Degrassi Goes Hollywood NEW Trailer

New Trailer for Degrassi Goes Hollywood on The N. Any Degrassi fans?

  • Jenny Makinen


  • Anonymous

    That’s so not fair…degrassi is cool, but why did they stop doing south of nowhere??
    i miss so much that show

  • Tifferyyy

    Degrassi is one of the best shows out there.

  • Anonymous


  • Louise

    I AM!!!

  • Anonymous

    South of Nowhere went off the air.
    They already made a series final.

    I love Degrassi! :D

  • 1TreeHill

    degrassi used to be my life.
    then it went WAAAAAYYYY down….but now


    hell yeah

  • Anonymous

    where is emma?

  • Anonymous

    ahh, im so excited! ima watch it on youtube :))

  • Anonymous

    Haha Man I used to love Degrassi. Started watching it back in like 2001. Loved that show.

  • rose

    im totally completely 100% excited for this movie! im so happy the old characters are back :D


  • Anonymous

    DEGRASSI is the best Canadian show ever!!!!! love the old Degrassi and love the new Degrassi

  • Anonymous

    check out

    If you’re a Jonas Brothers fan. :)

  • french

    i thought the guy on 0:33
    was joe jonas!!

  • Dalia

    i love degrassi,its friggin awesome :)

  • A

    i used to love Degrassi! i’m definitely watching this hahahahah

  • Anonymous

    not a big degrassi are you?

  • kelsie

    OMG, I’m so excited. I love Degrassi. Hopefully Paige and Marco don’t ruin their friendship! This looks so good!

  • Delilah Marie

    Oh god. If perez hadn’t shown is fagnasty face in this movie it would have been SO much better! Bleh,HATE him.

  • hannahiscrazyy

    awh that looks good!
    i spy cassadee & michael seater & perez.
    lol (:

  • Anonymous


    i used to watch instant star 2…now i miss it :-(

  • Anonymous

    i hate the fact that Marco is gay
    he’s so hot

  • Anonymous

    anyone know what the song is?

  • Anonymous

    i miss j.t

  • ambre

    Im so excited !! for the movie i am biggest fan from france ( im gonna to wait a long time bfore ):(
    But it’s really cool :)

  • Burnin’ Up 4 Nick Jayy [;


  • Mari


  • Anonymous

    oh i love degrassi.
    my friends got me into it a few years ago.
    the old episodes are best.
    i hate the new characters.
    Jimmy, Paige, Spinner, Ashley, Terri, Hazel, Emma, Manny, JT, Toby, Craig…of thos were the days….

  • den

    OMG Mannyyyyyyyyyyyyy! I love her!
    haha best character on Degrassi. Not trying to start anything now… lol

    I love Degrassi. I remember when it came out, YEARS ago. They were so young. lol

  • Anonymous

    i used to watch this show religiously back when but i stopped watching once the originals went to ‘college’. I just kind of grew tired of it and didn’t like the new people.

    buuut i am diggin that trailor and it has all my original cast plus derek from life with derek :)

    im pretty stoked :)

    ugh…except perez hilton is in it. blah.

  • Monica lynn

    Omgygoodness, I am so totally in love with Degrassi, but where is Liberty and Spinner and Jimmy in all this, and I am madly in love with Jake Epstein! and Ellie is the prettiest and BEST one on here!

  • Anonymous

    i love degrassi its amazing im a manny and jay fan i loved that pairing it was interesting and cute cant wait

  • Anonymous

    omg im so glad you posted this oceanup! i love degrassi– you should def. cover it more!

  • Carol

    I LOVE Degrassi! It’s a little weird now but I’m getting into it, it’s nice to see these cast members a part of the movie though. I didn’t know it was Manny/Cassie singing that song, you can kinda see it at the end that she’s singing it, ahh i want to see this, I miss craig! :(

    &I also miss JT though, but I LOVED that episode where he died and how they set it up. Of course I don’t love that he’s gone haha, but if you think about the episiode and wanted to blame someone, it’s almost everyone’s “fault” for his death, or leading up to it anyway. It was nicely done.

  • strawberrieshk

    whoa whoa whoa–where’s Aubrey Graham!?!?

  • Anonymous

    This looks awesome!
    I love Degrassi.

  • Melissa

    This will be awesome!

  • fromholland

    OMG i’m totally going to watch this, i’m a huge fan
    probably the biggest here in holland. seriously i can’tt
    wait to see this especially since it’s the old
    characters that are in the movie. I don’t really like
    the new ones. Anyway i’m rambling it’s just that i’m so freaking excited and it looks so freaking good.

  • Anonymous


    i fuckin love degrassi.

  • Anonymous

    This makes me LONG for The N again. Craig, Manny, Emma, Paige, Marco… I LOVE THEM! Ellie can kiss my ass. I never liked her. The original “new generation” is sooo much better than the ones now.

    What’d make the movie even better would be if Jimmy were on, but my boy is doing it BIG without them! Drizzy Drake Rogers!

    ^^ You da fucking best!
    “Best I Ever Had” – Drake (or Jimmy as we’d best know him, lol)

  • Anonymous


  • Emily

    So excited :)
    I can’t wait to have the old characters back…the new ones suck.

  • Anonymous

    anyone know what the song manny is singing is?

  • Anonymous

    whoa whoa whoa–where’s Aubrey Graham!?!?


    My darling, dear. HE’s with ATF now. Watch out for him. He’s the next big R&B star…


  • Anonymous

    I swear I just got chills watching it. I’m so excited for this to come out

  • monica

    omggggg!!! i cant wait to see the movie!!!!i was really into the show.. back in the day but now im so excited for the movie :) definitely gonna start watching the show again

  • jessmarie

    i feel like i’ve been hiding a rock… a Degrassi Movie! Looks like I will be catching up on all the episodes i’ve missed this summer!


  • Steph

    personally, i love the original degrassi! seasons 1-6..i miss the JT Yorke days. :)

    nontheless..degrassi’s awesome!

  • Vicki (tx pride)

    Omg omg!!!! Craig is back!!! And michael seater is in it? Yessss! Um haha i’m a fan, can you tell? Lol

  • Anonymous

    those were the best!
    i miss the old seasons, it was more interesting and fresh

  • Kayla


  • Anonymous

    Omg memories, Degrassi is the first show I really got hooked on. Stopped watching aftter the old characters graduated but I’m psyched to see that they’re in this movie!

  • Ericka

    NICEEEE!!! OMG!! I LOVE DEGRASSI!!!!!!!!!! hah Can’t wait!!!!!!!!!! :P!!!

  • kayla

    Degrassi is LOVE <3

  • Vicki (tx pride)

    Yes, completely agree!! After jt died, I was never the same.


    OMFG OMFG OMFG OMFG YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i missed emma and manny and paige and ellie and marco and everyone :)

  • Anonymous

    wher duh f*ck izz Aubrey Graham?! ii noe dat he iiz workiin on hiiz music n everythiinq whiich ok luv no lie hiiz sonqz r amaziinq n everythiinq buh iid b niice 2 c hiim on diiz degrassi moviie

  • Anonymous

    Totally agree. Manny is the shit. :) I missed the veterans of Degrassi TNG.

  • Anonymous

    I’m so pumped for the movie!!!

  • Anonymous

    I WANT J.T BACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Anonymous

    HOLY FUCK. HOLY FUCK. HOLY FUCK. I freaking love Degrassi, and was SO pissed off at the newest season for adding new dipshits. I love the original people like Craig, Manny, Paige, Emma, ect. This movie will rock.

  • Anonymous

    I can’t wait!
    I’m a dedicated Degrassi fan!!!!!!!!

  • Vicki (tx pride)

    Haha I mean IT was never the same.

  • Anonymous

    personally, i love the original degrassi! seasons 1-6..i miss the JT Yorke days. :)

    nontheless..degrassi’s awesome!

    JT Yorke is love. I cried when he died, but then again, what Degrassi fan didn’t?

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    degrassi is the shit!!!

  • crrrr:)

    cool :)

  • Anonymous

    Jay and Manny = <3

  • Anonymous

    BEST SHOW EVER! its going to b epic! The old characters are the very bestest! I honestly cant wait!

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    Thank god the old characters are back

  • Anonymous

    whoever plays the gay boy on the show looks soooo cute with all his hair cut off :)

  • Anonymous

    love love love love degrassi
    you guys need to post more about it