Muscular Twilight hunk Kellan Lutz spotted leaving his acting class in West Hollywood on a sunny Wednesday afternoon. Photos: Limelight. +5 under!

  • paige from EG

    thats wierd because hes shooting the NIGHTMARE ON ELMSTREET at my school today. and he started shooting on tuesday at the other high school.its like 5 in the morning in illinois [im up to go to school to make breakfast for the teachers.. hehe] and they start shooting around 6 this morning.. wierd.. hahahha

    heres a link to a picture of the people changning the front of our school (:

  • Anonymous

    i know im just saying joe looks amazing, this guy too

  • Jane

    i don’t think his face is hot, but he’s god a good body. good thing he’s going to an acting class, some twilight people REALLY can’t act!! but I think he’s alright

  • sophie

    omgggggg hottt as

  • kristennnnnn*

    OMGoodness!!! he is soooo HOT! =)

  • kellans_uk_bitch

    omfg i love him he looks so hot in those pics
    loving the muscle
    love his blonde curly hair
    ok yeah I love him lol. This guy can do no wrong in my eyes

  • AllYouSuckaMC’sAintGotNuthinOnMe

    damnnnn, he’s fucking sexy.

  • Anonymous

    haha ayy no ur not!

  • Shannon


  • yoo

    Ayy bitches im the first!

  • reenuh


  • punk’d

    Joe Jonas is getting his muscles back. i love it
    he is getting ripped!!

  • Hersixth

    HOTTT <3

  • Anonymous

    freaking sexy ass

  • reenuh


  • Anonymous

    Dumbass thats not Joe Jonas!

  • Anonymous

    He looks gross in those clothes
    And the sunglasses? So arent working for him
    And the MURSE!
    Wtff man
    I want the sexxxy Kellan, not this faggy one

  • Anonymous

    its not joe!

    who is this tho?

  • Anonymous

    Damn…not bad, not bad at all ;)

  • Youve Got Mail <3333333333

    Those trousers are TERRIBLE, theyre like flares … eugh.
    Hes a good looking guy but always wears clothes that are probably really expensive but look like sh*te.
    Loving the big guns though,

  • shellbell

    Something about a broad naturaly muscley looking man just does it for me. I don’t care what he is wearing, hejust always looks good :)

  • A.

    He looks gross in those clothes
    And the sunglasses? So arent working for him
    And the MURSE!
    Wtff man
    I want the sexxxy Kellan, not this faggy one


    Maybe he wants to fit in with the locals….

    (west hollywood = one of the biggest gay villages in the US

  • Steph

    Get that guy some scotch-tape b/c he is CUT!

  • fghfgh

    haha nice hair:P

  • Rose

    Mhmmmm love his muscles.
    He’s recently been looking more bulked up.

  • mel

    he is hot.. but for some reason i like him in dark hair..
    still sexy! lol.

  • Hannah <3

    He is Kellan Lutz. He plays Emmett in the Twilight series.
    An he’s effing sexy. (: Haha.

  • rose

    he’s so hot

  • baja

    holy mother of jesus he is sexy. i want to take a bite out of my computer right now.

  • Anonymous

    I just jizzed in my pants

  • justjessica

    oh my oh my oh my
    i would jump him if i saw him
    i would be like emmettttttttttttttttttttttttttt
    and he’d be like no sorry i’m kellan
    and i’d be like DON’T CARE do me know please and thankyou
    yummmmmmzaaaaaaaaa la bananzaaaaaaaaaaa

  • Judilynnfudge

    He has bad hair he should die it back dark
    and he is never on 90210 anymore. wtf!?

  • crazykayz

    he’s not actually part of the official cast

  • laura

    i saw him on monday evening. i was on my way to a varsity fanclub show i was on on hollywood and vine. and i rolled down the window and screamed ” kellan i love you” and he yelled back ” i love you more, drive safe”… he looked soo cute he was walking towards his car. a blank infinity

  • Anonymous

    videos from taylors concert are up!! watch this the crowd say joe jonas sucks!!!!

  • Anonymous

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  • necocss