Taylor Swift LOVE STORY Later Live

Taylor Swift performs ‘Love Story’ Later Live with Jools Holland on May 5.

  • No Bitchassness


  • youknowme;)jk

    ugghhh me tooo! i used to LOVE this song but
    when you keep playing songs time after time the
    ones that are your fav you
    get sick of them. sad really

  • Natalya

    ummm i totally agree! U know this is probly the worst performance ive ever heard of her! She cannot sing one note in key

  • Anonymous

    check out

    If you’re a Jonas Brothers fan. :)

  • Anonymous

    dude. why are you on every taylor post if you clearly dont like her. no use. i like her, i loved the performance. done. i get why im here, but why are you and why are you listening.

  • Anonymous

    aw. very nice. very nice. cute outfit too.

  • gina

    not to bad ms. swift.
    cute headband.

  • jana
  • Anonymous

    hmm maybe you shouldnt have pressed the play button, then it wouldnt have ever started. lol. just a thought.

    ps. so good. except i have completely moved to you ‘you belong to me’ as her single. UK keep up! lol. jk jk.

  • rebecccccca

    she is so pretty love her!

  • Anonymous


  • check it out girl.

    Wow, guys…
    What happened to her roots?
    This doesn’t even sound country here!

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    So, so, so sick of this song.

  • Maryy

    Beautiful :).
    She sounds good here.

  • laurenn


  • may

    Aww, I love Taylor Swift. She’s reppin’ for all the tall girls out there. 5 foot 7 angel from heaven here!

  • Anonymous

    maaaaaaaan She sucks live

    Taylor trying to be sexy = HuGe Fail

  • Maryy

    And i love her headband :].

  • Anonymous

    she sounds kind of off..
    still like her

  • MO!

    I love her!! :D


  • Anonymous

    She is so freaking pretty.Im jealous.

  • Anonymous

    Lmao, her moves are awkward.

  • Anonymous

    hahahah yeppp…
    she sounds kinda bad here (im a taylor fan dont worry!) i mean her voice is too low at some parts!

  • Anonymous

    love her but this was not her best performance
    the moves were akward and so was her voice :/
    but love taylor till the end :D

  • yooooooo

    anyone here no who Men Woman and Children the band is? i just listened to their songs…I LOVE TEHM!!

  • SJS

    OceanUp, please stop posting live performances of her. It really does her no good. Even most of her diehard fans think she stinks live, with the exception of the Grammys performance.

    At the beginning I had to laugh at how she was moving. It seemed a bit at odds with the fact that shes singing a soft pop/country love song. haha.

  • Anonymous

    i love taylor, but this was not one of her best performances.

  • Anonymous

    So, so, so sick of this song.
    so so so agree, but its still an amazing song, and taylor look sings and looks amazing as always. its just that thi sosng is played litteraly EVERY SECOND OF THE DAY ON EVERY RADIO FOR LIKE 6 MONTHS NOW

  • Anonymous

    How come her voice always sounds so empty when she sings live?

  • aNonymous

    Can she just get a girlfriend already?…she loves the ladies! New and interesting musical material for all you Taylor zombies to munch on!

  • is it just me or does she look like a blonde leighton meester before u press play

  • Sophia :)

    i love all of her song lyrics.


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    Hope you all have a great day! xo

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