Drew Seeley Little Mermaid Broadway

Drew Seeley will star in The Little Mermaid on Broadway this summer: ‘Starting June 9, you can catch me on stage every night playing Prince Eric in The Little Mermaid! I’m gonna take my flip camera with me so keep checking back..

..on YouTube. The show is a lot of fun, and you already KNOW how great the music is! So if you’re in NYC this summer, come see it, and stay to say hi to
me at the stage door! Much Love, Drew’
. Go here for more information.

  • Hannah

    your a little late OCEANUP!
    This was on radio disney yesterday dickheads!

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  • Anonymous

    he has beautiful eyes!!

  • Anonymous

    i think he sucks..

  • Vicci

    he was so cute in cinderallaaaa story.

  • Anonymous

    he’s so cute!!!!!!!!!! my friends dont like him but i think hes handsome

  • Vicci

    try hard.

  • Jane

    he trys way too hard

  • Jane

    somehow the fact that you listen to radio disney but then call them dickheads doesn’t quite make sense…

  • Anonymous

    check out

    If you’re a Jonas Brothers fan. :)

  • Anonymous

    i love him

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    he was not cute in cinderella story, but he is really
    cute in this photo and in this video!

  • Anonymous

    this guy is the creepiest guy i have ever heard of.

  • Anonymous

    he is adorableeee.
    i lovee himmm! (:

  • tessa 4

    class act
    go drew

  • Anonymous13579

    Thats mean. I just saw him in concert and he did really great:) He is the nicest person ever.

  • angelika

    he is cute
    love his eyes!

  • Anonymous

    his eyes are so beautiful!

  • Anonymous


  • http://oceanup.com teamdisney:)

    i just saw this last month. :( :( i wish he would have been in it then

  • june

    june 9 is my bday! yayy

  • jonasloverforever!

    his eyes are stunning!
    i saw him on tour
    with the hsm cast
    in o7…lmao.
    it was fuuuun!
    but anyways.
    his eyes are amazing!

  • wootadds@adsads.com

    He is cute (:

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