David Henrie THE BASH Beverly Hills

Wizards of Waverly Place star David Henrie hit up Children’s Hospital Los Angeles Benefit ‘The Bash‘ at Crustacean in Beverly Hills on Sunday night.

  • Anonymous

    soo hottt.

  • Steph

    Yea, you’re probably right. I realized that I really have no place talking about his acne b/c I really don’t know what it’s like to deal with it. I just figured it might be a result of all the heavy makeup he has to wear for work and then not washing his face at the end of the day. Oh well, he looks good either way!

  • Anonymous

    he soooo hot!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • natalie u.

    idk what it is but he looks different.
    but still very hot! :D

  • kay

    =D I.Love.Him.

  • David is so hot so is his brother. Theirs something in the Henrie blood line that is just extremely great looking

    I love the scruff

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  • sami

    becca hes very nice maybe after talking to 100s of people he starts to wind down hes only human:)

  • sami

    parrots are very nice looking birds so maybe you can think of something else

  • layla

    Woah, look at David. He’s cute, charming, adorable, hot and sexy all roll into one.

  • Anonymous

    A parrot that has been genetically engineered to completely resemble a human??

  • angelika


  • teri

    I bet you look like a female dog….

  • singasongsam

    David has the most prettiest eyes, I can just stare at them for hours.

  • Love

    I don’t like his nose =|
    but other than tht he’s cute.

  • wowp fan

    i love david henrie,
    he’s so funny and hilarious
    and he’s incredibly HOT!!!

  • wandaland

    i really love this guy. he doesn’t have to wear makeup and glamorize himself just to look like another Zac Efron or the Jonas brothers, he’s a real, normal guy and that’s what makes him so fucking HOOOOTTTT!

  • wateradd


  • http://yourmom.com EMILY :D

    sexxxiiiiiiii!!!! XD

  • http://myspace.com/janiejavier janie

    i think he and selena should date

  • Anonymous

    I agree, he’s just going through puberty.
    sometimes you can’t control those suckers.

  • dhenz lover

    yeah I think David is WAAAYYY hotter than Zac and the JoBros.

  • i love david henrie!

    I wanna know why hardly anybody pays much attention to David Henrie…I mean, he’s obviously a funny guy and he’s a talented actor. plus he has the most cutest face and the hottest body! all people care about now is demi/miley/selena/jonas and not enough love for David Henrie….

  • Anonymous

    I am WAY past puberty and I STILL can’t control them. It’s genetics. Same with heart
    disease: You can exercise and do all this shit to offset it, but in the end, how you
    were born determines the outcome of your physical condition, inside and out.

    Read the following and try not to laugh:

    We are talking about David Henrie’s pimples.

    It’s hilarious. We run into guys EVERYDAY we have at least an acquaintance with that have pimples and never say a thing!

    I don’t know how he manages to make such a dorky vest look SO good, but he does.
    Must help that he plays a cool dork on television, lol.

  • jen

    i’m sorry but he still looks like a parrot to me, i don’t like him

  • Anonymous

    wow, you must be really really bored.

  • Steph

    Wash your face David. Just b/c you’re a dude doesn’t mean you can’t have good hygiene or take care of your skin. You don’t have to wear makeup, that’s fine. But you do need to wash your face every day. It’s not that hard!

  • Anonymous

    What kind of animal do you look like Jen…..hmmmmm…maybe a rat.

  • http://www.twitter.com/sinnerxo Jacky

    You should all stop hating on him.
    seriously, why do you have to hate on him? Does it make you feel better? Pathetic i tell ya!

    Davids amazing! <3
    And hot, he should stay the way he is (:

  • Jane

    He’s hot

  • Steph

    Oh I like him, I think he’s really hott. But just like I have to tell my little brother to go take a shower, sometimes guys need a little nudging to take care of themselves, ya know? I think he looks good, he’d just look even better if he washed his face.

  • Anonymous

    David Henrie is so HOT!!…even though he has acne i love him, he is soooo good looking and i wish he could be more famous in the future.

    I love you DAVID!!…keep doing what you are doing…youre so down to earth and act like a normal 19 year old…YOU ROCK!!

  • Anonymous

    i think his face hasn’t got anything to do with
    it’s puberty. ;)

  • becca

    i met him last night
    he didnt really seem like he wanted to be there but he was nice enough
    we asked for a hug and picture and he gave us both but you could tell this wasnt where he wanted to be.

  • CaliGuyy

    Wow, he looks very pale right there!

  • Anonymous

    That boy is beautiful and I do not care which of you, O ye dogs it’s nicer you