Taylor Momsen I Really F-ckin Love You

Taylor Momsen and her band Pretty Reckless performing ‘I Really F-ckin’
Love You’
at their first ever show at The Annex on May 5. Thx LVLewitinn!

  • Anonymous

    what happend to the kuet little cindy lou-who..=[=[

  • amy

    everyone’s saying ‘oh she’s 15, she needs to stop being sexy’ ‘she shouldn’t be swearing.
    HA. are you joking me?
    have you been to a high school recently?
    seriously, just because she’s not trying to conform and appeal to the uneducated, uncultured ‘tween’ culture doesn’t mean she doesn’t have talent or staying power.
    look at the most succesful artists, how many of them are singing about living a double life?
    it’s quite obvious that the people commenting on this are so deep-set in the fact that jonas brothers/miley cyrus are the pinical of musical talent that they refuse to open their minds to anything else.
    she’s capturing brit-rock at it’s best and will do well for herself, and is probably thanking her lucky stars she wont have screaming tween fan girls at her gigs.

  • oraclebop

    I’m 12 and I watch Gossip Girl and love her.
    I mean I love her and I’m a fan of Miley Cyrus and JB.
    She isn’t trying to be that. She isn’t appealing to that audience. And that’s why I love her.

  • nigggie

    What is this bug going around that’s giving actors/actresses the idea that they can sing?

    Stick to your overrated show, Taylor. Leave the music to the people who can actually sing/perform.

  • hey

    i bet her mom’s proud… (sarcasm)

  • beccaa?

    uhmmm, listen to muse, adele, amy whinehouse, lilly allen. shes a wannabe.

  • Anonymous

    No pun intended…but what the fuck is she doing?
    That was almost embarassing to watch. I have no idea what I would’ve done if I was there.
    Haha honestly, she’s the reason I stopped watching GG. Because Jenny was just so damn annoying.
    My opinion? Girl needs to stick to ACTING or get out.

  • Steph

    Just think people. She was almost our Hannah Montana. She would have been a disappointment for Disney if they had ended up giving her the role. And why would anyone aspire to be Courtney Love? Idk why, but for some reason she seems to…

  • Anonymous

    Ick. There’s “edgy” and “different”,then there’s just straight up bad. This is most certainly the latter. It’s a bad song, at least on the grounds of lyrics. The music is kind of giving me a headache. Her voice isn’t that bad,but I don’t think I’d ever listen to this again.

  • Anonymous

    check out

    If you’re a Jonas Brothers fan. :)

  • C

    She’s actually not that bad. I bet you if she wasn’t on GG and if she was older, people would actually like her singing if they’re into that type of music. Her voice is mature and low, and it fits this song nicely in an odd way… I’m not a fan but she’s really not THAT bad at this type of music.

  • Anonymous

    omfg i do too! omg i thot noone could be so tone deaf as me but i found u!

  • Anonymous

    ummm…. that was horrible

    she doesnt even sound good

  • jhfiu


  • http://twitter.com/YoAshleigh Ashleigh

    Then we’re lucky this isn’t Miley aren’t we, hon?
    If this was Miley’s song or had anything to do with Miley, I’d see your point but it’s not and I don’t.

  • Anonymous

    :D first

  • jenn

    wow, she sucks. i liked her better in gossip girl season 1. what a poser. stop wearing so much fucking eye makeup, you look like a raccoon.

  • team switzerland

    oh god.
    i love her in GG and as an actress.
    but pleaseee don’t sing!

  • http://secret-circle.info/ Ann-Marie

    I kinda actually like this song!

  • olivia

    is she drunk?

  • ( o )( o )

    I prefer Courtney Love.
    Sorry Jenny
    Go be a fashion model or something.

  • Anonymous

    i just thought of if i decided i wanted to be a singer and sang that what my parents would say
    but whatever its catchy i guess

  • *jonascyruslovatolove*

    I LOVE her, didnt know she could sing like that x]
    I’m not into that type of music so I cant say that I like it :P But she’s better at acting..
    I cant believe she was considered to be Hannah Montana! haha x]

  • Ash

    I can’t believe she is up there swearing while wearing rosary beads lol.

    But anyways, this song is kinda good. I like it.

  • Anonymous

    She hasn’t got a bad voice…I’m sure it would be great it she sang a song that was a bit more normal, haha. The song isn’t bad, but it just isn’t flattering for her voice. She does NOT sound 15 though! She looks, acts, and sounds like she’s about 24 or something.



  • Anonymous

    kinda like it
    her voice is like super deep and like raspy and i kinda dig it.

  • Anonymous

    get a life

  • jonasloverforever!

    i like her on gg.
    buuut her singing is uhhm?
    not verry good.
    the song is kinda catchy though…lmao

    but she sounds kinda bad!

  • Anonymous

    shes a better actress
    like she kinda looks and is acting drunk, its not even a good song

  • Anonymous

    oh god hahahahah

  • Anonymous

    god!she sucks.shes trying too hard

  • Anonymous

    someone needs to tell courtney love her clone escaped

  • Anonymous

    what happened to her ? ):
    i was obsessed her . then when i stopped for a while and decide to check again, she’s all amy winehouse-ish .
    but it’s a good thing . lurb you taylor :]

  • shavonne Davis

    wow she is really fucking terrible…likeshe is awsome in gossip girl but nope not workin tthe singing thing

  • Anonymous

    Love her on GG, but she reminds me of a mini Courtney Love here. :/

  • M

    THANKYOU! :)

    THANKYOU! :)

  • shannon

    nice :) She sounds good live. i think she tries to sound british when she sings though. like the veronicas or natasha bedingfield.

  • LA LA

    umm the veronicas are austrialian

  • Anonymous

    omgsssh i loveed it
    && who cares if she does drink && smoke
    like you dont have friends that do that
    come on leave the girl alone!

  • holly

    actually, many love Miley Cyrus and Taylor Momsen. i am by no means a Taylor Momsen fan, but im sure more people love her than you.

    get a life, rather than insulting people over the protection of your own computer screen.

    im not into this kinda music. but whatever makes her happy i guess :) let them live, just cos theyre in the public eye doesn’t make them aliens. they still have feelings!

  • Anonymous

    she has talent.
    what do you have?(:

  • Anonymous

    I don’t care how old this girl TRIES to act, it just doesn’t seem acceptable for a soon-to-be 16 year old to write about provocatively displaying herself towards a guy, so he’d ask her to be his girlfriend.

  • Anonymous

    WOW, i really dig it haha.
    looks like a good time (:

    I had my concerns but i’m excited
    to hear more stuff now.

  • beccaa?

    yes only a wannabe.
    if she stop trying so hard && was like 5 yrs old, she’d be freakin RAD. but, no, shes like “uhhhhm; seriously?!?!?!”

  • Anonymous

    i dont really like her on GG
    but this is fucking tight
    i like her a whole lot more
    kinda reminds me of courtney love or blondie with swear words

  • http://myspace.com/85503753 rose

    i know that kind of makes me mad! hah.

    i dont like the song :/

    but thats okay, cause i really dont know/care who she is cause i dont watch gossip girl.

  • oh hai!

    Lol :D

  • ApplesOrangeAndGrapeJuice

    La la la la.
    La la la la.
    I really fuckin; hate this.

  • beccaa?

    ehh ok. its an ok song. its like mature, the the actual lyrics kind of suck. her voice is ok. shes an ok preformer. its looks like shes trying too hard though.
    alos, shes only like, what? 15? seriously, you know she’d do better if she’d try less to rockish & like sexy && just slow down in general. other than that, i like her. cool style, too.

  • Anonymous

    kathleen hannah rip off

  • jonas

    um i kinda like it… its really wierd but I can see my self jamming out to it

  • doodle

    That was actually really good. Newsflash not everybody wants to act like a “role model” just because she wants to live a different lifestyle than you doesn’t mean YOU have the right to judge. Get over it she has a “scandalous” song and who cares if she’s 15 I think she’s pretty rad.

  • hey

    The lyrics aren’t that great.
    She’s trying really hard, and her voice randomly is really squeaky and annoying at times, but..
    people have got to give her credit, she is only 15 afterall.

  • heather

    holy crap she looks like a stripper!! ‘do u wanna get inside me’ wile pulling up her dress??? where are her parents

  • Anonymous

    I don’t like Courtney Love. So I REALLY don’t like this wannabe courtney shit.

  • Awk

    Okay I get it if it’s not YOUR type of music
    because you still listen to Barney’s Sing-Alongs
    or whatever you think is cool but that doesn’t mean
    she sucks. She genuinely likes this genre of music
    and if you know anything about the music scene in
    New York you’d know this is actually pretty good.

  • Anonymous

    1. who in the world would let there FIFTEEN year old daughter sing this?
    2.She cant even sing!!
    3. Im not positive on what Rosmary Beads are but i know that they are important in the Cathlic religion. and she is singing that..WOW>


  • http://www.fukit.com sommer

    she sucks,

  • Anonymous

    I really fucking love it :D
    It’s Beaut :D

  • beccaa?

    ok, now imagine that as HANNAH MONTANA….

  • steph

    what was that weird thing she was doing with her voice, the song was like meaningless “i used to like no i fucking love you”… yeah, your point? lmao…

    so glad she didnt become hannah montana that would have been the end :|


    sikk glam rock is BACK!!!

  • Kristen

    I just started watching GG and i LOVE it!
    She was and kinda still is one of my favorite characters
    But i dont like her swearing
    I mean she is only 15
    I dont understand how thats even legal to let her swear on the show and everything.. haha idk

  • Rubi G.

    I LOVE IT!!!

  • Anonymous

    she has an unique voice and i like it

  • Anonymous

    luv her in GG and she isn’t that bad. lol

  • https://twitter.com/laurengonewildx laurennnnn:)

    i can tell i’m gonna like this band
    i love this song
    the lyrics suck balls but then again, most music today isn’t too great lyricaly

  • Anonymous

    Wow that was like the worst thing I’ve ever heard. She is horrible, and seriously…15 years old? Her parents need to do something about that. I use to really like her because of GG but not much now.

  • kaylie.

    ew, sorry.

  • Anonymous

    k i dont understand why everyone is so upset with her
    swearing? uhm so what if shes 15?

  • sophie

    i cannot believe she’s 15!!! and u say miley looks older than she is…

  • Anonymous

    She’s contraversial, I love it.

  • Anonymous

    this is what happens to someone who gets denied the role of hannah montana.

    it’s a good thing this isn’t miley. lmfao

  • Alyssa

    pretty f-n bad

  • Anonymous

    What is she wearing?
    … a night gown?

  • Anonymous

    nice :) She sounds good live. i think she tries to sound british when she sings though. like the veronicas or natasha bedingfield.

    the veronicas arent brittish nor do they sound brittish… they’re aussie (like me) and people, meaning americans, always mix aussie accents with brittish ones…its is really guitar annoying… but onto Taylor…I think she should stick to acting…

  • Anonymous

    she’s fucking good;
    i was honestly expecting a bad voice.

    when i heard the preview i wsa shocked.
    now i hear her sing live and i’m still super shocked.
    she has a good voice it’s strong and firm.

    i always hated her too.

  • Vicki (tx pride)

    She sounds like courtney love O_o

  • Anonymous

    i mean, i like the song. but she’s still 15 years old. SHE’S YOUNGER THAN ME and I would never sing a song like that, my parents wouldn’t let me either! hahah
    i just think she’s trying to hard. she has alllll the time to mature when she’s older and enjoy her childhood still

  • Taylor

    I dont know who little kids half to look up to these days. Shes a little kid saying
    fucking and getting inside of someone. She must have really good parents
    Her voice is so screechy she sounds like a boy going through puberty. Your 15
    Taylor I really fucking hate your song. And no one wants to get inside of you.

  • Anonymous

    wow isn’t she like 15

  • Anonymous

    Oh geez.

    Another product of our over sexualized culture, great.

  • beyyytchhh.

    such a stupid song, really.

  • o_O

    wenever i see her, i cant rmber that shes only frigging 15 years old o__o. btw not really liking the song..at..
    all…stick to acting i luv GG ;D. just not her singing

  • I kind of like this song! I like her…she doesnt put on an act!

  • https://twitter.com/laurengonewildx laurennnnn:)

    okay to all the people who says she can’t sing: ANYONE CAN SING!!
    and when i say that i mean…well let me just explain it like this
    music and singing is kinda like painting
    there are all types of painting styles out there
    you just can’t go wrong!
    this is her style of singing
    it’s different and believe it or not, some people actually enjoy it (me)

  • Jane

    She. Is. Awful! That’s not even her real voice. And she thinks she is so good…she is NOT!

  • laurenn

    what a great role model…

  • Anonymous

    1. who in the world would let there FIFTEEN year old daughter sing this?
    2.She cant even sing!!
    3. Im not positive on what Rosmary Beads are but i know that they are important in the Cathlic religion. and she is singing that..WOW>

    What a shame she’s too young for this nonsense and I didn’t realize at first she was wearing rosary beads,yeah that’s not even right with her swearing and all that

  • Vicki (tx pride)

    Um yeah aussie accents sounds nothing like British accents idk how anyone would mix those up either.

  • xxx

    Taylor is not a Disney star and should have no pressure to be a good role model. It’s different and I like that. if you mainly listen to the Jonas Brothers and Miley Cyrus you won’t like this type of music, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t good. Joan Jett was a great artist, but she didn’t care about being a role model. If being a role model means censoring yourself it’s just not worth it.

  • Taylor

    no one is comparing her to the jonas brothers or miley. shes a crazy 15 year old
    who will most likely end up in rehab before shes 18. She lives alone smoke cigs and
    drinks. How should anyone not be saying she is just 15? She is! Most 15 year
    olds cant go off singing songs about someone inside of them and swearing their asses

  • jackie

    its alright
    shes not a really good singer and the sound is very different
    but idk
    and is she really 15? cause i’m 15 and i don’t know any girl that looks like that

  • Anonymous

    If you watch the other video shes amazing!
    Different, but very good!

  • Anonymous

    SHES 15?!

  • Sophie

    oh wow
    shes my age
    and shes singing “i really fucking love you” to all her fans
    thats… interesting. haha

  • Anonymous

    thank God she didn’t get the part of hannah montana!

  • Taylor

    who littles kids have to look up to* computer spell check turned it into half
    dk why

  • Anonymous

    i bet she have sex since she’s 14

  • Anonymous

    thank god she didnt get the part hannah montana.. that
    would ruin disney channel

  • Maddie

    yeah… what kind of 15-year-old should be singing “i really fuckin love you” or “get inside of me” or “touch me”

  • Anonymous

    honestly? she’s not that bad. i think it’s impressive that a 15 year old was able to write this kind of music and rock it as best she could. yeah, she’s a little awkward onstage, but her voice pretty much follows the recording. she might be trying to grow up too fast, but it’s cool to see this in contrast to the squeaky-clean disney image that’s out there. it’s the equivalent of high school kids starting a band. they try stuff to see what works and what doesn’t and if this is what she wants to try then all the more power to her.

  • Anonymous

    she looks like courtney love

  • Anonymous

    Oh please,Anyone can write a song like that:

    ‘Im 15 years old
    im cindy lou who
    fuck me touch me
    i try to sound british
    lalallala i fuckin love youuuu
    get inside of me im so hardcore
    my mom is a blind bitchhhh’

    ok i love her in GG,but lately she’s trying too hard to be a rocker.

  • keems

    isnt she like 14?

  • Bianca

    she sounds like the yeah yeah yeah.

  • Anonymous

    Yeah she’s 15,still a CHILD and it’s ridiculous that her parents or whoever her guardian is supposed to be allows her to live like this. She obviously has little or no parental involvement or guidance in her life and it’s sad,she’s most likely headed for disaster.

  • Claire

    she needs better stage presence. that was awkward.
    they could be big

  • Lucy


  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    she sounds like selena with thet squeaky hoarse kind of scream.
    taylor. go back to cigs and plz shut up

  • Annette

    i like her better as an actress but shes not completely horrible as a singer

  • Anonymous

    Ignoring her age I think she has a nice punk rock vibe going on. She has bad stage presence but I’m sure it will improve throughout the tour.

    STILL I don’t think its appropriate for anyone her age to act like that.

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    haha is this a joke???

  • liarliarliar

    Wow, she can actually sing. Unfortuantely she has no stage prescense at all. Which is weird because she is an actress. Oh well.

  • Anonymous

    is she effing crazy???? but he’s lyk so wat??
    everybody says fucking ryt??? oh dont try and come clean


    uhmm she sucks balls

  • megaaaaann

    i like her actingg wayy better
    but her singing isnt bad, just a different styleee.
    & everyone getting mad cause she cussing, shes 15,most 15 year olds swear.
    soo keep doing what you love taylor(:

  • Anonymous

    actually, they do, in a way.
    i’m from britain & i have an australian P.E. teacher.
    london/cockney accents somewhat resemble australian ones. (:

  • Anonymous

    i honestly think she will get big. she has a unique
    voice and i really fuckin love this song lol

  • heytheere

    ew id rather be this then hannah montana with little 12 year olds being my fans

  • Anonymous

    i LOVE the jonas brothers but i love this song. she
    has a unique voice and i fuckin love it

    taylor is gonna be big, just watch u little tweenies

  • Anonymous

    If Miley had a song with the word FUCK in it, can you imagine all the hating on her there would be?

  • Anonymous

    shes only like, what? 14?

    oh please.

  • Anonymous

    the veronicas are australian

  • 3oh!3(:

    duuuuuuuude, ok then….
    this chick can’t sing worth a shit.
    and the song? wtf?

  • cat

    GO TAY TAY! I really love this song its like if i’m
    mad at some i love i can get over it by listening to this song and she did really well for her first

  • kelly

    what sane parent would let their fifteen year old daughter swear like that? I’d get slapped!!
    I like her on gossip girl, and if she was maybe, 18-20, I might like this.
    But seriously, she’s in a silk who-knows-what, cursing the world, holding rosary beads while she’s doing it, and touching herself in not-too-appropriate ways.
    It’s creepy, she’s fifteen.
    I’ve lost a lot of hope in her.

    Dear Taylor Momsen,
    I Really F-cking Hate You.
    xoxo, A previous fan.

  • Anonymous

    hahahaha wtff was that

  • kelly

    Oh, I forgot to ask!
    Is she drunk? Seeeeeemmmsss like it!

  • A.

    ok, now imagine that as HANNAH MONTANA….
    omg I wish she was hannah montanna
    people freak out when miley show a little shoulder
    taylor come’s up with this
    I’d love to hear what they’d say about her
    anyway taymom rocks & doesn’t care about what anyone thinks so you guys slaggin her off are wasting your time

  • Anonymous

    I am 15. This is not a good thing for her 2 b doing

  • Anonymous

    big deal