Samantha Droke Kay Panabaker Savvy AND Mandy THE BASH In Beverly Hills

Samantha Droke, Kay Panabaker plus Savvy & Mandy attended ‘The Bash‘ charity event to benefit Children’s Hospital Los Angeles at the Crustacean Restaurant in Beverly Hills on Sunday night. WENN, INF.

  • mileysnumber1fan

    Omg, I hope I win this contest to meet or get a phone call from Miley Cyrus :

  • christina

    Love sam.
    shes so pretty

  • emma

    OMG! I love that yellow dresss!! I wish i had it for my hs prom!!

  • Anonymous

    first. Lmfao!

  • Anonymous

    oh my god kay, sure you’re not that famous and all,
    but seriously, is your wardrobe really that HIDEOUS!?!?

  • Anonymous

    kay always looks like a freaking hotmess
    and the brown haired savvy and mandy girl
    looks like freaking lady gaga. that is NOT
    a compliment.

    but samantha droke is gorgeous.

  • Brianna

    Sam Droke is so ugly

  • LiveLoveLaugh

    Samantha Droke has really pretty eyes :)

  • Anonymous

    first wtf

  • nnn

    first wtf

  • massie

    Sam filled her gap.

  • ah


  • Anonymous


  • lety


  • Anonymous

    check out

    If you’re a Jonas Brothers fan. :)

  • Emma

    no one cares.

    but sam looks pretty! love her dress.

    follow me on twitter!

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  • Anonymous

    wtf is up with the thirty ‘first!’ ‘s?

  • Christina

    savvy and mandy are gorgeous!

  • Anonymous…

  • Anonymous

    omg whats with kay’s dress, no offense but it is horrible

  • Anonymous

    sorry but who are savvy and mandy?

  • Steph

    Sam looks good, it looks like maybe she grew out her eyebrows a little bit. Kay looks cute, I like her hair, but I think her bangs would look better if they were a little bit thicker. They all look pretty!

  • Aynies

    OMG, Kay, what are you whearing?
    sam is cute – I like her dress

  • Anonymous

    sam droke is so fucking gorgeous.
    she should be getting more attention.

    i know it will never probably happen but i think her and david henrie would be really cute together :)

  • LucyHale’sFeet

    Dont like any of these girls. But Kay’s legs are sickly and brown haired girl in pics with other is unpretty.

  • Jane


  • Anonymous

    Kay is so super pretty! I see her even prettier than Miley, Selena, Demi, Taylor! [all gorgeous though].

    Kay and Emma Roberts are the top two :D

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  • Bash

    i was there and sam was in the fashion show and was really bad in walking in heels haha

  • Anonymous
  • Anonymous
  • motorcycle
  • Anonymous