Ashley Tisdale Masquerade KISS 2009

Ashley Tisdale performing ‘Masquerade’ live Kiss Concert ’09. Thx girlleader3!

  • Sadiezz

    I was there. She sucked.

    3oh!3, White Tie Affair, and Akon were the best.

  • Anonymous

    she needs to give up on becoming this headbanging rocker chick and stick to pop,

  • megan

    that was actually painfull

  • addy

    ….i second everything that was said

  • Anonymous

    new pics of selena and taylor lautner on

    taylor hugged her, so cute

  • Anonymous


  • lily

    new pics of selena and taylor lautner on

    taylor hugged her, so cute
    OMG how cuteeeeeeee
    taylena <333333

  • lol

    i luv the song
    but guys rlly lay off
    she prolly was nervous
    i didnt lyk the way she sang the chrous the other parts were fine thu
    who else was pissed wen the live stream jus cut of b4 she got to sing hot mess??!!

  • safii

    pics of TAYLENA!! awww they are so cute. love them. the best couple ever! :)

  • Anne

    I love her and all, but still I have to say: Ash, you aren#t such a good singer live…

    I still love you :D

  • Caroll

    i’m a fan but i have to say… she can’t sing live.

  • Anonymous

    horrible voice….

  • Anonymous

    I was there as well and everyone got up to get snacks and go to the bathroom during her performance. She also sang a song about playing with her hair, and it was the gayest thing ever. 3OH!3, Akon, White Tie Affair, and Flo Rida were the best.

  • ahh

    my ears are bleeding.

  • Anonymous

    she sounds HORRIBLE! i couldn’t even watch the whole video, it was that bad!

  • Orlandpark77

    I kid you not, i was thinking the exact same thing when I played the video.

  • Anonymous

    the song is reaaaaaaaly cool, but ashley’s voice sounds horrible on the video

  • angelika

    dont like her voice for the song she sounds so bad
    she dont kiss him
    nice outfit

  • Anonymous

    I was there!! 3oh!3 and akon were the best.

  • Anonymous

    she may not be that good at singing…but I would bang her so hard

  • Anonymous

    she’s fading out.
    people aren’t interested in her anymore.

  • tiffani

    i was there it was amazing she did pretty good wat akon said was soooooooooo funny

  • jenna

    i love ashley but thats a terrible performance !
    she can do way better than that !

  • ashley tisdale.

    shes amazing and i am her number one fan but please pick a better song..

  • Anonymous

    check out

    If you’re a Jonas Brothers fan. :)

  • laura

    not her best performance but stil love her :P FOLLOW ME ON TWITTER http://WWW.TWITTER.COM/DREAMER1010

  • Anonymous

    eh i know..
    that’s just showbiz
    you know gone are the days when people loved HSM
    now it’s all about JB and miley demi selena..
    maybe in 3 years time something new will come up again D:

  • catastrophe:]

    god, shes horrible

  • Anonymous

    i was thereee!