Heidi Montag BLACKOUT, Hot Or Not?

The Hills star Heidi MontagBlackout’ official music video.

  • Katie

    okay really why do all her videos have to look homemade
    and why does she always have to be in a bathing suit on
    a BEACH? i mean really. she seems like she wants to show
    herself off she can’t sing and the video has nothing to
    do with the lyrics if you listen to them. this is just one of the worst videos i have ever seen.

    i am laughing so hard at thus piece of shit.

  • sophiestokes

    it’s catchy. people are focusing too much on her being a skank and not enough on the music.

  • Anonymous

    she really needs to go to the bathroom she doesnt stay still.
    &her boobs in the camera arent godly.

  • Anonymous

    ew why is she singing….she cant sing at all

  • Anonymous

    i like the song but not the video.

  • Anonymous


    wow this is stupid.

  • Anonymous

    i think i just threw up a little in my mouth

  • heidiloverxxoo


    shes a great role model too for young girls.

    seriously shes so gorgeous and beautiful, inside and most importantly out. :)

  • Anonymous

    i guess spencers a raper now to. thats what i heard on the radio.

  • :)

    ^ r u fucking kidding!!!!???? the world will practically go porn if she was a role model!!

  • Anonymous

    tell me why people make fun of the jonas brothers and naked brothers band music when shes right here.

  • Anonymous

    EWWWW i hate them… i hate her…. they disgust me..

  • Anonymous

    this looks more like a porno to me

  • Anonymous


  • Niny

    reminds me of Paris Hilton’s video. i love the song but the video is really bad.

  • heather

    i wish miley would make a music video like this. but as for songs–selena. miley makes real music that has meaning and requires vocal talent. so selena should cover the song.

  • jess

    um is this a joke?

  • raina

    she is hot but promoting music by being in a bikini does help….i like her songs but has she made one video in which she is wearing cloths???

  • Sarah

    They are so f*cking disgusting!
    And the poll doesn’t make sense…
    Why Selena & Miley !?

  • niggggie

    did she learn nothing from the ‘higher’ music video?

    stop letting spencer and his flesh colored beard make your videos.

  • Annette

    lol wtf is this, a home video?

  • Jenny

    she is such a hoe! she reminds me of paris hylton…they both think that just because they have money, they can act, sing, or do whatever they want….
    she can’t sing and the music video is like prono.

  • honest

    are you F*CKING kidding me!!!!!
    you just called a slut/pornstar(with no talent) a good rolemodel….
    are you serious?????
    i mean like…. people bash on miley and vanessa and stuff but her….


  • jess

    did a 2 year old make this video??cause it sucks as does the song and her.

  • Niki-McJonas

    Uhm, why are all her “music videos” in bikinis and on the beach ? She should stick to her little marriage to asshole Spencer and stop trying. -__-

  • Anonymous

    it reminds me of her first music video. dancing on the beach in a bikini. i think she needs a new idea, seriously.

  • Anonymous

    her implants are all over the place

  • haile

    This is oceanup.com NOT play-whore tv.

  • sara

    what the hell was that?
    it’s like she tries to make up for her lack of musical abilities with her boobs and ass. which, btw heidi, are not at all attractive when they are costantly being thrust at the camera.
    it’s like watching a sad video of a little 12-year-old’s attempt at being sexy.

  • Anonymous

    i was watching this and my mom walked in and thought it was porn. now i had to have my mother tell me it was perfectly natural to start thinking about being attracted to the same sex. thanks heidi, thank you.

  • ummmm

    hahahaha what a JOKE!

  • Anonymous

    ugh…put some clothes on.
    this is such a trashy hoe image.
    hollywood became such a disgrace.

  • Claire


  • Anonymous

    the video is so ugly and de song = oh my god please
    ammmmm one question….music video or porno?
    thank you! thats exactly how i feeel!

    and the person who said this too:
    for someone who claims to be very christian, this is
    certainly not any way to get people to take her
    seriously about that
    feel the same!

  • Anonymous


  • Misssssyyy

    why are all her videos her in a bathing suit. She needs to get some class, and dump Spencer’s ass.

  • Anonymous

    who cares about her talent…I would bang her in a second
    i would in less than a millisecond!


    i love her shess amazing and so what shes got a hot body 2 show off let her do what she wants iloveuhedi u r a good role model i wannab just like u

  • Anonymous

    i thought it was a porn movie..

  • Taylor

    Her without clothes is just coverup for her inability to sing.

  • beyyytchhh.

    lmfao, such much for calling herself a ‘jesus lover’.

  • i LiKE iT LiKE THAT

    this is crap!
    how in the hell is she in hollywood?
    well on the bright side obviously everyone can get a recording contract in hollywood!

  • Anonymous

    I…ugh…really? I have no words to describe how terrible this is! Yeah, definitely agree with the porn comments…oh my word she needs to STOP “singing” or whatever you would call that!

  • Anonymous

    I’m lucky I didn’t just vomit all over my keyboard. That was So. Bad.
    Gross. Gross gross gross.

  • Anonymous

    err the music video is so trashy :/

  • CassieLouise

    Okay I literally lol’d.

    Shes very hott, (no homo)
    buttt this music video & song ain’t.

  • Lain

    WTF are you kidding me, she is slidding up and down that rope…. and can she accutaly find a beathing suit that fits her FAKE boobs!!! I now that all the singers lip synce in their vids, but in this one.. there is NOOOO hidding it!!

  • Kaitlin C.

    Looks like porn to me.
    Crap is a better word for it but porn also will cover it.

  • ummmm

    hahaha what a JOKE!

  • kristin

    wow…its like paris hilton all over again..

  • monica


  • Anonymous

    ew, she sucks really bad & what kinda video is this?!
    shes moving so much andd shes looks like a porn star! lmao.
    wow, she sucks .

  • natx3

    Ohh my God. I literally laughed my ass off the whole time i watched this, i’m embarssed for her. Wow this looks like a REALLLY REALLY bad porno. Ha didn’t she learn anything from her first music video?! FAIL. & why does every one of her “music videos” have her be in a swim suite on a beach or whatever, DO SOMETHING THAT ACTUALLY RELATES TO THE SONG.

    Pooor girl, sucha embarrassment.

  • Anonymous

    Because Spencer films them, they’re such wannabe’s and Heidi could do SO much better without him

  • Anonymous

    seriously guys …just because she’s blonde and has big
    boobs she think that she can sing that’s totally crap

  • Anonymous

    I guess the economy is affecting everyone..we have Heidi attempting to sing..Spencer attempting to direct..

    and LMAO at the previous comment.

  • Anonymous

    is she on something?
    she can’t sing.
    she’s a total drama queen.
    and she’s as fake as her boobs.

    she needs to find a real job.
    that doesn’t involve making music videos that look as if they were made at her house on a digital camera.

  • Anonymous

    love the song hate the video

  • MelShannon

    Fake Hair, Fake Nose, Fake Boobs.
    I can’t help but laugh my ass off . This song is horrible and don’t get me started on the video.

  • def

    she has a horse face. terrible fake blonde hair and i hate her and spencer!!

  • keriana

    the video is so ugly and de song = oh my god please
    ammmmm one question….music video or porno?

  • Jessibessi93

    Music video or porno?

  • Anonymous

    The song is kinda ok but the video is SHIT

  • Anonymous


    shes a great role model too for young girls.

    seriously shes so gorgeous and beautiful, inside and most importantly out. :)


    are you kidding me..?
    implants, bleaching your hair, making videos that look like porn.
    apparently that’s what it takes to be a role model these days.. O_o

    she needs to find a new career.

  • selenagistheway2B

    thats like soft core porn

  • Emmmz

    Cute song, but the vid is life freaking soft core porn.

  • Anonymous

    she could do better than this
    i mean the girl has money

  • Brittany

    Seriously how is this a music video? Its complete CRAP!

  • wow

    how come in almost every music video she has he is wearing a skimpy bikini? some please clothe this hoe!

  • Abby

    Why do all her videos look like they’re homemade?
    She seriously needs to put some clothes on… or at least just stop singing period.

  • Anonymous

    another fantastic filming job done by thee one thee only, spencer pratt.
    way to go spence, i think you have a job in the porn industry in the near future

  • Anonymous

    true story.

    she has got to be kidding.

  • Anonymous

    is this spencers hideous directing again?

  • baja

    this is seriously the worst thing i have EVER SEEN!!! she cant sing AT ALL!! like its SHOCKING! she doesnt even know how to breath and she sounds like a fucking sick mouse.

    and i dont even need to say anything about the quality of the video because it is just…..dizzying.

  • xxImAWESOMExx


  • Anonymous

    Was it meant to be her or her boobs singing,i got
    confused 0_o

  • Anonymous

    hahaha your kidding right? shes trying to look sexy
    honey, go to girls gone wild
    she looks TRASHY!

  • Anonymous

    um…. sl*t

  • Anonymous

    for someone who claims to be very christian, this is
    certainly not any way to get people to take her
    seriously about that

  • Anonymous


  • anonymously


    ii seriously just
    went blind and deaf
    when ii saw this. :P

  • laurennnnn:)

    someone needs to tell this girl to put some fucking CLOTHES on
    i don’t think she realizes that people would have a lot more respect for her if she just stopped this whole trashy slut persona she has going on

    whatever…it’s too late
    i don’t think ANYONE would ever respect her

  • Anonymous

    who cares about her talent…I would bang her in a second

  • Ali

    was this homemade??

  • Anonymous

    haha cheap slut!
    please heidi… get a life

  • Anonymous

    are you crazy?????

  • Anonymous

    this is a music video? are you sure?
    i thought it was a porn movie..

  • Anonymous

    This looks worse than higher >_>

  • Anonymous

    what the heck was that…..?

  • Anonymous

    she remainds me of someone.. mm.. PARIS HILTON maybe?
    thats got to be bad..

  • Anonymous

    Just an excuse to show her body… ugh

  • Anonymous

    Move out ladies and gentlemen, we have a NEW Paris Hilton

  • Anonymous

    People, expect a new leak of nude pictures

  • Anonymous

    are her boobs the star of this video????

  • Anonymous

    Nah,nobody deserves to sing this kind of crap songs.
    Susan Boyle couldn’t make this sound good lol

  • brittney


  • anonymous

    why does she insist on singing..please just stop.

  • o:


  • Anonymous

    Selena should cover it cause its so frikken crap! so suits her perfectly =]

  • Anonymous

    Only Britney can pull off a song like this

  • erica`

    2 words.

    really?!?! & why?!?!?! ugh

  • Miraaa

    I mean the song isn’t THIS bad…if someone really good would sing it it even could be a hit.

    But this???
    You only see her boobs all the time! WTF?

  • Serena

    why do all here music videos include bikinis and a beach? and why is spencer always the one filming, its so cheesy! the whole music career things is like a big joke!

  • Anonymous

    if this is what our world has come to then when is the next flight out?
    because if this is considered music or art then i have officially given up all hope to ever correct the decadence that our society has experienced.

    oh sweet jesus.

  • Ashley<3

    That. Was. Terrible.
    Attention Horror

  • Anonymous

    too many boobs, too much almost-striptease, too bad… she looks like a slut, after ive seen this crap i def dont like her! urrrrgh

  • Anonymous

    ummmm….. i’m shocked rite now let me beat my head a little bit so i can forgot i saw that!!! it was soooooooooooooo badd!!! it looks like a porno, she DEFINATELY!!!! can NOT sing at all. she doesnt noe
    how 2 sing properly escpecially the breathign part!!!!!!!!!!!! this video is freaken crap and its
    also her way to get attention cuz her and spencer are
    2 freaken massive famewhores they pose 4 any occasion whether its helping in community service or walking down the street. i swear if i see her annoying ugly ass face in the street i’d punch her i dont noe how shes famous
    because heaps i mean HEAPS of people are MUCH more talented than her and this video looks like a porno because it probs is… mayb its a leaked vid but shes saying is her “music” video lol i used 2 feel kinda sorry for her because of the hills but seriously now shes freaken annoying every single one of the hills
    star ther crap actors and its not even a reality
    tv show!!!! shittiest music video it doesnt even look like one

  • Anonymous

    what a skank.

  • jackie

    are you kidding? really? this is horrible this girl needs to get help
    her and her nasty husband are insane they are a complete joke to the

  • Anonymous

    check out

    If you’re a Jonas Brothers fan. :)

  • Shae

    she can’t sing
    she can’t move her body well AT ALL.
    rofl. that’s so sad! It’s all trying to get you in love
    with her body but she’s just so bad at moving you’re just
    like yeah right.

    this is REALLY stupid. besides if she was gonna be getting “sexy” it should be with a guy- not with herself LOL!

  • http://www.myspace.com/thejobrosforever kenzieton

    i have a feeling spencer directed it,again.
    but she needs to either
    1) stop singing
    2)find some decent clothes that cover!

    but that brightened my day, because i was laughing so

  • Anonymous

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