got to be a rolemodel
    or whatever you want her to be. she’s 15, well..
    who cares? just because she’s famous or whatever,
    doesn’t mean she mustn’t go through the phases which
    a teenager does go through. got it? hopefully.

  • Jane

    what’s in her bag?? i really don’t like her…at all. she seems so fake and poser-ish and annoying

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