David Henrie @ Sidekick LX Launch Photos: StarTraks, Fame, Juan Rico.

  • Anonymous

    sorry I don’t care for him anymore, he lost me when he posted that girls phone number

  • Chelsea

    He is AMAZING!!!! n i love him so for all u haters out there yall need to stop bein mean! DH Mafia 4 life! If I ever got to meet him i would probablly faint! he is so Gorgeous!!!! So please stop sayin all that mean stuff because he does check ocean up n probablly sees wat u rite about him which is kinda mean! N i dont care what anybody says about him because he is beautiful! if u read this david… I love u p.s. im followin u on twitter it chelsea1017 so u should reply thanks!

  • Anonymous

    It’s parrot boy


  • Anonymous

    He’s on drugs
    Sorry I don’t like him

  • Anonymous

    i know David and let me tell you he does not do drugs. He is the most down to earth person……He is so nice…and so hot..he is so nice to his fans and never refuses an autograph…..he loves kids and is good to his family…i wish more guys were like David Henrie

  • Cheyenne

    So because he’s in Hollywood that means he has to be like everyone else in Hollywood? Wtf?
    Let him be who he is. He doesn’t have to cover up every blemish and he doesn’t have to look the way anyone else wants him to.

    I think he look’s great and I like his hair like that too.

  • Anonymous



    he does

  • Anonymous


  • Emily



    he does



  • ggfan

    May I ask why some of you people don’t like David?
    Like seriously, he seems like such a friendly, funny
    guy. I go on his Twitter all the time and he seems so
    cool and down to earth. I have no idea what the hell is the matter with you people, but David seems so sweet, oh and I’ve seen pictures of him shirtless and he is one hot tamale! My goodness, he’s incredibly HOT.

  • Jill

    he does look like mitchel musso

  • Jane

    Ewww, his nose and dark circles. He’s hot but not here

  • Anonymous

    David looks normal and that’s what makes him SO hot!
    He doesn’t look like a glamor guy, he looks real and
    his personality is so wonderful! love him!

  • Anonymous

    i love him, i want him.

  • Anonymous

    i love his adorable facial expression
    in the first picture, hooooottttt!

  • Anonymous

    no he doesn’t. david rocks!

  • Anonymous

    mmmm man cleavage. hehe

  • Joyceeeeeee

    David is one HOT stud.

  • katie cincy

    David is the shit. You guys ARE shit. Haters to the left. K thanks.

  • w

    “Industry people are shady” haha love him and his shirt. And some guys don’t like to wear makeup, he looks fine.

  • Amy Henrie <3

    i love him!! he is SOOO hot! and he looks like a normal guy!!


    I<3U keep doing what you are doing man :)

  • courtney

    Boom, boom, boom. I want him in my room!

  • boldnbashful

    Why aren’t people paying enough attention to him?
    He’s so fucking awesome!! all these bitches care about
    is miley and the jobros, not enough love for David!

  • sami

    beautiful eyes!

  • Anonymous

    :] he’s coool
    don’t judge himm! okayy?
    he didnt do anything to you!

  • Anonymous

    he really does look like he is on drugs. :o

  • http://lenanj.wordpress.com Lena

    I love him, he’s so cool :)
    AND he’s hot!;)

  • Jillian



    aw he is such a cutie.

  • http://www.twitter.com/jennaloulove jennalou

    he’s the sex. lalalove him. and his shirt. ♥

  • LoveInLa

    He’s Hott
    i love his fucking shirt it’s so damn true
    Not all guys wanna wear make up like Joe Jonas my boyfriend dosen’t it’s kinda gay tbh…..

  • m

    i love him so bad but damn i’m going to take him shopping for a new wardrobe

  • Anonymous

    he’s cute :)

  • Anonymous

    biiiittttccccchhhh :\

  • Anonymous

    wait a minute… you mean to tell me that you just happened to meet David Henrie 2 times and 2 times he was a jerk, YET, YET I SAY, you thought “i know! today i’ll stalk david henrie for the 3RD TIME and maybe he wont be a jerk!” You know if I were David, I’d be thinking YOU’RE the freaken JERK, 3 TIMES, AND I HOPE THERE WONT BE A 4TH TIME OR I’LL HAVE TO CALL SECURITY!

    ur nothin but a sicko stalker (or just a freaken liar) Frankly, i think your a freaken liar :P

  • Jenny

    I just love David Henrie, he has the most prettiest eyes and has the most hottest body! Don’t deny it, he does have a really hot body. Plus, he just seems so normal. He doesn’t have to wear makeup and glamorize himself just to look like another Zac Efron and the Jonas brothers. He’s REAL! He’s cute, he’s charming, humble and insanely hilarious! I love his boy and it kills me how many people don’t realize how AWESOME he is, he’s so underrated, yet so talented! I love David, I wanna marry him!!

  • anonymous

    oh man he’s so hott

  • Taly

    I really don’t like his hair.
    It looks incredibly damaged :/

    He’s not ugly, but idk. Lately he’s been looking a little odd.

  • kat

    He’s so hot and down to earth,
    I want him in my bed! NOW!

  • kelli

    His eyes are so hypnotizing to me.

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    He’s hot, but his outfit is a little odd.

  • s the original. ®

    first, second, third or fourth…
    but anyways, love his shirt! yesss! :)

  • Anonymous

    he can look hotter.. hes got ugly hair right now!

  • s the original. ®

    yeah, and it looks like he has a few poorly covered-up pimples on his chin, but idk, he’s still cute.

  • NIAMH.

    he is so annnnnnnnnnnoying
    i hate him
    & WTF TOP?

  • Anonymous

    he’s so cute, i love him!

  • s the original. ®

    wtf @ you? you’re judging him from his outfit… okay. have you even met him?

  • Anonymous

    David is hotter.

  • Anonymous

    he is UGLY..

  • Anonymous

    Sweetie, lots of people get judged every damn day, it’s very common.
    Not everyone is going to like this douche.

  • Anonymous

    he is nasty looking and a total ass in person

  • emaniiieee

    he has really hot eyes.

  • brayden

    No he’s not.
    i actually met him and he was a real cool dude.

  • Anonymous

    I met him 3 times and all 3 times he was a jerk

  • dfygy

    he looks like his on something, but still hot

  • Anonymous

    check out

    If you’re a Jonas Brothers fan. :)

  • Amanda

    I heard he does drugs thats why he looks like hes on something

  • veronica

    i like david henrie hes not covered up with make up or superficial. He’s down to earth and actually seems like a normal teenager. He doesn’t try to hold up a front of something he’s not

  • Jane

    So whats up with him and Mitchel Musso trying to look like twins?

  • Amanda

    he is sooooooooo hot.

  • teri

    Stop making up rumors. Have you ever thought that maybe he was just tired? or that he was sick? or maybe he just woke up?

    Seriously, you people are JUST like the media, always making up rumors out of nothing!

  • Anonymous

    he looks wasted.. again!

  • SingaSongSam

    Twins? Oh please, David is WAY hotter than Mitchel.