Disney Channel SUMMER AT SEA

Disney Cruise charitable Summer At Sea show with stars from JONAS, Sonny With A Chance & Hannnah Montana. Looks like it’s replacing canceled Disney Channel Games, SO SAD. New Princess Protection Program SCENE under!

  • Anonymous

    check out

    If you’re a Jonas Brothers fan. :)

  • sober

    i actually agree with you, when i think disney i think JB Selena Demi Miley. That’s all. Well they all have their own shows. Maybe that’s why but then again suite life- aren’t
    much in the spotlight.

  • hollie

    you forgot David Henrie….dumbass.

  • Anonymous


  • Summer

    mitchel musso is the sexiest thing alive on the planet earth! i love him so much!

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  • Anonymous

    sigh. lol

  • Anonymous

    how old are you guys jw

  • mileysnumber1fan

    Omg, I hope I win this contest to meet Miley Cyrus or get a phone call from her!!! :


  • Andy

    I dont know what ever happened to disney. they used to be so good.. theyre removing all the cartoons and bringing up shows like these :/
    i hate disney now..

    -Andy from blu ray creator and blu ray ripper software

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  • jerseygirl

    “SO SAD”?

    Tim – I’m loving all the commentary these days!


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  • Anonymous

    they go on a cruise thats it, are they at least gonna show it on tv

  • Anonymous


  • Aoife

    ppp looks shite!

  • Sydney


  • GallegosRae25

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  • deanna

    DC games were the shit and i couldnt wait to go to the taping again this year. so sad they werent around. im going on a disney cruise.. i wonder if theyll be people on there. but the big people arent, which is sad :|

  • Eve Cullen

    Doesn’t Chester from Disney 411 look JUST like Pete Wentz?!

  • deirdre

    they shouldn’t have stoped the DC games. i mean i always looked so forward to them every summer. :| i know they are all like going on tour and stuff but it can’t really take that long to make the DC games, this is just another thing that shows us that old disney is gone and we might never get any of that amazing stuff back. :( it’ so sad cuz disney was like amazing like 3 years ago, even just 2 but now everything is changing and the writing is terrible for the older shows like hannah montana. they are just giving up on it and trying to make JONAS funnier, which they are doing but it will never be as amazing as all the other shows were at the start. sorry rant over, basically they should just bring back the DC games.

  • anonymously

    first can’t wait for the summer at sea it looks exiting and also ppp

  • Anonymous

    Here’s who’s on board so far: Tiffany Thornton from Sonny With A Chance (July 9 & 12), Nicole Anderson from JONAS (July 9 & 12), Jason Earles from Hannah Montana (July 16 & 19), Mitchel Musso from Hannah Montana” (July 19), Jason Dolley from Hatching Pete (July 23 & 26), Debby Ryan from The Suite Life on Deck (July 30) and Alyson Stoner from Camp Rock (Aug. 2).

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  • BryonyLuvsJonasBrothers

    That’s rubbish Bring bak the DC Games…NOW!!!!!

    Petition to bring the DC Games back: Sign ur name here…

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  • SomeoneWhoKnows

    Yeah, thats upsetting that they are getting rid of the DC Games! I loved it and I really couldn’t wait for this years games’. It only take 3-5 days to film so they should have filmed it at the beginning of May like they did last year because people were going on tour. Man, if they did that than there would be a lot less angry Disney fans…

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  • BryonyLuvsJonasBrothers

    I’m so mad!!! Y do they hav 2 cancel it? It was so funny! And sure they may have not been as big last year but they were still brilliant! And it only takes like a day to film it! Bring them back

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  • Anonymous

    I miss Jasons long hair =(

  • lalallala

    do u ever notice that the main stars on disney are Miley,demi,selena and JB only?
    while others like jason earles,jason dolley,meaghan martin,anna maria,alyson stoner,mitchel musso,debby ryan,brenda song,sprouse bros,and others are like
    well,they make a wonderful big family :)

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    Here’s who’s on board so far: Tiffany Thornton from Sonny With A Chance (July 9 & 12), Nicole Anderson from JONAS (July 9 & 12), Jason Earles from Hannah Montana (July 16 & 19), Mitchel Musso from Hannah Montana” (July 19), Jason Dolley from Hatching Pete (July 23 & 26), Debby Ryan from The Suite Life on Deck (July 30) and Alyson Stoner from Camp Rock (Aug. 2).


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