Jake T. Austin And Keana Texeira COULD YOU BE THE ONE Duet

Jake T. Austin
recording debut ‘Could You Be The One’ with Keana Texeira of The G-Girlz. The pair collaborated on the song prior to Jake going back home to New York.

Keana performed the song at Lollipops and Rainbows Foundation. Living nightmare, please contact us if you know how to convert MP3 to AVI.

  • Anonymous


  • Steph

    How did that girl get to perform on that big stage with dancers? She sucks bad…

  • .

    She’s horrible.

  • Lisa

    heyy i know how to change from video to mp3

  • Sophie

    he sings now too? lmao

  • Anonymous

    That’s right Keana coming from someone whose seen you perform in person, you are so beautiful and talented and I love your voice and music

    I especially love this song with Jake its so cool!

    Thank you for being such an inspiration, don’t forget haters are just jealous

  • Anonymous

    Keana don’t listen to the negativity/jealous people. :)

  • Amy

    Jake is sooo adorable. I bet he’s going to be sooo hot when he gets older :)

  • Anonymous

    omg shes so beautiful and amazing at singing and dancing! goshhh u gotta luv all these jealous haterz! haha

  • micah

    Saw her live onstage last saturday and she was not lipsyncing. i love keyana she is so gorgeous in real life!

  • http://myspace.com/tata_gui_bia Talita Daniele Austin

    Jake is sooo adorable. I bet he’s going to be sooo hot when he gets older :) [2]
    hahaa, i agree, of course!! ;D

  • matina

    She cant sing , its too sqqueaky and shes only kinnda famous cause she know jake and jansen pannetiereeeeeeeeeeee1

  • Meg

    she cant sing

  • Vanny987

    That video was her performance during the Miley Cyrus event last Saturday. I watched her soundcheck with Miley’s brother’s band, somethin’ Randy? She was totally performing live for sure.

    Then security whisked her off somewhere w/ Justin Gaston (Miley’s bf), Miley’s mom Tish, and their entourage.

    She’s totally prettier than Tiffany Giardina (Tiffany’s ewww!!)

  • sara

    i loove jake.!

  • Anonymous

    check out

    If you’re a Jonas Brothers fan. :)

  • Anonymous

    oh gawshh…Keana went to my school when she lived in Tennessee. I can’t believe how beautiful she’s gotten :)

  • http://fsfw Doryx

    Am i the only one that doesnt see Jake?

  • LaurenBaybee[x

    weres jake?

  • Hahaha

    Jake wasn’t there. He’s not really friends with Keana anymore since the G Girlz split.

  • Anonymous

    Keana is super sweet you guys should give her a chance! my friends and I took pics w/ her last saturday before she performed. The vid doesn’t do her justice, in person she’s stunning.


    After the show, she waved at us from the balcony of the hard rock cafe with Miley and Billy Ray.

  • Kelli

    what is this bullshit?? LOL

  • Anonymous

    lmfao that sucks haha

  • delani

    whoah how old is she?
    way too much makeup and attitude for such a girl

  • Stephanie

    I’m still trying to figure out why OceanUp is randomly trying to make horrbile no-names famous…

    Tiffany is famous because of Nick.
    G-Girlz? Awful.
    Savvy and Mandy? Slightly better, but still awful.
    Tony Oller? Can’t act OR sing, but at least is on tv…
    Then there were two other girls a while back whos names I don’t even remember that no-one liked…

  • KaleluvsKeana

    you can totally tell she’s NOT lip-syncing. how do u figure she’s not singing for real? it’s obvious she’s singing w/ her real voice

  • Jadelilly

    um.. that is the worst lip syncing job i have ever heard….. It was pathetic. wow.

  • KaleluvsKeana

    I own this girl

  • delani

    okay, i take back my comment earlier.
    i’m not one to judge

  • Anonymous

    ummm am i blind or somfink cuzz i ddnt see jake!

  • Anonymous

    jake wasn’t there. it was just his voice they used in the recorded version.

    she isn’t going to become anything big. she’s like jordan pruitt. she’s alright. not a fan or anything. she should have stayed in the group she was in with that other girl.

  • Mary

    where’s Jake ?? °-°

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    i was there too! i did see her w/ justin gaston and miley’s fam posing for pics. we tried to take pics but security blocked them off


  • AustinStreetTeam

    I totally agree about Savvy and Mandy being horrendous. Have you ever seen them perform live? Yikes!!

  • Anonymous

    It’s Tiffany Giardina version 2 except she sucks even more.

  • Anonymous

    Keana is a great person and those of you people who are writing negative things obviously have not had the pleasure of meeting her yet. and she is very pretty!

  • Anonymous

    Maybe because Oceanup is trying to help out the rising stars by getting them out there. How do you think all these stars became famous and well known .. it takes time. Give them a break.
    Tiffany is awesome
    The G Girlz when they were together were very cool and now that they split up they both have solo careers and are still awesome.
    Savvy and Mandy are great.
    Tony Oller can actualyl sing pretty well and is a great actor!
    I lvoe all the upcoming stars. It shows that they want soemthing that they are strongly driven towards and Oceanup is helping them reach their goals faster. :)
    good job Oceanup!

  • Wouldn’t you like to know

    That is the most awful thing I have heard in my entire life.

    Besides Danny Gokey’s scream, of course.

  • Anonymous

    I love this song! I personally met Kiana and she is one of the most gracious accommodating celebs I’ve ever had the pleasure of crossing paths with.

  • Anonymous

    are they going out

  • 08

    i thinkher dancing and singing is alright but she could use some singing lesons.i like her hair its long and curly.

  • 08

    i whish jake could have preformed (im a big jake fan) with her it would make the performens so much better but still it was ok.