Keke, ‘Dad Takes My Phone At 9:55 PM’

Why is Keke Palmer looking so forward to turning 16 [On August 26]? Her first date! Keeks dished to M: ‘My dad won’t let me have a boyfriend until I’m 16, so that day will be the best ever. The countdown has begun!

Every night at 9:55, my cell phone is taken away by my dad.

I’m addicted to texting, but my dad won’t let me text too late. I call Brandon my ‘friend boy’ since I can’t have a boyfriend. He’s a great friend boy.

Is Brandon coming to her party? ‘I asked him right away. And he said, ‘Yes!’ I can’t wait!’

  • Anonymous

    wow controlling much

  • Anonymous

    shes butt ugly

  • Anonymous

    I like her dad better than Miley’s dad.

    Billy Ray is a famewhore.
    Billy Ray doesn’t give a fuck what Miley does.
    Billy Ray is trying to get his daughter raped.
    Billy Ray is a failure.

  • Anonymous

    lol thats so funny! and thats exactly what happens to me too!!!!!

  • Sophie

    i agree


    I like her dad better than Miley’s dad.

    Billy Ray is a famewhore.
    Billy Ray doesn’t give a fuck what Miley does.
    Billy Ray is trying to get his daughter raped.
    Billy Ray is a failure.


  • samantha

    lmfao to naomi yu wrote and ii care why?
    obviously you do or you wouldn’t
    of wasted your time commenting nor would
    you be reading it (:

  • Anonymous

    Wow. That’s a little bit too much. What happened to trust?

  • Anonymous

    then if you dont care why the fuck are you looking at it and reading it then? dumbasses dont read it if you dont care to know about herrrrrrrrr!!!!!!!!!

  • brett

    I LOVE KEKE PALMER shes the best…. nickelodeon FOR LIFEEE WOOO

  • lily Martin


  • lily Martin


  • Anonymous

    She’s only 15!? I thought she was like 20.

  • Anonymous

    i love her!
    she seems so grounded.

  • Naomi

    and I care WHY?


    second!!!!!!! omg like my dad

  • Anonymous

    3rd or 4th or 5th

  • Anonymous

    you dad is a loser

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    what a dork she is 16 years old already.

  • Anonymous

    you must be a nerd

  • Anonymous

    it’s that lame ass kid on the show.
    one of her best friends.

  • Anonymous

    Miley owned her in the picture

  • Delilah_Marie

    Wow. Her dad is super strict! That would suck.

  • Anonymous

    poor her.

  • aNonymous

    Why is Miley in like every goddamn pic..We need a Jonas post..

  • kekefan101

    I love her. TruJacksonVP is so funny. I like how the Nick kids are more known for their work and not for their scandles.

  • Anonymous

    check out

    If you’re a Jonas Brothers fan. :)

  • Anonymous

    who is she?

  • aanoonimoouuzh

    who cares

  • Anonymous

    Uh, no, Disney kids don’t have that much talent.
    Have you heard Jennette Mccurdy sing? LOLZ she puts Miley, Selena, and Emily to shame.

  • Anonymous

    No dad is a “loser”, they’re just trying to care for

  • Delsy

    Wrong the media find Disney scandels and the media don’t really care sorry but unless it all the disney stars now one cares iCarly soundtrack sold terribly Hannah one went triple Platium THINK disney kids are more popular because they got talent and have staying power nick kids….not so much

  • Anonymous

    keke i feel sorry that ur dad takes it away so early….
    and the out fit was great what u wore for the KIDS INOGURAL GO OBOMA!!!!

  • anonymous

    seriously…that must suck!

  • Anonymous

    i wonder who took this photo and if they have any other photoes from that day

  • natiyya

    I would hate that.

  • @patricia0709

    wow that sucks.i text like 1am and keke suffers.too bad brandon

  • kid

    I’m past the 16 mark, and I don’t date, don’t want to either. After all, why date, when there is no chance you’re getting married for at least 2-3 years! Why waste your life on one person? I’m out meeting lots of new people, boys and girls, having fun, living life, with out caring a lick who sees me, what they think of me or how I look. I love it!

  • Anonymous

    post the stuff i just sent in oceanup!!

  • Anonymous

    whos brandon?? haha

  • Anonymous

    what’d you send in

  • Anonymous

    what did you send??

  • Anonymous

    CREEEEEPER much?

  • sophie

    what did u seeeenddd??

  • sophie

    post miley’s bahamas pictures :)

  • LittleWasserman

    Um no you don’t.

  • Anonymous

    disney friends for change pictures from the photoshoot
    and some jonas interviews
    and i forgot the other one haha

  • iSpeakTheTruth

    cute pic. i always thought the prettiest she’s ever looked was at that event, so thanks oceanup for doing something right for once.
    And wow her dad sucks, but what he does is understandable. .it’ll somehow help in the longrun

  • Anonymous

    I love her. TruJacksonVP is so funny. I like how the Nick kids are more known for their work and not for their scandles.


    That’s because no-one cares about their scandals..
    if they even have any.

  • Anonymous

    that’s a cute pic of miley and her

  • Anonymous

    whose brandon she says his name like were supposed to know who he is

  • Anonymous

    oh and miley challenging her lawsuit
    but tim is ignoring it!

  • Anonymous


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  • Anonymous

    ha my parents are the same way. its ok keke. 16 will coem soon enough.

  • Anonymous

    thats more like my mom then dad. my mom takes away my phone like every couple weeks. my dad doesnt care about
    anything. like he just pays the phone bill and asks
    ‘hows school’ every couple days. and gives me money if
    i need it. but my mom says ‘dont run up the bill’,
    ‘you better be getting a’s in school’, ‘you have
    to earn money if you need it’. shes a nag and she
    says im not aloud to date until 15 but yesterday
    she was like ‘i cant wait until you FINALLY get a
    boyfriend so you can stop talking to me so much. :(

  • Shae

    haha friend boy :)
    I’m not supposed to have one until I’m 16 either. but I do anyway!

    and my mom takes my phone too -_- not at a specific time, but before I go to sleep. gah.

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  • Anonymous


  • Ryu

    correction, YOU don’t give a shit. And if YOU don’t give a shit, why are you waste your time to comment?

  • Anonymous

    I don’t know why but i think she is annoying

  • Sarah

    My father doesn’t dare to take my phone away
    Hello I need some privacy…
    I’ll be like if you take my phone I’m gonna take yours

  • Anonymous

    This brandon figure is lucky.

  • Anonymous

    patron tequila. (:

  • Filipa

    She seems like such a spoiled kid, she doesn’t seem
    nice at all and so annoying.

  • No Bitchassness

    my dad would NEVER take my phone like seriously lol

  • Anonymous





    SHIT !!!

  • Anonymous

    i like her she seems soo grounded and normal!

  • Jane

    Ha my parents said they were going to do that, but they never do