Savannah Debby Ryan Dodger Drivers

Savannah Outen uploaded new Myspace pictures. She went to a Dodgers games and out to Dave N’ Busters with Debby Ryan, Savvy & Mandy. 10+

  • Jane

    Debby is the prettiest…I think she’s gorgeous

  • Anonymous


  • wtf

    those girls are hella ugly !
    they are srsly unknown!

  • lalala

    debby ryan is seriously stupid,
    she’s in the worst show on disney.
    it should be cancelled.
    after ashley tisdale left it sucks more than it sucked before.

    i used to like savannah now i think she’s annoying.
    like, get your chin done, it’s ugly and weird.
    she’ll NEVER make it big unless she gets a makeover.
    it sucks but it’s true.

    this publicity stunt is FAIL.

  • Ashlee

    I’m a huge Savannah fan no matter what, but her nose looks different in these pictures. I’m thinking it is because she is getting tan with the summer coming around and all of her trips to CA.
    I love Debby too. She is so down to earth, aren’t haters just so lovely?

  • Kally

    thats how she smiles ./
    i’m friends with her.

  • Anonymous

    Savannahs hideous and debby ryan couldnt dress her way out of a wet paper bag. NEXT PLEASE.

  • angelika

    they look ugly

  • Anonymous

    first? theres something wierd about savanahs face..

  • Natalie

    first? theres something wierd about savanahs face..

  • Anonymous

    something weird about savanahs face

  • Anonymous

    that girl is toooo pretty :)

  • jesssssssss

    ummmm… is it just me or does this look fake ? lol not like photoshopped but like they’re smiling because they have to or b.c it’s planned or something… hmmph lol

    and i agree- something is a little weird about savannah’s face lol

  • meh

    Guys stop being so mean to Savi
    i don’t like her smile too, she
    wants to look pretty with it,but
    that’s just what she wants to do
    stop being so mean and Insulting
    her. same with debby, They’re both
    beautiful, even if Savi Outen’s smile
    pisses me off

  • ?

    are they of any importance?
    sorry, that was mean. but i cant stand debby, and i have no idea who savannah is. they just dont seem that special to me…

  • Anonymous

    lmfao, savannah reminds me of this chipmunk thats
    always in my tree in the mornings. rotfl

  • Why people hate Debby

    i thnk ppl hate debby cuz she just started her career… she aint that good or anything, yet she feels shes all that
    shes always going on about how people pose as her, and how shes bullied online by haters, and going on on her twitter about how all these celebs are her friends…
    we get it, you work for disney, you meet other disney kids
    no need to rub it in

  • anonymous

    i am in love with savannah’s hair.
    i would give the world to have it.
    anyone know how to get it like that?
    and dont just say “curling iron” lol.

    and i think debby is nice and cute but ppl dont like her because she is “new” to the zach and cody show. give her a chance! i like her! and savannah! ppl are just too harsh these days..

  • Sarah

    It’s her teeth, and I hate Debby with all my heart.

  • Lyss

    Savannah’s smile seems fake
    but i like her..

    Debby Ryan? no comment..

  • Anonymous

    savannahs smile and nose is killin

  • anon

    first? theres something wierd about savanahs face..
    LOL! I was just about to say the same thing…….

    about Debby’s face!

  • Anonymous

    i love them both :)
    why does everyone hate debby?

  • Hannah

    its savannahs SMILE lol
    barely any teeth showing xD

  • Anonymous

    do they even wear makeup like

  • justin

    debby’s awesome and gorgeous and doenst seem to mind being with celebs tat aren’t “a” list. She doesn’t brag at all about Disney star friends or rubs it in our faces
    Just look at her twitter it’s cute funny and encouraging
    get a life for your self instead of critizing others to make yourself feel better

  • Anonymous

    savannah has a weird smile.
    she looks like a mouse.
    or somethinggg.

  • deanna

    savannah is pretty. debby ryan pisses me off. like every little thing.

  • amanda

    savanahs nose is kinda weird . . . im not saying we should all go judging people on their noses but . . .

  • Anonymous

    she looks so spaced out lol

  • Anonymous

    i likee savannah but hate debby

  • Anonymous

    check out

    If you’re a Jonas Brothers fan. :)

  • Anonymous

    who cares? they’re pretty regardless. not every fucking person has to wear makeup.

  • Anonymous

    savannas face is pretty but her smiles is a butts crack

  • brit

    both ugly ,
    debby looks like a bunny rabbit ,
    anyone agree >:|

  • Anonymous

    Savannah’s smile kinda freaks me out..

  • jade

    who are they?

    what are they from?

  • Anonymous

    its her smile.. lol
    her smile is weird lol

  • Anonymous

    savvanah is a girl who posted her videos in which shes singing on youtube! shes gorgeous!
    eww what is debby wearing?! seriously?!!

  • amanda

    its probably to promote their summer tour together . . . thats all disney is about PROMOTION

  • Anonymous

    LMFAO! Look at Debby’s face on the 6th pic!

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  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    Savi is Cuter Than Debby ….
    Go savannah, u rock

    – Biggest Savi Fan