Robert Pattinson & Girl In Beverly Hills

Rob Pattinson charmed & walked with a Kristen Stewart lookalike, Shannon Woodward, in Beverly Hills on Sunday morning. Robert and his new woman were seen leaving a hotel together earlier. Photos: Fame. Adding 10+

  • Anonymous

    they’re cute together.

  • me

    does anyoe else think she looks like alexa vega?

  • curious

    which one is robert and which is the chick?

  • sWEEZ



  • ellen

    cutee :)

  • ss

    i thought that was brittany snow for a second…

  • karla fuentes

    who is she ? is she an actress ?

  • Anonymous

    love himmm

  • Katie

    i’ll admit, i’m a bit jealous even if i’m not that big of a rob fan anymore.

  • Youve got mail <33333333333

    She probably not that short, its just Robs very tall (mmm)

    Hes 6ft1, i estimate shes about 5ft3
    Hes like a greek god lol

  • Devon

    That’s Shannon Woodward.

    She’s dating one of his best friends.

  • ellen

    cute! :)

  • Valerie Mullins

    She is a fucking bitch!!!!!!

  • Anonymous

    oh , yeah you wish

  • Anonymous


  • babyitsalright

    her name is shannon woodward, she was on the riches.

  • Emily


  • it’s me.

    he’s so hot :)
    love you rob!

  • kaitlyn

    shes short -_-

  • Anonymous

    yah uhm, she looks NOTHING like kristen stewart.
    really oceanup? really?

  • Anonymous

    she looks pregnant.

  • Anonymous

    She doesnt look ike kristen stewart,
    that chicks ugly..


  • wateradd

    i thought britney snow to!

  • alwaysmc23

    4’11 is legally a midget. wtf?

    i guess i am midget. =)

    He is so cute.

  • Anonymous

    She’s not ugly..
    she’s actually really cute :)

    jealous much?

  • Anonymous

    but that doesn’t mean he’s dating every single one of em. he could just be friends.

    and wooow , she does look like kristen stewart =/

    and yes. he’s so beautiful, why didn’t i see it before? :P

  • nikki

    eww, she looks like a boy!

  • sophie

    oceanUP! we need a new post =/

  • RobertPattinson

    Um this is not a kristen stewart lookalike and im NOT dating her. She’s just a very good buddy. Dont believe everything you see. Please, its for the best. -Rob P.

  • katie

    she looks really young….gotta love rob though. absolutely love his hair shorter like that and not so messy

  • Jeremih

    She looks like Zoey Deschanel in my opinion.

  • LALA

    poor thing he is hiding in his hoodie
    he is like paranoid about the paps and they still wont leave him alone

  • Anonymous

    HIS NEW WOMEN? c’mon oceanup..he’s dating kristen..

  • nicole(:

    really? are people always gonna freak if hes seen with another girl? its not that surprisng people. ill admitt hes hot but hes like with a new girl every freaking day.

  • Anonymous

    i would rather let him date her then that bitch named kristen

  • LALA

    SO SEXY!!!!!!!

  • Anonymous

    too bad if you check jjj, a superior site to this one (had to say it, everything is almost always posted there before it makes its way to oceanup), it says her name. it’s some chick he was in the studio with or something from the other day.


    whe looks nothing like kristen stewart!!!

  • HOT DAMN ;)

    she doesn’t look like kristen stewart AT ALL,
    not even if you squint your eyes and stand back 25 fett

  • margieedellasera

    maaan that girl looks WEIRD!!

    but to be honest rob is kinda weird TOO..
    soo maybe they are a good couple.. if that girl likes guys of coursee..

  • Anonymous

    You’re immature.

  • Anonymous

    she looks nothing like kristin stewart!

  • Anonymous

    she’s ugly o_O

  • kale

    he’s good looking but she’s ickky.

    i vote kriten!

  • angelika

    but she dont look alike kristen

  • anon

    Yeah, include me in the “she looks NOTHING like Kristen Stewart” club. I mean afterall, she is SMILING in one of the pix, isn’t she?

    Anyway, can’t believe I’m saying this but Patz looks really good here.

  • Kelsey

    that girl is actually really pretty she just looks ad here! look here to see ( thought she was ugly whne i 1st saw her 2) and they are not dating!

  • linnyb

    i thought it was selena for a moment….

  • Anonymous

    awww cute. i’m diggin’ their style.
    ps. she doesn’t look like kristin stewart.

  • lays

    he looks clean!

  • Hanna

    he looks pretty decent for once :)

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  • Anonymous

    check out

    If you’re a Jonas Brothers fan. :)

  • Steph

    Well it’s cool that she’s wearing TOMS. But it looks like they both could use a shower.

  • ilovejonaslovato!

    i like his sunglasses.
    there pretty awesome!
    i love it!
    and she does not look
    like kristen…lmaooo!

  • Anonymous

    wow really???, someone jealous

  • Marta

    I’m jealous just because she has chanel bag.

  • Anonymous

    hahaha that girl is my friends cousin.. thats funny

  • Anonymous

    4’9″ is legally a midget
    not 4’11”

  • gina

    i think she kinda looks like katy perry

  • Anonymous

    he is delectable. [:

  • Anonymous

    hahaha that girl is my friends cousin.. thats funny

  • amanda

    lol rob actually looks like he put effort in his apperance today :) lookin good as usual and how could you say this chick is ugly when you can barely see half her face behind her sunglasses wow

  • Anonymous

    she’s not that short…
    probably 5’2″
    it’s really not that short.

  • Gabi

    Um, i thought she wuz vanessa hudgens wen i 1rst saw dat 1 pic… weird right?

    urgen! I’m jealous now!

  • Anonymous

    thats Shannon Woodward. she good friends with Rob
    and also Katy Perry.

  • Anonymous

    Poor girl, has to walk around with that ugly thing
    Even if she rolled in mud, she would be cleaner than him

  • Anonymous

    so f-ing cute

  • :)

    Even though he’s a little cokee headd.
    He’s stilll cute ;)

  • Ashy

    atleast he shaves now!! yay

  • Robert Rocks

    She is U G L Y!!
    Ewww.. she look totally NOT like Kristen..
    Kristen is way prettier than this… anyone..
    Whatever, I hope this not to be hs girlfriend… He look just perfect next to Kristen..

    PS: She is lucky.. but i dont like her.

  • minchenxox

    UGTH !
    she really looks like a boy!
    … but I love Robert more if he’s single ;)

  • anna

    he is freaking hotttttttttt<3

  • Emo :)

    She looks like katy perry

  • Mrs. Pattinson

    I don’t understand you girls.
    If he’s alone the most of you hate him…
    I he’s with Kristen most of you hate him too…
    But if he’s with an unknow girl you love him?
    That doesn’t make any sence to me!
    But I have to say the truth… I envy her >:(
    P.S: – 1 day, Rob’s b-day!!:)

  • Anonymous

    5’2″???? 4’11” is legally a midget. pretty damn short if ya ask me

  • andy!

    he’s soo HOT! <33 haha

  • hb

    god his bloody hott

  • Anonymous

    Kristen Stewart look a like my ass…

  • Julie

    fuck HER!!! WHERES KRISTEN!!?!?!?!?!?

  • jackie

    she looks nothing like kristen!!
    kristen is way prettier

  • Mrs. Pattinson

    I don’t understand you girls.
    If he’s alone the most of you hate him…
    If he’s with Kristen most of you hate him too…
    But if he’s with an unknow (shorty) girl you love him?
    That doesn’t make any sence to me!
    But I have to say the truth… I envy her >:(
    P.S: – 1 day, Rob’s b-day!!:)

  • feathers

    this is not his “woman”, she’s his friend’s girlfriend.
    also, she doesn’t even look like kristen stewart…

  • Anonymous

    she looks like she couldd be hiss sisterr.

  • Anonymous

    she looks like david henrie

  • Anonymous

    5’2 is NOT that short.
    I’m 5’3.
    It’s average.
    Just cause some people tower over the clouds.

  • Anonymous

    whats oceanup’s email?

  • Claire


  • Anonymous

    yeah, she looks like brittany snow for a hot minute…

    anyhooot, robert’s looking quite the gorgeous man

  • Anonymous
  • May

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  • Anonymous

    i love roberts style!

  • Anonymous

    they arent dating right\\\\\\\/?

  • Anonymous

    it looks like they’re dressed alike!

  • Anonymous

    i looove rob! :P

  • Anonymous

    thats Zooey Deschanel actually.

    shes amazing assholes

  • passerby

    hope its nt e girlfriend cause i wish he is goin to b with kristen s.

  • Anonymous

    she’s SO much prettier than kristen.

  • Niny

    he’s hot. i wanna know who this chick is.

  • jerseygirl

    whats oceanup’s email?

    I hope you’re sending in something more interesting than this “news”. It’s boring as hell around here tonight.

  • Anonymous

    c’mon oceanup. quit fueling rumors! shannon woodward is dating one of rob’s best friends! ADD THAT TO THE INFO.

  • Anonymous

    LOL, oh Rob…you do not leave hotel rooms with a women by your side. It’ll cause things. (;

  • wertfgyh

    mmmm rob looks yummy here ;P

  • Jane

    They look like bums…