Jordin Sparks BATTLEFIELD New Song

Jordin Sparks new song ‘Battlefield’. Huge Summer hit?

  • yanyan

    david archuleta said its amazing. on his twitter

  • Anonymous

    im a fan but not really feeling this song sorry

  • Sarah

    It’s good but don’t think it’s gonna be a summer hit…
    And don’t think ‘Paranoid’ is that bad, just think
    the song is a bit weird

  • ilovejonaslovato!

    i love it!

  • Crista. :)


  • sarah

    it’s cool :)
    wonder if she’s coming with the jonas brothers to europe too (at the world tour)?!

  • Anonymous

    check out

    Check out the site if you’re a Jonas Brothers fan!

  • :D

    i think this song is pretty good :),
    and i love the jonas brothers,
    so i think its great that her and jb are going on tour together this summer! :D

  • Anonymous

    Loving this song!

  • Sue


  • Anonymous

    i like it…. pat benatar

  • Anonymous

    first off i LOVE PARANOID!! and second, jordin is a
    great singer. cant wait for the tour

    love jonas

  • Lisa Jonas

    this song is amazing!

  • SJS

    Not the catchiest song, but I still like it. She has a fantastic voice. I’m glad she’s going on tour with the Jonas Brothers. :)

    PARANOID is on itunes NOW! :D

  • meghan

    the song is a bit boring. :/
    and I’m not really liking the new JB single either.
    they can do a LOT better.

  • mary

    WHOO i love it. i love jordin. SOO good.

  • Laura

    I really like it i think its awesome :)
    IV FINALLY REACHED 600 SUBSCRIBERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • anonymous

    LOVE it:)
    HATE paranoid. gayest song they’ve done.
    i like only like a few jb sorry and burnin up..but really they can do so so so much better! also, there voices still need to mature a little..

  • jmr=]

    I like this song a lot.

    Yeah, I don’t like paranoid either. Idk wtf they were thinking with that one.

    But yeah I love Jordin. =]

  • Anonymous

    I love Jordin, I seen her and Joey Page last summer… BEST SHOW EVER!!!

  • jobrolovaaa

    i really love it.
    i think itll do great on radio.
    cant wait to see her perform.
    amazing singer.

  • mimi

    i love jordin sparks she has such an amazing voice!! love tattoe song!!

  • Anonymous

    I thought that picture was Demi Lovato! haha