Jordan Pruitt, ‘Most Fun I’ve Ever Had’


Jordan Pruitt blog, picture Myspace update: This past weekend was probably the most fun I’ve ever had. First on Thursday I flew to Ohio and played a show the next day for a school in Waverly, Ohio. They were the winners of Kimberly Clark’s ‘Rock Back to School’ contest.

I loved singing for all the students. They were super sweet, and were singing and dancing the whole time I was on stage. It was super cute. Then Friday night I flew home, and went to one of my friends houses.

That night we had to get everything ready for an event here in Nashville called Steeplechase. It’s a horse race. And let me just say it was interesting.  It had been raining all week here in Nashville & it actually rained that morning too.

No joke, there was probably 3 feet of MUD in some places haha. But we didn’t let the bad weather or all the mud bring us down. All my friends and I had such an amazing time :) Well, I leave again Thursday for two shows! Super excited! Come if you are in the area!  

..I’m just sitting in the airport drinking some coffee right now. The show yesterday went amazing! The rain held off for my show, but Mitchel’s show got cancelled due to thunder and lightning! Ah it was crazy weather! Omgsh sooo much funny stuff happened to me this weekend.

After the show we had dinner at P.F. Changs and I was freezing. So I
decided to order some tea even though I don’t really like tea haha.
Anyways, I ordered this really good kind called Tropical Tea.

After we
left my Dad kept saying, what’s wrong with your teeth. And I said, stop
joking. And I looked in the mirror and My teeth were BLACK. The tea had
stained my teeth ‘black’. I was mortified, cause obviously I’m smiling

So I got back to my hotel room and brushed them ( twice) ! And they
were still black. So I had to get my whitening strips out. haha This
morning I am pleased to say that my teeth are white again bahhaha.
Totally fine :) Thank Goodness. Anyways, now I’m just about to hop on a
plane home. And then I leave again Thursdayyyy.. Hope everyone is amazing! XOXO Jordan