Aly & AJ Michalka vlog:We know it’s been a long time since we’ve posted
a video. SORRY! We’ve been working on the new record so much that we’ve kinda been MIA. But now that we’re almost finished..

We decided to celebrate by rescuing a new dog! Isn’t that how you celebrate? haha. So say hello to the newest addition to our family.. Moneypenny!


  • - – – ` ( j b + m i l e y ) <3

    lmao , you KNOW you`re an attention whore when you name your dog moneypenny xD

  • mee

    Wonder how long before they shoot it for fun.
    wtf. seriously? if your trying to be funny, your doing a horrible job.
    they’re amazing. stop being jealous you fuck head.

  • laurennnnn:)

    lol is it just me or did the dog not look too happy?
    haha oh well
    props to them for rescuing it
    AJ’s kinda funny. she looks and acts EXACTLY like this girl i know whose name also happens to be AJ
    ironic much?

  • peppe michalka

    Love theeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeem <3

  • Anonymous

    Wonder how long before they shoot it for fun.

  • Anonymous

    check out

    If you’re a Jonas Brothers fan. :)

  • Anonymous

    so which one did Joe date?

  • Anonymous

    joe dated the one on the left, without the dog

  • Anonymous

    thats so fucking immature, like wtf. you’re sick. -_-
    they rescued a dog and obviously love it.


  • Anonymous

    Fuck you Bitch! They took in a dog off the streets fucking loser!

  • Anonymous

    You wouldn’t be happy either if you were living on the streets. It’s probably stoked now more than you’ll ever be…living in Aly & AJ’s pad and sleeping in their beds. You’re a dumbshit!

  • Anonymous

    her name is AJ…
    she’s amazing. best gf he’s ever had.

  • Anonymous

    Listen dumbassaes…the girls shoot at the shooting range. Since when does that mean they shoot things with heartbeats? Get an education! Aly & AJ know how to shoot firearms which is pretty badass if you ask me. If I ever had a home invasion, I would hope to God they were in my neighborhood. Marksman Aly & AJ! I love you both!

  • Anonymous

    omg i think i know you haha.
    what school do u go to???

  • Anonymous

    oh I’m the dumb one

    I didnt write that I was replying to it I agree with u those girls as amazng and I’m glad they learned to shoot and I know they would never shoot at a living thing

    U need to read carefully before u accuse people of somthing they didnt do

  • you don’t need to know

    That last thing was from me btw

  • Anonymous

    aww, the dog’ so cute:)

  • iSpeakTheTruth

    why i love them:

    1) this
    2) great unique voices
    3) extremely gorgeous
    4) genuinely nice
    5) both can actually act (unlike a wannabe group of siblings whose name ends w/ “Onas”)
    6) broke out of disney w/o doing something STUPID

    and wow this dog is sooo adorable!!!!!

  • you dont need to know

    Wonder how long before they shoot it for fun.
    dude seriously?!?!

    all of u immature people who cant keep their mouths shut about the fact that they went to gun rangs need to just leave…they went there for fun yes but it was for their just shut up about it already!!!

  • jonasloverforever!

    i love aly and aj!
    they are awesome!
    there soo pretty.
    and there music is amazing!

  • Lacey

    thats an adorable dog! I feel bad for it now…

  • bridget

    they’re so adorable. Props to them for rescuing a dog from a shelter. Most celebs just buy them from stores and the rescued animals get looked over.

  • Rose

    Awhhh major props to em’
    This vid made me gain so much respect for them.
    The dog is so cute.
    Glad to see they did this

  • Lacey

    thats not true, alot of celebs rescue animals.

  • Anonymous

    i LOVE their music.. (:
    cant wait for the album!

  • you dont need to know

    thats an adorable dog! I feel bad for it now…
    why would you feel bad for her shes in good hands…aly and aj are amzing owners to their dogs

  • you dont need to know

    aww so cute love her already

    cant wait for the new album its gonna kick butt

    new single next month too hopefully