Ashley Tisdale DISGUISED AT H.Wood

Ashley Tisdale disguised her face and body underneath a camouflage hat
and army trench coast while entering H.Wood in Hollywood with boyfriend Scott Speer and Samantha Droke. Looks like she glued her hair extensions back in! Video under. Photo: Fame.

  • selena rockerz

    OMFG u should have some problems or u dont know what the WORD SLUT means, gosh u say Vanessa is not slut ow please who had the ”NACKED PIICCC OUT” im guessing it was V AS U SAY BABY V LOLmore like baby slutty V
    at least u dont see ashley tisdale posting pictures of her like that.
    & what u on about ashley dresses like a idiot u cant reli chat cuz thats her fashion sence thats how she chooses to dress & she dont want u telling WHAT SHE CANT WEAR & NOT WEAR, GOSH PPL ON HERE ARE STALKERS! :@

    Tizzy rocks *-* Dnt F***** hatin on me cuz i dnt give a CRAP wat u wna say!

  • http://www.sheenann93/myspace sheen

    ashley u suck..u ar so snob!!if u want 2 b famous u haveve ve to accept that in you life alwasy goo around to paparazzii!!
    anyway u suck when u sing!

  • anonymous

    speak the truth

  • Jane

    wow…that’s kinda retarded. but whatever

  • kami

    did she do her usual twitter letting the paps know where she was going? so she could pretend she didn’t want her pic taken? dat girl is turning into a real media ho.

  • crrrr:)


  • Anonymous

    check out

    Check out the site if you’re a Jonas Brothers fan!

  • Anonymous

    haha, in the end of the second video they were like
    “Who is she?” and a man replied “IDK”.

    Ashley’s so freakin’ ugly and annoying. Her album is
    gonna suck.

  • Anonymous

    I just hope that Ashley Tisdale doesn’t change. Seems to me she’s starting to change… :(

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    she’s becoming more and more of a slut.

  • Anonymous

    she dresses like an idiot, i swear either she doesn’t have a mirror or she gets dressed in the dark.

  • Anonymous

    you be wastin your time girl, nobodies gonna read what you wrote .. it’s a freaking novel. go find something better to do!

  • anonymous

    she lookd like she is starting to change. Can’t she at least say hi, if she didn’t like attention she shouldn’t have gotten into the business!

  • Krystal

    LMAO to the idiot who thinks Ashley is a slut, she is far from it … you want a slut check out VANESSA XXX, she has no problem being one. I highly doubt she was “disguised” Oceanup, it just looks like she is wearing a jacket & hat, get the fuck over it …

  • Anonymous

    DAMN i want those BOOTS :)

  • Anonymous

    she’s wearing “fuck me” pumps

  • lol

    wow u guys r pretty cruel just cause she doesnt want to be photographed r have the papz in her face u call her cruel names i mean rlly wud u lyk it if soemone was follwing you around constantly with a camera ??!!
    u rlly need to get a grip

  • !

    i dont like the fackt that ashley is starting to change, and party,she is just looking for the attenition!

  • Steph

    Is that Sam Droke walking in next to her? Or am I just seeing things?

  • melclancy

    why do you guys even have a time for doing such a “comment battle” like that…? i mean, it’s not good judging a person, saying, “ashley’s a bitch” or “vanessa’s motherfucker”. let them live this life happily. and yes… you will never be more than a slut if you just can easily saying that word to anyone else…!!

  • aaliyahnoelle

    u people are sooo melodramatic

    if someone parties they are a slut? oh please get off your high horse and get your head out of your ass.

    maybe she doesn’t feel like being photgraphed. it is her right not to want to be photographed everywhere she goes.

    keep in mind she is 23/24 years old. she shouldn’t have to be penalized by narcotic 12 year olds just because she is an adult acting like, dressing like and LIVING like an adult.

    you guys get so caught up in the CHARACTERS that these people portray on tv that you forget that its nothing but acting.

    ashley is living her life maybe you should do the same and live yours…


    PPS i love how vanessa gets called a slut for taking pictures that were never meant to be publicized. now if she took them to show them off to the world that would be a different issue. but it was her private life being broadcasted without her consent.

    you’d be surprised at what half of your little so called disney angels do behind closed doors…

  • Anonymous

    she’s doing that to attract people, i’m sorrt but who goes out wearing that?!

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