Very Happy Sweet 16 To DEBBY RYAN!


Debby Ryan turned 16 today.

  • dundies

    mmmmm tell me that doesnt look good

  • Anonymous

    why come everyone in disney have the same nose…do you have to get a nose job to call yourself a part of disney WTF

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  • Anonymous

    Her and Selena do have the same nose…
    and it doesnt look like a pig nose.
    shes so pretty so stfu, the nose doenst make ppl look pretty…its the whole face and personality

  • krixtina

    loveee her soo much

  • Anonymous

    check out

    If you’re a Jonas Brothers fan. :)

  • neno

    omg that means shes a taurus like me. woah! i neva knew

  • alla<3


    happy birthdayyy<3
    best wishes.?

  • Bitches

    i want ice cream

  • jana


  • iSpeakTheTruth

    ur doing awesome, and millions would kill to hav ur life

  • Anonymous

    aw. thats a really adorable pic of her.

  • fart

    Pig Nose
    Oink Oink
    Selena and Debby are twins!!!!

  • shellbell

    happy Birthday!!!!

  • Anonymous

    Congrats. Happy Birthday.

    Miranda Cosgrove turns 16 tomorrow the 14th.

  • ilovejonaslovato!

    her ice cream and cake look yummy!
    and debby is supper pretty!
    and i love her shooow!

  • Anonymous

    First, Happy Birthday
    Debbie, Miranda Cosgrove and Alyson Stoner are the next tween queens, because they are the only ones that are still younger than Miley Cyrus.

    Demi, Selena, and the rest are all Older than Miley so they will move on before she does, but Debbie, Miranda and especially Alyson( she doesn’t turn 16 till August ) are younger and are better canidates to replace Miley based on age and the time remaining in their careers before they decide to move on. After them will most likely be Madison Pettis who should be 13-14 by the time Alyson moves on.