Lindsay Lohan seductively kissed sister Ali on the cheek at the Haute & Bothered launch party at the Sunset Tower in West Hollywood on Monday evening. Photos: WENN. More under!

  • monika

    Ali’s my age , yeah okaaay. fml she looks as old as my grreat grandma

  • Anonymous

    ugh.. when will they go away?

  • Anonymous

    ALi looks like a man

  • Anonymous

    they arent very attratcive in those pics (:
    and lindsey,
    can you say SPRAY TAN ABUSER?

  • Anonymous

    god, theyre a mess
    i love lindsays scarf though <3

  • ali

    there to skinny….ahhhh weird.. UGLY!

  • annomokdejf

    cuz im cool.

  • Anonymous

    check out

    If you’re a Jonas Brothers fan. :)

  • Anonymous

    god i hate this fugly slut.

    I fucking hate all the lohans. with a passion

  • Delilah Marie

    More like HAUTE mess. My god! This isn’t the 80s,Ali. We don’t show off that much belly anymore,unless we are in a kini. Bish.

  • taylor

    ughh, lindsay is just way too skinny. shes influencing Ali greatly too

  • Anonymous

    ewww incest.

  • Anonymous

    Kissing someone on the cheek instantely makes the kissey look cuter.

  • carolina

    she’s a bitch lol.

  • Kathi

    lindsay has weird long hair…!
    and ali looks weird too.

    and i dont know why but in the last.. 3 weeks or something they suddenly do everything together.. ive like.. never seen them together before..

  • cdk

    two ugly ass weirdos

  • Anonymous

    wow this chick tries wayyy to hard

  • Anonymous

    i agree, ali got stuck in 1998. but looks like a 40 year old skinny mom….weird. i used to like lindsay but she needs to get her shit together.

  • may

    She doesn’t have Samantha so now Ali has to fill the void…..sad.

  • melanie

    i wish people would stop calling her to skinny! better skinny than fat.
    well yeah. they are kinda creepy. like. im sure they would be prettier if they did their makeup a little different, and had better taste in fashion. but they seem like nice ppl.

  • mileyluver1393


  • dude

    lindsay looks like shes she a granny she was much cuter when she was 11 or somthing like that!shes a bitch now!

  • FeliciaFan

    Ew…I hate Ali, Lindsay is pretty cool.

  • anyyyy

    ali looks so olddd! like if shes 30 or something

  • Anonymous

    Mean girls was awesome

  • idontknow

    who are they??

  • Anonymous

    ali is gonna be a party girl just like lindsay
    && thats a bad example

  • Anonymous

    ali is taller than lindsay haha

  • Anonymous

    alis wearing lindsays tee.

  • Anonymous

    Ali got stuck in 1999

  • Anon

    What is this? Bimbo-sister day on Ocean?

  • Anonymous

    are you saying there is something wrong with having a little too much weight? that’s horrible

  • Anonymous


  • eeh

    ALi looks like a man

  • stefani

    what is everyone’s deal? i love lindsay lohan.
    don’t be jealoussssss.

    and she’s not kissing her seductively. it’s a simple kiss on the cheek.
    coooool it.

  • Anonymous

    miley post please

  • Anonymous

    what the hell happened to them :l

  • JUDI


  • Heather

    Ali Lohan is the ugliest girl.
    Lindsey must have got all the good looks in her family,
    because her sister, is frickin gross looking,
    no lie. ew.

  • Jane

    EWWW they’re both so gross

  • Anon

    Jealous of Lindsay? LMAO!

  • Anonymous

    More like HAUTE MESS.

  • anonymous

    aw nice its sister love. funny pose though.

  • Anonymous

    ali is only 15 and she looks older than her sister they are messed up i wish lindsay would concentrate more on her career than that sam chick and partying she really is a great actress she just needs to get her shit together

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous


  • :P

    i know :P they are soo ugly and way too skinny… wait why are they famous? oh right. lindsey did a couple things and now they follow her everywhere. its pathetic

  • Hersixth

    Ew! That’s so incest!

    She’s imagining that her sister’s her ex? lol

  • dundies

    does anyone know
    if the swine flu
    makes you feel loopy>
    ug i feel so sick

  • dundies

    check out

    If you’re a Jonas Brothers fan. :)


    please go away


  • dundies

    Mean girls was awesome


    you go glen coco!

  • xxImAWESOMExx

    ugly. gross. disgusting. wrinkly. nasty. there shouldn’t be posts about them on here because nobody cares. anything else. i could go on but i don’t want to. =]]


  • Anonymous

    so lindsay is now into incest,eh?

  • Anonymous

    Thats exactly what I thought.
    Ali looks 26 not 15. It’s so sad. I would hate to look that old at such a young age. I have a feeling shes going to end up just like her sister even though she’s no where near as pretty or talented.

  • martha

    miley post please

  • Anonymous

    Ewww Ali looks like shes 30 not 15
    and that kiss is weird,she’s probably so drunk she
    thinks its her ex sam

  • Anonymous

    Save a spot for me in hell i’ll be there in 60 years. :)

  • Anonymous


  • anon

    Slow news day.

    It’s raining here and I’m bored.

  • Anonymous

    ali lohan is far from fashion icon. lindsay has great style though.

  • angelika

    they look cute

  • Anonymous

    Lindsay is a mess.
    And Ali is……..
    Poor girl.

  • Anonymous

    no one is jealous of someone the size of a toothpick with like two buckets of makeup on and some weird oversized piece of cloth that they put over themselves in an attempt to call it a dress.

    just saying

  • Anonymous

    It’s called hair extentions.
    And they’re probably hanging out with each other because nobody else wants to.

  • Anonymous

    i loveee alii! fashion icon right thur

  • Anonymous

    why does her sister look such a mess?

    alli looks pretty here.
    shes still kindda young to be dressing like that tho.

  • Oh baby baby, ifyouseekamy 2night :)

    Ali and Lindsay look beautiful.
    These are really bad pictures though.

    You people are fucked up.

  • Anonymous

    They are a MESS.
    I feel bad. It’s a shame what happened to Lindsay. She was such a cute kid, and she’s still PRETTY, but she’s awfully thin and looks like a trainwreck.
    She was so talented, too! Her acting in movies like The Parent Trap and Freaky Friday was great!

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