Ryan Sheckler Backyard BBQ Maryland

Ryan Sheckler pictures from Emma and Efron at Journey’s Backyard BBQ,
May 9 in White Marsh, Maryland. Emma: He was really nice, and had a lot of new tattoos; but you would tell he’s overworked and hates signing for people. He was mobbed half the time, I kind of felt bad for him. /:

Efron: My friend got there and me and her watched him skate and he waved to us! People were throwing things to get signed so security was like ‘no more’! But i was like ‘Ryan!’ and he looked up and I was like, ‘I missed my prom for this!’

[Because I did]. He said ‘that was a bad idea’ and smiled! I was like ‘will you sign my phone?’ Security said no but Ryan said ‘yeah dude she missed her prom give me her phone!’ So he signed it for me.’