Debby Ryan attended the Up premiere @ El Capitan Theatre in Hollywood. 2+

  • NiiLEY O9′


  • Anonymous

    Seriously who is that!? What has she been on?

  • jermaine

    I’m not even trying to be funny! for real, did this gurl crawl out of a Houston dumpster? her gaursisn(s) should be arrested and put on trial for letting her make such a mockery of herself. who is this country bumpkin bitch ne way?

  • Anonymous

    Here’s another one of those ridiculously ugly faces that people make:

  • Anonymous

    i hate that annoying conceited bitch
    she is ugly too

  • jermaine

    sry ladies I meant to say guardian(s)…they need to be incarcarated immediately.

  • jo

    someone has to tell them they are not pretty!

  • anonymous

    What is wrong with all you people? Do you think it’s okay to bash people just because they’re famous, and because you have the anonymity of the internet to hide under? It isn’t. Celebrities have feelings, just like everyone else. And believe it or not, some of them DO read these things. It makes me sick to read all of your comments. How would you like it if someone came up to you and started picking apart your appearance and criticizing you? You wouldn’t. Grow up and THINK before you speak.

  • alexa

    ur a guyy? fuck me? =]

  • Anonymous

    I used to get those two girls mixed up.. well actually I thought they were the same person.

  • Anonymous

    shes pretty, but dress.. not so much.
    and quit bashing her, shes new to disney,
    so seriously.. give her a break.

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  • Anonymous

    Shes not ugly.
    the freckles are cuute.
    her smile is pretty.
    she is prety.

    y does everyone bash everyone?
    geez no one is perfect
    get over it

  • Anonymous

    she needs a stylist…

  • Anonymous

    i think shes trying to look like a hot mess. tell her its not working.

  • Maira

    she needs a stylist ASAP!!!!!!!

  • jermaine

    Deborah, gurl, get your mother over here PLEASE. I’m willing to help you, and in return I get the satisfactory of knowing I saved thousands from going blind. first of all, don’t read these if it’s about you and ur ‘sensitive’. get the hell out. what do you expect. plus, hire a stylist if your sick of being picked apart. you look like a fool. a clown. you’re a pretty girl, just get a comb, and some new atire. that’s all hun.

  • bumble

    that dress is really pretty on other people. she just doesn’t know how to wear it. I’m thinking that she could look good in it if she lost the belt and cowboy boots and put her hair down. the dress is from Calypso about two seasons ago. it could be really cute…if she knew how to wear it.

  • Farrah

    ewww tats seriously ugly she needs a stylist and better dress she is kinda prety but her clothes and hair and them ugly ass boots gotta go back in the damn trash were she got it and that dress looks just ugly i could cut a fukin my dress bleach it pour glue on it dump feathrs on it lay it in the mud get mustard stains on it pt it in the dryer and it will still look better than that and her hair looks like she had sex the night before rolled out a bed put a damn dooky baid on the side and blo dried it put that ugly dress on and them mud slingin garbage boots and just because shes a new disney star dont mean u can come out lookin a hot mess i hope she actually gets this message cause she looka mess eww i dont care if im being a bich or not she is ugly and annoying gross godamn what she earing is disguisting no wonder she aint got no boyftreind cause shes just gly and fuckin weird

  • jermaine

    sry sweetie, I’m gay & loving it.

  • Anonymous

    What is wrong with all you people? Do you think it’s okay to bash people just because they’re famous, and because you have the anonymity of the internet to hide under? It isn’t. Celebrities have feelings, just like everyone else. And believe it or not, some of them DO read these things. It makes me sick to read all of your comments. How would you like it if someone came up to you and started picking apart your appearance and criticizing you? You wouldn’t. Grow up and THINK before you speak.

  • Anonymous

    oh godddd. her clothes are always terrible :(

  • http://dkfla milecyrusbiggestfan

    what is with everyone these days noone is nice everyone trys to bring everyone down like sersiously debby ryan is gorgeouss everyone has there own taste in clothing and there own taste in everything else just becuasue someones not like you doesnt mean you make fun of them the one nice people are most celebrities every non celebritie is so mean to everyone grow up and stop making fun of ppl they get hurt by wut ppl say about them just like you how would you like if people bulied you everyday at skool you wouldnt you would hate going to skool and wen famous people read the rude comments it hurts them
    and just for you ppl that dont no debby ryan is on the show suite life on deck
    and sersiously you act like your perfect even tho you probaly have more things wrong with you then anyone else!! i hate mean people i dont get why people would want to sit around all day and talk about someones’s hair or make up or outfit like get over yourselfs because one day its gonna come back around and its all gonna happen to you!!!
    debby is gorgeouss
    and also famous people do check oceanup just like MILEY CYRUS<33 even tho she hates this site she still checks it sometimes and she probably reads what people write about her and im not suprised if debby doesnt see this either
    so mean people get a life and stop trying to hurt other people and bring them down like MILEY<3 said when you hurt people’s feelings and say mean things you dont know how much that hurts the person it could causse them to really hurt them selfs becuase of the rude comments you said!!!

  • jermaine

    bitch, plz. stop repeating yourself. go cut yourself, for reals. I don’t care about your probs. eat my gay ass, k?

  • LucyHale’sFeet

    Ugly boots.

  • Anonymous

    america can’t dress.

  • Anonymous

    how can she be so pretty on the show and in her youtube videos, and so this in real life?
    seriously, she looks horrible.

    if she got a decent stylist and took care of her hair aybe once in a while, shed be pretty.
    but right now, gag.

  • farrah

    shes pretty and a reallllly good actress but yeah she does need a stylist everytime i see her pictures she is wearing something that just doesnt look good.

  • angelika

    ugly ugly
    hatee the dress
    and the hairr omg.
    so freking ugly

  • Anonymous

    her dress is HIDEOUS!
    she kinda looks like selena gomez

  • Jane

    She’s really pretty, why can’t she dress well?!

  • Anonymous

    check out

    Check out the site if you’re a Jonas Brothers fan!

  • Team miley. selena. demi (all teams)

    I think she’s hilarious and she’s really pretty
    but honestly, she needs a stylist to help her out
    that outfit does not work

  • jermaine

    it’s me bitches! lol, that Sydney gurl has GOT to b Deborah. ‘her clothes are different’. you got that right…like how they call the challenged ones different. that purple sack of cheap polyester with hideous and atrocious embroideries stitched into it, is definetly DIFFERENT. it’s a shame. this chick’s got some sexy ass legs! go get a tan and show them babies off! once again, buy a comb, aveda styling cream, straightening cream, and a flat iron. I wouldn’t trust u with a curling iron yet sweet thang. you have potential. cut your hair and dye it brown…natural makeup is so not spring 2009, give this cougar a smokey eye, PLZ! okay I’m done. I hope you take my advice.

  • Sydney

    are u guys crazy! she is absolutely gorgeous! I’d do anything to look like her. and I think her clothes r differnt and beautiful. she’s so much like me but pretier lol

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    she needs a stylist ASAP!

  • Anonymous

    I have gone to the el capitain twice and im going in a few weeks to see this!!!!1

  • jcart

    youre an idiot sayin that

  • Anonymous

    That dress makes me want to vomit…
    Pretty girl.
    Hideous dress.

  • Anonymous

    she bugs me

  • Anonymous

    whoever styles her needs to be fired!

  • *jonascyruslovatolove*

    I love her, but she doesnt really dress well x]

  • Anonymous

    are those 2 dots on her right side of her face freckles? or a blemish? because i always seem them, and it makes her look weird.

  • Anonymous

    disgusting dress and hair
    shes beautiful but the outfit **gag**

  • Anonymous

    she’s cute :)

  • your mom x]

    debby is beautiful, but this dress
    does her no justice. it’s srsly unflattering.
    but she is stunning, no matter what she wears.
    haters, fuck you. (:

  • Anonymous

    she reminds me of minnie mouse…

  • Hanah

    .. hes in south america.

  • Anonymous

    She hackin’ adorable but she needs better clothes !
    I love how she is a curvy Disney star not like the other ones who are itty bitty skinny!

  • Miley Cyrus

    NICK WHERE R U!!!!!

  • Anonymous

    for some reason i want to slap her

  • Annette

    why does debby dress so weird? shes so pretty but shes hiding herself in ugly clothes/hair-do’s

  • luv Debby

    She’s so pretty and nice, I definately support her. :D!

  • ari

    she looks like a 2 year old.

  • Anonymous

    she looks horrible.
    and she cant act.
    im kindof disgusted that shes going to have a music career.
    i hate her.

  • Anonymous

    are you serious you must be very VERY ugly to want to look like her

  • Anonymous

    shes really pretty, but the dress HAS TO GO!

  • Anonymous

    her smiles really UGLY!

  • Anonymous

    Eww that dress is disgusting she can be soo pretty sometimes but she
    Can make herself so ugly
    Can’t stand her


    shut the FUCK up you endlessly whining bitch. nick can’t stand your lying ass. so go listen to paranoid and cry because it’s about how much he regrets ever meeting you. thanks flat nosed fuck mess.

  • Jasmine

    Am I the only person who gets annoyed by her??
    She seriously just bugs me for some reason and Idk why!

  • Anonymous

    She looks so ridiculous. And the faces she makes
    make her look ugly. Act normal and wear normal
    clothing please!

  • haley

    i love that dress

    and she seems like a really nice person so you people should lay off!

    she’s very talented and really pretty… the girl is trying to live her dreams, just let her.

    don’t treat her like you jerks treat miley. grow up haters

  • Anonymous

    Someone get this poor girl a stylist ASAP.
    I’ve hung out with her a few times, and she’s so sweet, but let’s face it.. She is a HOT MESS.

  • Anonymous

    she always looks so.. messy, she never looks clean or put together…..

    to bad cause she could be really pretty… well if she never wore that out fit again, grew out her bangs and put a brush through her hair :D

    but honestly she is really pretty, just needs to take better care of her appearance.

  • Anonymous

    Debby Ryan is a great new star!

    We all love her!

  • NiilEY O9′

    What show is this girl off of?
    Sorry,but if she’s off of Disney I never saw it.
    Because I don’t watch it.

  • o

    omg i hate looking at pictures of debby ryan.
    just because she’s SO pretty and she seems so so so sweet but her outfits.. just no :(
    they just never flatter her!
    but i do like her :D <3

  • Anonymous

    The rats that write filthy & mean things about these great young stars are truly garbage!

    No doubt these rats will or have already hurt young children, (CHILD MOLESTERS!!) & are real losers for saying such evil things on these pages.

    You rats know who you are, & you will all get yours in the end.

    grow up already idiots!!!

  • Lacy

    Does she realize that she looks like an idiot when she tries to smile like that?

  • Sophie

    ughhh it kills me how shes so beautiful but she has the worst since of style EVERR

  • Anonymous

    I think her dress is hiding too much of those tits & ass of hers,which are very nice I might ad!

  • Patricia

    yeah, not a fan of the dress

  • winnie

    she’s an awesome actress.
    and she is really beautiful.
    plus down-to-earth
    but sorry debby,i personally think that dress and hair dont fit you at all.

    follow me at

  • Miley Cyrus

    U R REALLY RUDE!!! and u dont even no y im mad u jealous bitch i bet u worship at his feet!!!!

  • ambre

    she really need a stylist

  • jermaine

    damn…this gurl has either got some major weave, or her mom’s a mountain lion. whatever the prob is, she needs that hair did, pronto. and her lips, her mom must be a mountain lion with angelina jolie in the family line. DAYUMM look at them! but most of all, that clothing selection is not only less or equal to a plsstic garbage bag, but it’s just sad to think this poor bitch doesn’t have someone to be straight up like ‘listen Deborah, sry but u look like a witch! come on! honesty is love ppl. let’s help this gurl. yo debby, call me to 1888-OMG-UGLY

  • Anonymous

    she looks real messy

  • qui

    if this is really miley, who’s screen name did you hack and pretend to be? ouch, I went there.

  • amanda

    does anyone else feel irked by her outfit, face, hair, and shoes? oh! i see a show of hands lol

  • Anonymous

    shes so pretty but realllllly needs a stylist ill help lol

  • Lacy


  • Sarah

    She looked beautiful in person!

  • chrissy

    wow, mean but funny. lolololol

  • anitoee

    first pic under the cut, she looks like violet from series of unfortunate events (cant seem to grasp her name) only 10x uglier.

    hate debby.

  • abby

    SHUT THE FUCK UP BITCH!!!!!!!!!!

  • sandy

    DEBBY ROX! I LOVE HER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • anitoee

    lol, deborah!

  • Anonymous

    ha! i have those 3D glasses

  • Anonynoms

    debby your’e so ugley a mirror would brake when you look at it. your dress is so ugley!!! like you!!!

  • jcart

    debby is freakin hot